youkidme from southern highlands

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Hi I'm from Ballarat Hope you have loads of fun.
25/May/12 10:11 AM
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Hi Kath from Ballarat. I'm very new to this sort of thing - not so much the sudoku, but the
stuff that people do on the computer, so please be patient with me !
25/May/12 11:17 AM
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Hi youkidme, thanks for the comment on the Hippeastrum today!
Welcome to sudoku!
03/Jun/12 5:31 PM
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Thanks for the huge compliment, youkidme!!!
I'm just a housewife who loves taking photos!!!! My Dad gave me a Kodak Instamatic for my 19th birthday (1971) & it was my only camera till about 1994. Then for my 50th birthday my husband gave me a digital camera - Canon A20, 2.1 megapixels! A couple More...
07/Jun/12 9:03 PM
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Hello So' Highlander thanks for the welcome. Just learning the ropes at present. I do the Sudoku daily in the SMH but occasionally need another hit.
Also look forward to swapping recipes.
26/Jun/12 4:56 PM
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You must be good at it if you can solve the SMH ones
I've often bought the little books often available but am much happier doing it online - saves paper and SEEMS quicker. I always convert to a jigsaw as that is another of my 'weaknesses'. If you run out of puzzles, you can pick up a whole lot More...
26/Jun/12 9:55 PM
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Hi youkidme..that was an interesting comment about the kurrajongs..I have been building up a collection of pics of native plants in this area (Kurrajong), for our rainforest website which is still to be developed up to our satisfaction. It's amazing what can be found once you get into botanical data lists for an area!
27/Jun/12 6:27 AM
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Thank you for your comment on one of my photos. I really appreciate it. I haven't seen your efforts with a camera but don't put yourself down. Practise makes perfect, I'm still practising.
29/Jun/12 8:37 PM
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Hello youkidme - thanks for visiting my gallery. Loved your comment about the Metters stove which was taken at a place near the Stirling Ranges.
02/Jul/12 12:54 PM
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Hello youkidme,
goo to see you here.
Got your message and sent you a private message.
03/Jul/12 12:26 AM
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Hi kid,
Your message went to page 25, I got an email saying there was a new message on my personal page. I had to go to my page 25 to read your message. The music might have refered to my having a YouTube on my page st the time, BTW Wagdy is male, he doesn't post much anymore.
If you have any more questions please ask.
03/Jul/12 12:26 PM
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Hi youkidme, and thanks so much for your comments on my photos. We're heading off again in a couple of months, so will have a whole new bunch of pickies to show everyone! Have you thought of putting some of you'rs up for everyone to have a butcher's (yeah, we're all sticky beaks!)
Also,don't More...
03/Jul/12 1:42 PM
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Hi youkidme, thanks for your message - sorry if I've left you confused - Sudokuholics Anonymous is just one of the forums for this site, where people 'meet' to chit-chat about anything and nothing. I like it, and I've meet some lovely folks here. :)
Also, sorry to disappoint, but Nunawading is just a suburb of Melbourne, nothing particularly exciting! (Though it IS a great name!)
04/Jul/12 10:03 AM
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Hi, youkidme, and welcome to! I noticed that you posted on Sudokuaholics Anonymous, just one of the 'Forums' on this site. I think we all started doing the Sudoku puzzles. Many of us also do the jigsaws and other options on these pages. I haven't checked the Recipe forum in quite a More...
05/Jul/12 12:38 PM
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I youkidme, I've read that text about 'working on' getting comments for the sudoku jigsaw puzzles, too!!!!
If you want to submit photos for jigsaw puzzles, just click the top line on the left side above the sudoku grid (under the day & date). All the information about sizing your photos is there More...
05/Jul/12 3:18 PM
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Thank you youkidme, I've found the recipes, just have not had time to have a good look. This site could keep me occupied all day if I'm not careful!
08/Jul/12 10:15 AM
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Hi youkidme. What a nice surprise to find a message from you on my page! Glad you enjoyed my youtube & Flickr photos. Looks like you are a fairly new member of our Sudoku family - . I've been around this site since 2005, so I'm one of the 'oldies'. But we are always glad More...
12/Jul/12 3:36 AM
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Hi, youkidme, Welcome to Sudoku au. In reply to your comment, not everyone who visits here is a sudoku wizard. I have read some comments where people say they don't use the timer, because they feel additional pressure that takes the fun out of doing the puzzles. I, personally, just find the time 'interesting'. Regarding dogs - yeah, I like them. I don't have any currently though...
15/Jul/12 12:17 AM
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15/Jul/12 6:46 PM
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I'm not a botanist or anything!!! LOL!!!
15/Jul/12 6:48 PM
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Sue said it was a daylily....... Sometimes when I'm talking to people I come out with the wrong word, looks like my typing is doing the same! Must be the over 60 syndrome!!!!!!!!!!
15/Jul/12 6:56 PM
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You sound like a real animal lover, youkidme. You're my kind of person.
Horses are my favorites. As a baby, my very first word was 'horse', and my first full sentence was 'Let us stop the car and ride that horse.'. I started riding thoroughbreds at 2 1/2 years old. Unfortunately, I've broken More...
16/Jul/12 1:36 PM
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Hi there,
Thanks for your kind words, Charmhaven is about 20min drive to the north from here. As to time spent on here I work nights in a call centre, so quiet times allow me time do the sudoku puzzles, even if a little slowly and often interupted.
Animal wise i just cant get enough of More...
20/Jul/12 2:24 AM
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Hi youkidme,
Thanks for the comments & visiting me again!!
20/Jul/12 7:46 PM
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Hi youkidme,
I loved your photos, you have a keen eye for color, composition and detail. Are the flower arrangements your work? They are beautiful works of art. I have always admired those individuals who can work with flowers.
24/Jul/12 5:13 AM
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Hi youkidme,
I love all the garden photos. I have been to gardens in the Southern Highlands in the spring and they are very spectacular.
Last night I did the easy and medium puzzles and looked at all the photos including Parents page and jigsaws. I have not had time to get back to them so far today.
25/Jul/12 5:42 PM
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Beautiful photos, youkidme!
(Taking a break from the sewing machine!!!)
02/Aug/12 12:18 PM
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Thank you commenting on one of my photos. Yes, I do love biking, and I have many lovely trails to choose from where I live. I enjoyed looking through your gallery, as well. Hope you enjoy yourself here. I try to check in fairly often but find I'm spending more time on Facebook since I can keep More...
04/Aug/12 12:10 AM
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Thanks for the post on my page and the compliment, youkidme! I'm not much good at puns, but my husband's make me groan all the time!
05/Aug/12 12:53 AM
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PS - love your photo gallery!
05/Aug/12 12:53 AM
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I would hope that my swan would live in harmony with that long-billed duck pictured a few days ago! (Might stare a bit at first, but that's just a natural defense for checking differences to see if it poses a threat.)
Anyway, youkidme, I loved seeing your photo gallery! I have long-owed a painting of daylilies to a friend and seeing yours has inspired me to start it... maybe!
07/Aug/12 1:51 AM
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Thank you. Looking at your photos I would think we would have gardening in common. We have quite a large garden, with a big native area. This makes fantastic habitat for a wide range of birds, which I love photographing.

We plan to travel Australia in the next few years and the southern highlands will definitely be an area we will visit.
I.ll look out for your posts.
13/Aug/12 11:53 AM
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Just seeing if you were a real person, since you do not have a real name. Shocked to find pictures.
18/Aug/12 12:24 PM
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OK, we can change the word to surprised.
As for GannieMo and Rayray, that is their names. Mo is a grandmother and a gannie, instead of granny or grandma. That made sense to me, since my girls call their grandmother, Bammaw and generally those little people, when they start talking skip their More...
19/Aug/12 12:43 AM
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I could not give you a tone or a male or female voice. After viewing your pictures, I gave you a female voice, and from your last message, I can give you an OZ accent. I do mess up with this view of people. For years, I gave Fiona a French accent and it turns out she is from Ireland. I think she is More...
19/Aug/12 3:00 PM
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Youkidme, I had forgotten about your procedure. I believe you had it the same week my mother died, my thinking process has been haywire since then, I am sorry, too. I am interested in how this turns out.
Actually, my last post to you was on the 19, so I have talked to you since then. Still, I am More...
22/Aug/12 11:46 PM
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Wonderful photo's..
I know where I want to be next autumn...
23/Aug/12 7:17 PM
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Thanks for you comment on the sunrise photo. It is as it is, sunrise at a favourite fishing lake.
27/Aug/12 9:53 PM
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Youkidme, that's was a great poem to respond to Peter's satnav joke. Well done!
02/Sep/12 2:29 AM
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I just realized I've never properly welcomed you to the site. Enjoy my traditional page warmimg gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. I hope you like sweets!
02/Sep/12 2:31 AM
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