dino from sth Gippsland

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Smile welcome to my page.Smile 
I don't post much these days, but I do keep in touch. Stay here as long as you like. May your day bring you joy, happiness and peace.

The book... finally finished

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Gday Dino, don't see you post very often. Just thought I'd pop in to see you. May I say your grandchildren are beautiful as I am sure you already know. Pleased to meet you.
09/Jun/07 8:23 PM
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Hello dino, regarding the train crash we know the in-laws of the father and teenage daughter that were killed, so tragic. No we don't know the Chalmers but then we have only lived here for 7years. Thank you for visiting my page I'll leave you some oranges and mandrins from our trees enjoy.
09/Jun/07 9:16 PM
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Thanks for your message, Dino. No I didn't get to see the Dalai Lama, but a friend was there and gave me an interesting detailed account of the event. I gather that people came from all over Australia to be there. It was a pity the civic reception had to be cancelled, but understandable that the More...
09/Jun/07 9:18 PM
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Dino I have just viewed your photo's you have a lovely family . Cheers
09/Jun/07 9:22 PM
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Yes Dino, I was wondering where you are. Please dont think me nosey, but when I was just noseying thru your visitors comments, I read of concerns about the Dalai Lama's health, please fill me in. I must admit, I have not followed his visit this time but have always felt an incredible sense of pure happiness whenever I clap eyes on his beautiful smile. I hope thats not being irreverent.
09/Jun/07 9:44 PM
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You said a mouthful. Couldn't agree more. I'm sure everything would be a lot simpler if we all just had a smile in our hearts as we go about our day to day business. Will check out your photos at a later date, you clever thing you, but have promised hubby to turn pooter of at 10 thats why I'm typing so quick. Bye Dino.
09/Jun/07 10:00 PM
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Hey Dino,I'm breaking curfew now! Catch you real soon.
09/Jun/07 10:01 PM
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Repeat: Where are you in Sth Gippy?
09/Jun/07 10:03 PM
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Hi dino would your sister's name be Patricia I found it in our local phonebook ?
09/Jun/07 10:49 PM
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Hi Dino, and welcome to your own page! It was nice of you to introduce yourself and your family in your Flickr pictures. I have a tradition of dropping off a double chocolaye fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warming gift. Hope you or someone in your family enjoys sweet pastry. Cheers!
10/Jun/07 1:38 AM
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Dino! Nice to meet you. I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup on the table. I'll just grab one of these beavertails on my way out
Stop by my place for a chat anytime, door's always open!
10/Jun/07 7:11 AM
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Hello Dino - to your own page.
Here's some and a bottle of local Wignall's late harvest for you to enjoy.
I'll have a look at your photos after.
10/Jun/07 11:02 AM
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Gday Dino, positively basking in the glow of your sunset photos. Hows that sun hey? Pretty specky!
10/Jun/07 12:00 PM
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Hello Dino, you have some lovely photos.
10/Jun/07 5:19 PM
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Thanks, Dino, for visiting my page. I haven't got any good photos of Dubbo, yet. That picture was taken in Queenstown, NZ at my sister's house, where my husband, mum and dad, and me too, visited in March this year.
11/Jun/07 12:00 PM
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yea im new. thanks for dropping by and saying hi :)
11/Jun/07 2:53 PM
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to your page Dino. I must have missed you on easy, but when visiting Gail's page, I was quite taken with your very unusual avatar, so came to your page and was zapped by your beautiful photo of the sunset. I checked out your flickr page also. You have a lovely family. I see that you More...
12/Jun/07 7:29 AM
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Please forgive my manners...I was so overcome with joy at you page, I forgot my usual gift of those things which have made Philadelphia famous...a basket of goodies that contain cheese steak sandwiches, Tastycakes, soft pretzels and scrapple and Franks, Orange soda. I thank you for your visit and More...
12/Jun/07 12:26 PM
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Yummy pavlova, Dino! for stopping by my place. Looking forward to reading about Buddhism and you on the sites you mentioned I'll just sample a few of the goodies Mamacita left, if you don't mind, then be on my way....
13/Jun/07 5:38 AM
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Hello Dino, Just found your page wanted to say
I have left you a bouquet of lilies on the table. I have enjoyed your Flickr pictures, awesome sunset.
14/Jun/07 11:33 AM
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Hello, Dino, and a late to your page! You have a great avatar. (I'm always drawn to anything suggesting music.) I hope you will enjoy these day lilies (the few the deer who visit our yard didn't enjoy). I'm also leaving a big box of Frango Mints (once made in Chicago More...
15/Jun/07 6:51 AM
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Hello dino, how have you been? All's well my way, touch wood.
23/Jun/07 8:03 PM
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Howdy dino. Good of you to drop by. It hasn't rained anywhere near enough unfortunately, although where we are, the ground is almost always soggy! We have had some beauties of fogs some mornings. It was nearly noon before it lifted in Emerald one day last week!
25/Jun/07 11:17 PM
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Dino, I thought I would stop by your place and say Hi! You have a beautiful view! Very nice pictures of your family as well. Hope you're having a good day! Here are some flowers to brighten it! Take care! If you ever want to chat, stop by the SA2 page(under clips). Peace!
26/Jun/07 10:13 PM
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SA2 = Sudokuaholics Anonymous 2 (first page was closed after 9000 comments) is the second page started by Jenni so that people could chat about things without bothering everyone on Easy. Similar to the chatroom, but slower and messages can be posted and read when the person comes back. Just light More...
26/Jun/07 10:45 PM
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thanks for the info. I've worked it out now. My next exercise is to make some smilies.
26/Jun/07 10:54 PM
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Hello, Dino~ Thanks for dropping by! It was nice to hear from you. Glad you liked my avitar! I believe I came across it when my middle son sent it to me in an email a while back. I've been playing the piano since I was 6 years old, so it just seemed to be the perfect choice for my 'identity'. More...
27/Jun/07 11:26 AM
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Gday dino, I'm up late again too. This pooter thingy has me hooked! We certainly had a wild and woolly time of it up here but the damage locally was relatively minor as far as I know. Just a lot of eucy litter over the roads and a few smallish branches. Did you hear about the loss at Mt Macedon. Tragic. Isn't it ironic how a drought must always end with a flood!
28/Jun/07 11:36 PM
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Wow dino! & WOW again. Don't know what else to say. The way things are going elsewhere we need a bit of 'WOW' in our lives! Thanks dino. in case you missed it - I love your pictures!!!!
28/Jun/07 11:44 PM
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Hello Dino - I hope you are safe from the flooding. I haven't had my TV on lately but heard Gippsland mentioned on the news this morning in relation to the flooding.
Stay safe.
29/Jun/07 12:59 PM
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Gday Dino.. thanks for dropping me a line.. Hope you have a nice day
06/Jul/07 12:10 AM
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I read on the SA pages that you will be under going TKR, and wanted to wish you well and pray for a speedy and complete recovery.
07/Jul/07 8:27 AM
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Thanks for letting me know when you are due to have the operation...I will keep you in prayer and hope the longwalks will become a reality.
08/Jul/07 6:21 AM
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Dino just popped in to see your photo's and thank you for the chat in SA page tonight. It was Fun.
09/Jul/07 12:04 AM
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Thank you Dino! - Knowing so many are sending positive thoughts Rocko's way helps tremendously. I truly appreciate your support.
11/Jul/07 1:52 PM
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Reading Mamacita's comment I realize you will be going to surgery! - I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Speedy recovery my friend!
11/Jul/07 1:54 PM
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Dear Dino
Hi! Thank you for visiting me. You my friend are the 100th visitor on my page! I'm sorry not to have welcomed you sooner. I leave a bottle of California wine (red, pink, or white, your pick) and a box of Belgium chocolates (yes, we have a Leonidas out here). Just don't breathe More...
11/Jul/07 4:19 PM
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Dino; thank you! Give Marlin an extra hug from me.
I feel as if Rocko's spirit is watching over me.
He was a wonderful dog - most humans should act with the dignity he did; love unconditionally as he did, be nonjudgmental as he was and open their arms and hearts to everyone as he did. The world would be a better place.
14/Jul/07 11:12 AM
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Roast pork and Veggies! Merlin's menu is a lot better than mine was today.

Ten days! You give Merlin two hugs from me when you see him.
15/Jul/07 1:39 PM
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Dino - I dropped in to enjoy your pictures. I call Monday's my Zen day - I lead a Ai Chi class - set moves but done in the water. I'm always on the lookout for 'journeys' for the meditation - Today we will be calming our minds while traveling though a cove by the shore - Have a wonderful day, It's summer here and cool this morning. enjoy, Mary
23/Jul/07 11:31 PM
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