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Hey Gator - Sudokuland embraces you! As a little web warmer welcome, I have left some Maryland Blue crab cakes on your table - it's my own special recipe - Enjoy!
25/May/07 11:15 PM
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YUM! love anything that comes out of the sea...'ceptin for dem nasty 'canes!! LOL
thanks for the welcome!
26/May/07 12:00 AM
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To Sudokuland, Gator! Here's a bushel of our famous steamed Maryland Blue Crabs for you. Pull up a chair, grab a mallet, and enjoy! Drop by my place anytime, door's always open!
27/May/07 1:21 AM
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My but you girls from Marylandians do love your crab cakes...and they're yummy to be sure...

Y'all are always welcome at my picnic table out back that's piled high with steamy and spicy crawfish complete with corn, onions, and whole garlics from the pot...dig in...

I'll put some beer on ice to wash 'em down...thanks for the welcome!
27/May/07 1:48 AM
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oops...either girls from Maryland or Marylandians...I'm thinking about those crawfish...make you wanna slap yer mama! (not literally of
27/May/07 1:50 AM
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Hi G A T O R
Congratulation to have Your own page and with pleasure I visit You now having wiyh me these very beautiful flowers hope You enjoy it.

You in Your own page.
Yoy in My own page.
You in My 'Egyptian Guest House any and every time You wish.
27/May/07 5:36 AM
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Thank you for your very kind welcome Wagdy...that is quite a lovely view from you SIL's window...have a blessed day.
27/May/07 7:59 AM
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hope you are enjoying your day. Thanks so much for the gumbo - I love the it. I had a client from New Orleans that gave me my first taste of the sausage from the market, and we also have a 'heaven on Seven' that features it in town. Sorry, not the mymare you are thinking of but a More...
28/May/07 11:55 PM
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Gator, welcome. Why don't you get somebody named Bobby to thumb a diesel down....Janis Joplin says that happens just before it rains.
03/Jun/07 2:09 AM
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I'll do that right after I trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesterday, 'I'm the number one fan of a man from Tennessee' (married him). Being from Boston you know all the lines to that one by DA
04/Jun/07 4:34 AM
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Gator, I come bearing gifts that made Philadelphia famous....cheesesteak sandwiches, Franks Orange soda, Tastycakes, and scrapple. Of course, one of my faves is good old jambalaya, but coming from La., you get plenty of that. Now I could sure enjoy some of those crabs, and crab cakes too...not More...
04/Jun/07 5:33 AM
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Thanks for the marvelous house warmers...My specialty is my Gumbo (more of a cool weather treat), chock full of chicken, sausage, shrimp and crawfish (my kids won't eat it if I add the oysters)...ladle that over a bowl of fluffy Zatarain rice, sprinkle a pinch of filet over the top More...
05/Jun/07 8:43 PM
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Gator, Thanks for the time you come by please leave me with the recipe for your gumbo, with and w/o the oysters....I love LA cooking, and the craw fish too. How are things there now since the influx of folks due to the hurricanes...are people staying in Baton Rouge, or are many going back to New Orleans?
06/Jun/07 3:28 AM
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mmmm Spicy crawfish! that's really tasty. I've gone out back and put some of my hubby's peach wine (only a little sweet) to go with your crab cakes and crawfish, also brought some banana nut bread. Come and visit my place some time when you have a chance.
07/Jun/07 4:09 PM
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Peach wine you say? YUM! We have a specialty down here that can be earth moving! Strawberry wine...since Ponchatoula, LA has strawberries, strawberries, strawberries and their world famous Strawberry can run across some of the best in the world!!! I'll have to get out More...
07/Jun/07 8:14 PM
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Gator, thanks for the visit and your generosity in leaving the full recipe for your gumbo..oftimes folks leave just a little something out so that the dish when made is good, but still different from the original, but you reposted to add the final touch. I appreciate that! When the weather cools More...
08/Jun/07 6:05 AM
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hi gator. don't think i've visited your page yet. here's some flowers, bubbly, some hot sauce that's bottled down the road a piece, som mudbugs, and blue crab.

i noticed in today's posts that the hot weather has come to LA. i say hooray for that. not that i like the 100 degrees and 90+ More...
11/Jun/07 7:00 AM
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Hi Gator. I'm obviously late in welcoming you to your own page, but better late then never as they say. I have a tradition of leaving a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warmimg gift, so I hope you like sweet pastry. Enjoy!
18/Jun/07 6:08 AM
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Thanks for the pastry, as well as the welcome, Greg!!! I do ADORE sweets...

'Hope all is well up in Canada...never been there, but would love to drive up that way one day. My daughter goes up there every Christmas (her husband's company is headquartered in Buffalo and More...
18/Jun/07 6:44 AM
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Hi Gator,How are things besides hot and muggy? Hope all is well. I was just thinking that I enjoyed your gumbo so much and wondered if you would mind putting it on the recipe page for all who may be interested could find it. I did enjoy...very much, and as I said...I like it with the oysters.
30/Jul/07 5:39 AM
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Gday Gator, sorry its taken so long to visit. I've brought you a bottle of bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to spend some time over at my page. Take a look around the garden, find yourself a seat in the sun and meet my family. Love to see you there.
30/Jul/07 6:18 PM
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Hi Gator, thanks for the gumbo. Haven't had that for twenty years 'ceptin yours was better. Could you put the recipe for that on the recipe page please?
Just dropping in to answer the query you left on the photo of my house. The city of Melbourne is a coastal city, but we live in the mountain More...
09/Aug/07 8:21 PM
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hey Gator. haven't stopped by for a while and wondered how you are. for sure, it's hot, hot, hot. this heat index makes it muggy. i still love it - it's just what makes the winters so mild and that is a great thing.(i'm very fortunate that i don't have to go out in this and i can stay in the AC lol)
09/Aug/07 11:44 PM
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Dear Gator,
Bravo for Hud!!! He sounds like a knight in shiny armour. And you're a lucky princess to have him. I'm sorry that I am soooo late in welcoming you to the sudoku family.
Here's a , and a More...
26/Aug/07 3:02 PM
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Gday Gator, haven't seen you around much lately. I hope this note finds you and yours well.
Pop into easy page sometime and say gday.
28/Oct/07 9:54 PM
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Just saw your comment on easy about your Daddy's home and the fires. I am so pleased all is safe and well.
We live in a fire prone area and today was one of those scary, windy days and yet, as we drove around, we still saw that people were having burn-offs on their blocks! More...
28/Oct/07 10:27 PM
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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Gator!
22/Nov/07 7:07 AM
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Gator, just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
22/Nov/07 1:10 PM
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Hello Gator - I am stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. I have left a bouquet of Fall colored flowers on your table for you!
22/Nov/07 11:55 PM
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and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family - enjoy your day, Mary
23/Nov/07 1:10 AM
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Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Hope your day reminds you of all of the wonderful things we have for which to be thankful!
23/Nov/07 4:18 AM
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Dear Gator.
Wish You,
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year.
21/Dec/07 2:42 AM
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Gator, Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
21/Dec/07 3:37 AM
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dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas and best wishes in the coming year - the wind is unbelievable here today - have to tie the children down just so they don't blow away. Enjoy your day, Mary
24/Dec/07 9:12 AM
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Gday Gator, I was just passing, thought I'd drop in. We don't get to see you much any must have a life!!!
Take care,
03/Jun/08 9:18 PM
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Gator - have a GREAT birthday! The nice thing about this site is that those of us on this side of the world get to celebrate for two days!!
11/Jun/08 12:38 AM
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Gator, enjoy your day.
11/Jun/08 2:05 AM
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to you, Gator!!!!! I hope it is a great one!!!!!
11/Jun/08 3:29 AM
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I've brought and for the celebration!
I wish you happiness today and always!
11/Jun/08 3:40 AM
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Hi, Gator,
We've not yet met. Bringing you my signature platter of Plum pierogi, lightly crisped in butter and topped with a dollup of sour cream.
Have a happy birthday.
11/Jun/08 4:12 AM
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