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hey fg, I'm the first to post on your page, I think. Question: Is a fishing guy better than a golfing guy do you think? I'm having this discussion with a friend of mine who is just beginning to date a fishing/hunting guy and she says that is better than a golfing guy. I'm leaving you some Shiner Bock for your next fishing expedition.
04/Jun/07 11:36 AM
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Hi FG! to Sudokuland. I was born in Cleveland, as were my Mom and Dad. Still have family there I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests to enjoy. Stop by my place anytime for a snack and a chat!
05/Jun/07 1:47 AM
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Hi FG! Thanks for the visit Hot and humid here too Suppoed to be in the mid-90's today. I know about your summers...we used to visit my grandparents in Cleveland every year,in the days before central AC Lots of fans were involved
19/Jun/07 1:12 AM
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Hi Fishing Guy. Welcome to your own special page in Sudokuland. I will leave you my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warming gift, so I hope you like sweet pastry. Would have left you a fishing lure, but not sure what you fish for. Cheers!
19/Jun/07 7:23 AM
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Got your message. When you have a picture open on the Flickr site, the address bar shows the location of that picture...
hppt//flickr ... etc. ending with /123456789/. The 9 digit number (in my example 123456789) is all you need to update your page. Copy that number into your update flickr box on your page and then choose Update my details. Let me know how you make out. Cheers!
20/Jun/07 8:02 AM
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Hello Fishing Guy - to your own page.
Here's a bottle of our local Goundry's Unwooded Chardonnay for you to try.
Is the photo of you fishing, it looks like a lovely relaxing place to go fishing. I haven't done any fishing in quite a few years but I used to love it.
Come and visit my page when you have time to spare between casts.
21/Jun/07 10:04 AM
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FG, Visited your flickr page. Lucky kids to have a Papa who takes them fishing. Great quote from ' A River Runs through it. here is another; 'So it is...that we can seldom help anybody. Either we don't know what part to give or maybe we don't like to give any part of ourselves. Then, more often More...
21/Jun/07 12:06 PM
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Nice to put a face to a name! Looks like you and your boys have a lot of fun together fishing. Glad you have your photos up. Cheers!
22/Jun/07 6:09 AM
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Congratulation to have your own page.I am very pleased to visit You and see you on top of ypur page ,having with me these very beautiful flowers ,hope you enjoy it.
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to visit my 'Egyptian Guest House to enjoy my photos of Egypt and to hear the Egyptian music and songs.
23/Jun/07 10:47 PM
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Just dropping by to say Hi, I could box up several boxes of Cicada for you to go fishing with The season is almost over. have a great summer playing on the lake. Mary
26/Jun/07 6:51 AM
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FG, How did you get that avatar? that is very cool, I can't quite figure out the avatar config. but I am working on it. That quote I left you was also from A river runs through it, I don't know if you realized that. Thanks for the crappie. I guess you just have to know how to cook those things up. More...
26/Jun/07 11:10 AM
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I hate it when people over post which is what I am doing now, but I forgot to say that I have been to Hutto, (go Hippos!) I live about a good hour southwest of there in a river/tourist/camp town called Wimberley. We have some fishing going on around here!
26/Jun/07 11:15 AM
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Hello FG , thank you for visiting , i will post more pictures of Lebanon .
i love fishing , we lived for 8 months in Aqaba in Jordan , on 1976 , we used to go fishing twice a week , i used to have a very good luck with fishing ,i don't fish anymore , i think t have to try it again , i enjoyed it at the time .
27/Jun/07 2:47 PM
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Hi there, I trust you about your preparation of crappy...I mean crappie. Who decided to spell it that way anyway? I'm a reading teacher and the rule for 'a' making the short o sound only happens AFTER 'w' as in 'water' and 'watch.' I guess the person who invented that spelling was dyslexic. Cool More...
29/Jun/07 10:27 AM
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Hi Fishing Guy, to your own page. See I am late finding your page. Enjoyed your pictures, nothing better than a big plate of fried crappie. Hubby likes to fish for bass, I would fish except for having to put the bate on the hook and take the fish off, don't clean them either but I More...
18/Jul/07 2:39 AM
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Thanks for the visit and fish. I'll leave you with a 6 pack of beer to consume while hunting fish.
20/Jul/07 4:40 AM
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Hello Fishing Guy. I came by to look at your picture gallery and flickr pics. Your grandkids are cute. Does your granddaughter like to fish? My 9 yr old daughter loves going fishing with her dad. He bought a pontoon boat this year, his preferred method is fly fishing. Lots of trout around here. More...
02/Aug/07 2:32 AM
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Good morning Fishing Guy. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the gift of the crappie. Yum.. The BBQ will be firing up this evening.

Pioneer is in California. I'm in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We have a terrific climate. Breezy and bright in the spring, crisp and cool in the More...
08/Aug/07 1:51 AM
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It is indeed a small world. Imagine both of us having connections with Mt. Vernon. My grandparents moved to Chicago shortly after they were married, but went back to Mt. Vernon when they were very elderly and are buried there, as are a number of my greats and great-greats. I remember visiting my More...
09/Aug/07 12:49 AM
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Hi Fishing Guy - for stopping by. Thanks for the fish fillets - I will enjoy them, knowing that it is not from China.

It looks like your bring up a new generation of fishermen. A good way to spend time with family and relax and enjoy what the good Lord has given us.
10/Aug/07 12:38 AM
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Thanks for stopping by again. Hope your rain lets up long enough for the concert and so you can get some golf in.
10/Aug/07 1:28 AM
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Oh, man... so sorry. Wish you could send a little of it our way. It is always so dry here in the summertime. We're off to our daughter's house for the weekend. Saturday is our grandson's 3rd birthday.
11/Aug/07 1:48 AM
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Hey Fishing Guy - notice from reading some other comments here on your page that you have relatives in Hutto. We go through Hutto on our way to Round Rock from College Station. It has certainly grown in the last ten years as Austin has just exploded in all directions.
16/Aug/07 12:50 PM
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Gday Fishing Guy, please forgive me for taking so long to get here. I was sure I had visited. Must have come and forgot to leave a calling card. No matter, I'm here now.
Thanks for dropping in and for the crappie fillets. I love fish, but have only started to cook it myself in the last couple of More...
18/Aug/07 4:58 PM
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Thanks for stopping by my page and giving me some crappies. I brought a plate of baby Swiss and Trail bologna. I know where Ravenna Lake is. My family went there a couple of times when I was young. The memories are fuzzy. I just remember thinking, this place is huge. Which cheese factory do you go to? Have you been to Charm? There's an Amish restaurant that is inexpensive and so good.
23/Aug/07 12:43 PM
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When you are in You Tube playing a song you see two codes, the URL code and an Embed code. The site requires the Embed code in the 'update your you tube field". All I do is copy and paste that code and then click on update my page.
05/Sep/07 12:45 AM
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Good choice for your first You Tube. Josh Turner is a favorite of my nephew Alan and his wife. Alan actually had his song 'Your Man' played at his wedding before they spoke their vows.
05/Sep/07 5:42 AM
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Hi, Fishing Guy! I'm afraid this is my first visit to your page. It's so great that you can share your fishing time with your family, esp. grandkids. I bet they love their fishing/grandpa time! I hope you'll enjoy this big box of Frango Mints! Maybe the grandkids will too. (If they just suck on More...
07/Sep/07 2:01 AM
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Hey, Fishing Guy! The crappie filets were great! I grew up near the Mississippi River, so have had crappie in the past. I always wondered why they're called crappie, which looks SO MUCH like crappy! Here are some fresh cinnamon rolls for you to nibble (but NOT use for bait). Enjoy your day!
10/Sep/07 7:38 AM
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Hi Fishing Guy -

I saw Darryl Worley about 2 years ago at the County Fair. He puts on a good show.

It is a beautiful morning - with a 4 point buck in the back yard starring at me.
11/Sep/07 12:46 AM
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Ah, Toby Keith - great video.
12/Sep/07 12:53 AM
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Thanks for the fish, Fishing Guy! I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay in VA and often went fishing with my dad in our little outboard motor boat.
My hubby, kids, and I have lived just outside of Hershey, PA for almost 10 years now. Here's a bag of Hershey's miniatures for you to enjoy!
12/Sep/07 2:06 AM
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Hi Fishing Guy - I got your message -- and your deck really does resemble mine! I just got home from a trip to Australia and New Zealand and am trying to overcome jet-lag and get things here at home back in order. Happy fishing!
15/Sep/07 3:37 PM
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Hi Fishing Guy, here's a seafood platter. {Abalone, rock lobster[cray],scollops, oysters and several pieces of different scale fish. Enjoy. Eat it while it's hot.I glad you popped into my gallery. I popped into your.I bet that fearsome foursome would get up to some mischief.
15/Sep/07 5:51 PM
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Hi Fishing Guy, what sort of fishing do you do? Sea, river, lake. Boat, shore, rock. Fly, bait or lure or all of the above. I do a little bit of river [mouth] and rock and shore fishing. had a trip off shore up off Broome Nth/W. Western Aus. a couple of years back. that was great fun. my active More...
18/Sep/07 4:15 PM
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, Fishing Guy, for your visit and the fish fillets. I will make Fish bobotie and serve it piping hot on yellow rice and raisins!! I'll just leave you a glass of chilled SPIER Chenin Blanc! We all love fishing, my first fish ever was a Tiger Fish caught at Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Happy Fishing! Cheers
20/Sep/07 6:01 AM
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Thanks for the visit, Fishing Guy! Where do you go fishing? Our boat is up on Catawba, so we boat mostly on Lake Erie. We have been into Lakes St. Clair, Huron, and Ontario, also.
Thanks for the fish fillets; we love fresh fish! Of course, I'll leave you some Klingshirn wine (from Avon, Ohio).
20/Sep/07 11:48 AM
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Hi Kent! Thanks so much for the compliment on the butterfly - my husband took that pic probably a year ago. I couldn't upload it as we took it, the website requires very very small pics. Here's my husband's blog, he has a number of his pics posted there:
27/Sep/07 9:30 AM
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Terri (our butterfly) I had trouble with E-mails on My Space and don't use it any longer. The pictures are great that your husband has on his web sight. You should get your own sight here and post some of them.
28/Sep/07 12:31 AM
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Hi Fishing Guy! Greetings from Wisconsin. You won't see my name on the main pages very often, but I used to be a regular contributer the first year this site was made. I'm very behind on my welcome greetings, so bear with me. Today, I am handing out brats fresh off the grill. Enjoy! ps--I'm like perch and bluegill more than crappie.
19/Oct/07 12:46 AM
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