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Welcome!  Not from LA/NC anymore. Retired to Indiana



 Bob and Murphy in the Gulf of Mexico at Grand Isle, LA

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well, no picture. guess i didn't do something right....
01/May/07 10:23 PM
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the date's wrong on the pix...Murphy was born January 21, 2005.
01/May/07 10:38 PM
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Hi, Sandra! May I be the first to you to your new page! Wow - impressive - you have already posted a picture! I see you waste no time in settling in. I hope you enjoy these tulips and a great big box of Frango Mints!
02/May/07 2:31 AM
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thank you so much. i love tulips (all flowers, really) the mints will be shared with all...
02/May/07 4:36 AM
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thanks for stopping by....the drinks are out and the bar's open. let me know your favorite drink and i'll be happy to mix it for's over there....
02/May/07 4:38 AM
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Hello Sandra - thanks for visiting my page. I hope you go the whole way and become an SP. Here's a bottle of our local wine, a Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to open for a house warming toast. Cheers.
03/May/07 10:33 PM
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Sandra - I've just seen your photos in Flickr and they are lovely. You must have travelled a bit. I left a message on one of them.
03/May/07 10:37 PM
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Sandra, Duh, I feel really stupid. Just wrote a comment to you on Tough & have now realized you must live in both Louisiana AND North Carolina, not in LA, NC. Where exactly is Teche where all your beautiful photos were taken? Really enjoyed seeing them. I like lighthouses, too.
04/May/07 8:55 AM
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Yes, Sandra, I was/am a Navy wife; on reflection, it was such an incredibly bondng experience that I now wouldn't trade, but I hated the separatons, the limitations, etc. at the time. Are /were you a Navy wife?
The last time I was at the OB was about 15 years ago (I just realized how long it More...
05/May/07 2:00 AM
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Hi Sandra,
Love the picture of the lighthouse.
I see the talk of Navy wives, I knew Cyndi was, and Kathy Valrico is also. My husband retired in 1999 after 30+ years.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Come visit my page anytime.

09/May/07 3:17 PM
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Hi Sandra - Wow! Another lighthouse! I love lighthouses. My family is always buying something for me with a lighthouse on it. Dishtowels, salt/pepper shakers, pictures, etc. I found a lighthouse at a dollar store in Virginia a few years ago of a Tawas, Michigan Lighthouse. Go figure.... I More...
11/May/07 12:01 AM
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Hi! It is me, again! I just took a look at your Flickr sight and your pictures are just undescribable! Wow! Not only do you have lighthouses, but New Orleans, England, France..... That was fun! It would be so exciting to see Stonehenge in person. Thanks for sharing those with us!
11/May/07 8:14 AM
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Hi! I'm back! It took me many years before I was able to drive across the Mackinaw Bridge. (I am not fond of bridges.) There are people there whose job is to help people drive across when they freeze half way across! We have crossed the bridge on our motorcycle. You learn to stay in the More...
11/May/07 9:21 PM
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Guess Who? - If you have been down I-77, I am sure you have noticed Fancy Gap, VA. Our property is off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We both love the mountains and fell in love with this property the first time we saw it. We have a creek that runs through the center of our land. We had a dam built about 15 years ago, so we now have a large pond!
11/May/07 11:29 PM
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Hi Sandra - Fancy Gap is our actual mailing address. I get down about once a year. My husband is down there now. He likes to go in the spring and take care of the wild rose bushes. If you go to the Flickr site, you will see the old barn on our property. (I dubbed it the old homestead.) He More...
12/May/07 4:28 AM
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Yes, we have considered a camper, but we wouldn't want to pull it back and forth. We can't leave it down there because we are afraid someone would break into it. We are about 2 1/2 miles back in off of the parkway and then we have a right-of-way that is about 5/8 of a mile. There have been More...
12/May/07 4:45 AM
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Thanks for the flowers and bubbly. Neither will go to waste in my house.
12/May/07 11:28 AM
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Sandra, I stopped by again to see your latest photo additions on Flickr. Nice shots of many interesting places & flowers! I don't know where Hever Castle is? Have learned more about you from your exchanges with Debby! Saw that you are a former Navy wife - the list keeps growing, seems to be More...
16/May/07 2:21 AM
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I am sending you a web-site that I thought you might be interested in.

T his is one of the biggest Fiddler Conventions in the U.S. yearly. It is in Galax, which is near Fancy Gap. If you are ever through there at that time, you must More...
16/May/07 10:50 AM
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Sandra - What is so exciting is the music center on the parkway is just over the mountain from our property. We were hoping maybe we could hear some of the music?.?.?.?
16/May/07 10:54 AM
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Hi Sandra, thanks for visiting. This is a quick reply as it is late & I am heading away for the weekend early in the morning. I will visit again next week. The singer in my YouTube is Robbie Williams & the song is Angels. He is HUGE in the UK (he is English) & Australia as well. This is one of his more beautiful songs - his music varies a lot but he is a great entertainer. Cheers for now.
18/May/07 10:37 PM
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SANDRA, Hello and many thanks for visiting my page. I appreciate the bubbly and flowers, flowers are another of my passions. Ahhh, where in NC? That is a long long trip to LA. And where in LA? Along the coast anywhere? My husband was in NC last month, I have never been. He has made one trip down More...
18/May/07 11:31 PM
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Hi Sandra! What wonderful pictures! I don't know anyone else who has been to Hever Castle. We were there several years ago. Looking at your pics was like traveling back to all those places again! I've been to Dover, Stonehenge, London, Paris, New Orleans (we stayed at a hotel on Bourbon Street)Versailles, Paris, and even the Outer Banks! A great big to Sudukoland!
19/May/07 1:41 AM
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Not a Navy wife, no. I was a Navy brat, my Dad was a Navy pilot (Captain), my brother was a Commander, and my son a Sr. Chief. Lots of Navy tradition in my family! We've been to Italy several times. We did a city stay in Rome. Good public transportation there (metro, bus, cab,train). Much to see, a More...
20/May/07 1:05 AM
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BTW, my son and his family were stationed in La. They lived in Slidell. Been there many times. I did try and aviod visiting in the summer, though We also have blue crabs here. Straight from the Chesapeake Bay!
20/May/07 1:13 AM
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Hi Sandra! I just realized I've never visited your page before, so my apologies, for not visiting and for mistaking your photo as one of Ian's. I have to leave my traditional page warming gift for you, a double chocolate fusge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy! And I checked out your Flickr pictures. Very nice, and I love the dog napping one!
21/May/07 4:06 AM
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Please accept my appologize to not congrate you in time ,I just notice that today only when I decided to visit You back to thank you for Your lovely visit to my page and however I record in my notes that I already done that ,and the fact is not.
I know it is now too More...
22/May/07 6:26 AM
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Hi Sandra, was it the puzzle avatar you were asking about? If so I made that one. If you want I can make one for you and put it on my flickr site for you. Just tell me what your favourite colour is.
23/May/07 12:08 PM
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Hello Sandra , i miss you too ,i also am visiting the chatroom and it is always empty . In fact the reason for what i wrote today is that we are having some fights in the north of the country ,between our army and some terrorists ,and we are watchig the news for three days now ,i live in Beirut ,which is far from the fight but the whole country is affected ,thanks any way
24/May/07 2:08 AM
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Sandra, thank you for your kind comments about Ebony. I meant to ask you if the cute Westie named Murphy in your Flickr photos is yours? Is he a good travleler? My friend Barbara who went with me to the adoption expo used to have two Westies. I was hoping we would see a similar type dog (not More...
24/May/07 6:58 AM
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Hi Sandra, I made you an avatar, it's on my flickr page. Let me know what you think. I hope you like it.
24/May/07 9:39 AM
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Sandra, you just have to take a picture of Murphy in his doggles & post it on Flickr! He must look adorable in them. And yes, I would love to hear about how he got his name! Our little old Yorkie mix who died in Jan. used to love to sit on my lap like your Mac does. That is until our daughter's More...
25/May/07 3:02 AM
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Sandra - How exciting this must have been. I would love to visit an old plantation some day. I really want to go visit Savannah also. Will you be in North Caolina in August? We may be heading to Virginia in August. Maybe we could meet somewhere? Let me know.
25/May/07 7:04 AM
 |  |

Sandra - glad your computer is repaired & you are back in touch with the world! Thanks for taking the time to type out the long story of Maggie, Mac, & Murphy. Had to read it several times to digest all the details! Only thing I couldn't quite figure out was how long Mac was missing before the More...
02/Jun/07 6:10 AM
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Hello Sandra , i am fine . things are the same , but i think it will not be long now . i watched your photos , they are beautiful . Thank you for your visit and for asking . Aren't you visiting the chatroom ? i don't find anybody these days .
02/Jun/07 2:49 PM
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Our August plans aren't definite, but we are thinking about it. Yes, it would be very exciting to meet you. I will let you know, also, as time gets closer.
03/Jun/07 4:50 AM
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Thanks for your endorsement! I was wondering if a random comment on this site meant anything. I also love Supertramp and America....Bread, and AC/DC! I've been to England and think Kent is a beautiful place. Liked Brighton and Ashton and Camber Sands!
03/Jun/07 5:11 PM
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Hi Sandra, Haven't been to visit in awhile. Are you in LA or NC now? do you spend summers one place and winters the other?
I love your Flickr photos. The plantations are nice, I went to one when we lived in Maryland don't remember the name.
Were in Germany the last half of December, More...
04/Jun/07 5:09 AM
 |  |


For your very interst information .
Have a nice day.
04/Jun/07 8:13 PM
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good day sandra! thanks for visiting my page. nice to see you. you really have some fantastic photos. i personally havnt been to too many places except for michigan and where spectacular to speak of. someday maybe. usually i give for a pagewarming fresh powered utah snow, but since we More...
05/Jun/07 5:04 AM
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