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Hi Gramma Linda, from sunny Australia
01/Apr/08 10:16 AM
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Gramma Linda, and to Welcome you to your own page here in Sudokuland. Spotted your comment over in the jigsaw pages, and thought I'd drop on in.
from downunder, for you to enjoy.
I sincerely hope you enjoy your time in here as much as we all do.
Have A Great Day!
02/Apr/08 7:47 PM
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Gday and Gramma Linda. Great to have you here with us.
I have been without power for a couple of days and saw your name while I was going through the archives. I look forward to meeting you around the pages.
Have fun.
04/Apr/08 5:07 PM
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Hi Gramma Linda - I've seen your name on the jigsaws lately so I check out your page and see that you have recently joined us. I'm sending you some maple syrup and pancakes for breakfast . You'll enjoy it here, the folks are really nice. I loved your comment today (2nd one). Glad it was the bird that was a hoot, l0l. Drop by for a visit any time.
19/Apr/08 2:18 PM
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Gramma Linda, I have seen your name on the jigsaw lately and wanted to say HI, hope you enjoy your own page here in Sudokuland.
03/May/08 3:57 PM
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WOW! My granddaughters will be sooo impressed that I have a "My Page" and chat room to enjoy. Thank you all for your kind welcoming messages. I enjoy reading your comments on the jigsaws. I hope to figure out how to send in some photos of my own. All for now...
Gramma Linda
12/May/08 12:19 PM
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Hi Linda, re yesterday's puzzle - my comment re wild rose...believe you are right about the colours white w/pink and dark pink. Don't think there is a yellow wild rose... So... this must truly be St. John's Wort.
Aren't the comments interesting - a learning tool and a fun site with some awfully nice people.
12/May/08 2:02 PM
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Saw your post on Hard & didn't remember seeing you post before or properly welcoming you.

So belatedly to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner; stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

26/May/08 10:42 AM
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Hi Gramma Linda. I was reading the posts on Jigsaw & saw yours about the spider on the wall: it's not the one on the wall you need to worry about it's the one under the toilet seat!! There's an Australian song called "Redback on the Toilet Seat" about old houses & out door More...
02/Jun/08 12:10 PM
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Hi Gramma Linda,
To get back to the Sudoku site you enjoy chatting on, look on the left side of the page for the jigsaws. You will see where it says "Where do these pictures come from?", and there is a link to click that gets you where you want to go. Easy peasey!
22/Jun/08 3:31 AM
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A belated Gramma Linda, hope you are enjoying your time here in our wacky, wonderful world.
22/Jun/08 8:02 AM
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Gramdma Linda, welcome to sudoluland and we hope you find your way back, first fre times it is good to leave a trail of bread crumbs. then you can follow the trail of ants back to us!

We need a fre more on here who go on and on, so some of the teasing slacks up on the rest of us gab bags! More...
22/Jun/08 9:51 AM
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Hi Grandma Linda and belated Welcome. Yes there is such a thing as pet health insurance. Do a search on the internet and you will find lots of info. Come visit my page sometime.
22/Jun/08 2:21 PM
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Your not in Kansas anymore.
22/Jun/08 4:28 PM
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Hi, Gramma Linda! I am really enjoying your comments, keep up the good work! I smile when I see your name appear, and adored the bug scenario yesterday!
12/Sep/08 9:41 PM
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Saw your comments about the Bali prawns lunch - ha! MY supper consisted of examining the contents of my fridge and warming up some not terribly good potato gratin - and some sorry end-of-season tomatoes. The cereal might have been better! But I got a chuckle out of your mealtime predicament, More...
22/Oct/08 9:50 AM
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Gramma Linda and family! I've enjoyed your comments on the jigsaws last year!
01/Jan/09 11:32 AM
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Hi Gramma! I am fairly new here but wanted to say that I love reading your comments, you sound like a really interesting person Sounds stupid, I know, but I do love the way you express your ideas sometimes! Don't know how 'rural' you are, but you seem to have a wild imagination! Keep it up and I will see you around the pages, i'm sure xx
25/Feb/09 10:55 PM
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Hey, Gramma Linda - you got me chuckling on that comment on Lourdes _"I used to want a nice house, but now would be happy to have a pleasant cleaning lady" or something like that (if I go back to check the comment, I lose my comment here - did that several times before my brain retained More...
05/Mar/09 8:58 AM
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So true, Gramma Linda, I DO still have Important Stuff from days past, but my best is my teddy bear (cleverly named "Bear" - after all, I vaguely remember getting him in a toy store when I was probably around three or less - isn't that odd: as soon as I wrote that I had a memory of that More...
10/Mar/09 11:28 PM
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Hi Gramma Linda, re: your question about the Sydney Harbour Bridge...
Apart from the fact that it is such a recognisable feature of Sydney (after the Sydney Opera House), it is also a really important bridge. Sydney is built around a very big harbour, and until this bridge was built (1920's or More...
16/Mar/09 4:23 PM
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Linda, I found a lot of discussion about the red church doors at this site
But, at the end of the day, I'd have to conclude nobody really knows. How clever of you to ask! Judy
17/Mar/09 4:02 PM
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You are very welcome for the info, I really hope it is mostly correct... I have lived in Sydney 17 years (since my marriage) and know that some year recently the bridge celebrated its 75th birthday, so it gives me a rough estimate of dates. Also, inside the pylons at one end is a museum with heaps More...
17/Mar/09 10:53 PM
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Well, Gramma, back news from WV - Sandy died Friday. She started to decline - loss of appetite - then developed the symptoms of liver failure that I had been dreading for years (she escaped her pen and was poisoned years ago, and always showed a bad reading in blood tests), and Friday I released More...
26/Mar/09 8:44 AM
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Gramma Linda, so where in very rural Iowa are you from? I grew up in Waterloo, but had all sorts of relatives in the country. I also spent some time working in Des Moines and around Cedar Rapids. I was visiting relatives back there this last summer and believe I have a photo or two from that More...
27/Mar/09 3:44 PM
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Hi, Wilodene! I'm from the other half of Iowa, the side most people think of in terms of corn and soybeans rather than people. Fort Dodge is the biggest town (and closest Mac D's) near us. We're about 25 miles west of there. Our mail comes through the Rockwell City post office and our kids went to More...
28/Mar/09 6:29 AM
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Thank you, Linda, it is true about special pets. I just looked at my previous message and realized something got lost in the meaning, but it was to say I cooked special meat meals for Sandy, now avoid meat as I don't really get hungry these days. And it was bad news, not back news.
I have More...
05/Apr/09 12:49 PM
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Nice to meet you yesterday in the chat room. Take care and hopefully see you soon x
05/Apr/09 11:59 PM
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Dear Graaa Linda.
Wishing you a very,

13/Apr/09 5:12 AM
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Dear Gramma.
Appologise for the mistake of my writting your name.
13/Apr/09 5:14 AM
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Hi Gramma Linda! I loved your comment on the jigsaw today (my photo of the koala mum and bub). It reminded me of the time the then unborn Leia kicked Schultz through my tummy. He was flabbergasted!
21/Jun/09 8:30 AM
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Linda, how fun to read your comment "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAD WIFE". It's a relief to know I'm not the only one whose eyes are going.
03/Jul/09 5:30 AM
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Hey, Linda, what happened to your barn? How did it get blown down? Personally, I hate pulling out nails - I end up bending them and can't get them out. I would offer to come help you but that would be a bad thing for you!
09/Jul/09 11:29 AM
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That was a well-told story about the barn - I enjoyed reading it! Thank you for writing it to me. That's funny that you guys still have those cars - let me know when you win the lottery and fix that Charger!
10/Jul/09 11:18 AM
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Linda, I am so sorry about your loss of your cats! I have indoor/outdoor cats and have tried to deal with the fact that I may well lose them. My Sammie, my one-eyed kitty, disappeared the day I got Jasper due to a stupid mistake on the part of a friend (Sam was with her buddy on the front porch More...
30/Jul/09 10:24 PM
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I didn't say that the loss of my Sammie came a week and a half after my dog Sandy's death, so it was another blow to my heart. I swear all the time I will never get attached to another pet, but you know how that goes.
30/Jul/09 10:27 PM
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A wonderful poem, Gramma Linda! An eloquent appreciation of a lovely photo!
11/Aug/09 12:34 AM
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Hello Gramma Linda! to you! I hope you have a great day!
10/Sep/09 12:27 AM
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Happy Birthday, Linda!

Wishing you happiness today and always
10/Sep/09 1:05 AM
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Gramma Linda!
Hope your special day is filled with happy surprises!
10/Sep/09 2:18 AM
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