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Poppy is now one.

Good news!!! I had my PET scan and they did a whole body scan.  The results are that they could find no trace of cancer anywhere.   I am so thrilled and want to thank all my friends here for all their support and messages of encouragement.   I so appreciate your kind thoughts and believe that it does make a difference.   Thank you all.

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Hi, Wendy from Ocean Grove! Welcome! You now have your own page! Enjoy your many friendly visitors. Here are some tulips and box of Frango Mints to help things feel a little more home-like.
01/May/07 2:23 PM
 |  |

Thanks Julie. I will have to learn about all this yet.
01/May/07 3:12 PM
 |  |

Welcome to sudokuland and your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
My door is always open so stop by when you can.
BTW where is Ocean Grove???
01/May/07 3:27 PM
 |  |

Thank you Sue. Ocean Grove is in Australia. Down the bottom of Victoria.
01/May/07 4:08 PM
 |  |

Hi Wendy - welcome to the wongerful world of Sudokuland.

I was in Ocean Grove last weekend, I couldn't believe the beautiful weather - we didn't even pack shorts let alone bathers.
02/May/07 2:54 PM
 |  |

Wendy - if you want to reply to anyone or leave a message on their page - just click on 'check out my page' beside their name or next to their avatar.
02/May/07 2:56 PM
 |  |

Wendy - now you know how to post on other's pages - there will be no stopping you.

We're actually in your home town quite a lot. We have a little permanent holiday plot.

OMG That Rhymed - I gotta stay away from the competition page!
02/May/07 8:12 PM
 |  |

Wendy. Ballarat - but got a permanent onsite van at OG.

Choose any picture for an avatar. Download it and save it then go to
http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/ and make sure you shrink it to 50.

Then save it - and then submit it by going in to 'update details' on More...
02/May/07 9:51 PM
 |  |

Hi W E N D Y .

Congratulation to have your own page .
Enjoy it and Iam offering you to start with.
03/May/07 3:44 AM
 |  |

Wendy - we HAVE to get some others to post on here...it's starting to look like 'The Col Show'!

you can submit as man avatars as you like in 'update my page' and swap and change them as you like. The avatar posted with a particular comment with stay with that comment, even after More...
03/May/07 10:18 AM
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Hi Wendy and a warm welcome. I have been to OG many times, it is a lovely place. You are indeed lucky.
03/May/07 7:52 PM
 |  |

I meant to add - that's a d*mn big pussycat you have on your page. I'm impressed.
03/May/07 7:54 PM
 |  |

Wendy, thanks for your comments. Actually Anglesea is my second home but the whole of the Peninsular has a special place in my heart. Unfortunately I will be out of touch for the best part of a week now because I am coming down to Melbourne to attend the funeral of my favourite aunt. I am in More...
03/May/07 9:40 PM
 |  |

Hi Wendy, and welcome to your own special page! That's a hungry looking cat you have there, so instead of my usual double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a page warming gift, how about some Atlantic Salmon for you and the cat? Oh heck, have the pastry for dessert, and enjoy!
04/May/07 6:38 AM
 |  |

Hello Wendy, thank you for visiting my page. I take it that Orange Grove is a suburb of Perth or am I mistaken. I think mistaken as Ian has said that he's been there many times. So where is it, please.
Anyway, a bottle of Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to toast your own page and some
06/May/07 12:12 AM
 |  |

BTW, Wendy, I absolutely love your photo of the tiger. Beautiful.
06/May/07 12:12 AM
 |  |

Whoops, Wendy, I must have been tired. I thought it said Orange Grove, how dumb of me. I have been on a small bus through Geelong and I remember you posting as that, I went along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide a few years back. Beautiful scenery along that way once you get past Geelong, although I didn't see much of that.
06/May/07 11:28 AM
 |  |

Wow! Came by just to say hi and I find I am in love with your cat! Gorgeous!!!!!

Did you take the photo? Wow!!!!
08/May/07 9:56 AM
 |  |

Hi Wendy! - Now that is a cat! Beautiful picture and I want to know also, did you take that picture? Here is a bag of Michigan apples and a bottle of Traverse City Cherry Wine. Cheers!
09/May/07 1:05 AM
 |  |
Hello Wendy. Just dropped by for a visit and to let you know that I'm thinking of you while your dad's in the hospital. I know how exhausting it can be to care for a loved one. Please let me know how he's doing. Meanwhile, I leave you with a snifter of brandy to help you sleep. And a bottle of Niagara ice wine to share with others for dessert. Take care.
10/May/07 4:08 AM
 |  |

Hi Wendy, cute photo of the koala. I am leaving you a bottle of our 'Kinda Snockered Winery' Peach Chardonnay. Enjoy Sudokuland!
11/May/07 1:42 AM
 |  |

Hello Wendy - thanks for visiting me page. I'll make sure I get to the right place this time, in Ocean Grove, there, I made it alright.
thanks for the biscuits. Is the koala in your photo close to where you live. I remember seeing some on my trip around the Great Ocean Road.
11/May/07 11:19 PM
 |  |

Hi Wendy, yes, that is the label for our Shiraz, if you check out my flickr page there are more wine labels on there that we have done. for the cookies, they are delicious. Have a great day
12/May/07 12:16 AM
 |  |
Wendy, you must be quite relieved. Such good news about your dad, and I'm glad you had the night to regroup.
Many thanks for the chocolate chip cookies--I just climbed 360 stairs so surely I can sample one or two cookies! I'm sweaty and pooped ...
Have a terrific weekend, and I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for your dad.
12/May/07 1:11 AM
 |  |

Hello Wendy - I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day with your family. I'm sure that you will miss your Mum a lot but just think back on all the lovely times you shared with her.
13/May/07 12:49 AM
 |  |

Hi Wendy. Great photo of the koala bear! My thoughts are with you on Mother's Day. I know how tough it is, but always remember!
13/May/07 2:53 AM
 |  |

Hi Wendy thanks for visiting my page and the cookies, here's some flowers and eucalyptus (not sure if I spelled that correctly ) for your Koala.
Knew that the Aye-Aye was nocturnal from it's big eyes, thought it was a marcupial because where this site is hosted, googled it and followed from there, and have fun with the puzzles and posting.
16/May/07 11:16 AM
 |  |

Hey Wendy, let me start by apologising for not popping in sooner. I'm so so sorry. I see you have had lots of visitors already and Col has put in her two cents worth (hehe). Maybe next time Col and I are up your way we can try and catch up for a coffee or drink? Love the photo of the Koala, arn't More...
16/May/07 12:41 PM
 |  |

Hi Wendy, Would that be Ocean Grove New Jersey?, welcome to your own page, it's kind of fun to have your own page that people visit. Well keep in touch
16/May/07 2:11 PM
 |  |

Greetings Wendy and welcome to your own page. It's taking me awhile to getting around to visiting every one's page, but I've enjoyed my visit and hope to have you come visit my page soon. Love the koala hiding in the trees. Hope your dad continues to improve from his recent hospitalization. May peace surround you and all you love.
19/May/07 4:36 AM
 |  |

Oh, I almost forgot to leave you the pot of jambalaya that I made for you. Hope you enjoy!
19/May/07 4:38 AM
 |  |

glad to know that your in Victoria instead of New Jersy, the Koala would be out of place there, well any guesses about what Gath has planed for Monday??
19/May/07 3:09 PM
 |  |

Hey fot the beers, Jamgs Boag did you say? Here's some Polygamy porter, ( a real beer from Wasatch Brewing Company here in Utah, making light of the Mormon Culture here) and Coors, from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, My favorite

There's probably many Ocean More...
19/May/07 3:47 PM
 |  |

Hey Wendy! ~ for the Oh how I love sweets stop on back and we'll cut it!
I'm glad you like my avatar I have far to many but I do enjoy using them
19/May/07 3:58 PM
 |  |

oh and that koala is so sweet
19/May/07 4:00 PM
 |  |

Greetings Wendy.
You are such a sweetheart! - Thank you for your wonderful comments in my page. No, I am not a professional photographer. A newspaper in Seattle, published one of my photos in an article, but it was purely pro bono - as my brother would say.
I've always enjoyed More...
19/May/07 9:44 PM
 |  |

PS: I just love your Koala! It looks so confty. Adorable.
19/May/07 9:45 PM
 |  |

Hey Wendy ~ I know what you mean Nal is amazing but I can't say your not the photo of the Koala is great and you need to have a flickr album so we can see
20/May/07 2:55 AM
 |  |

Wendy: I just saw the comment! First; thank you for all the compliments. Believe me when I tell you they are extremely appreciated.
Second; Your photo is special. You captured a very pretty animal - unique to your country - in a very unusual position. You have captured an instant of an More...
20/May/07 10:55 AM
 |  |

Wendy, Having just read Nancy and Nal's comments, I must agree with both of them...You have a shot of the Koala that I would be proud to have taked...rejoice in what you have!!! Its Wonderful!
20/May/07 11:15 AM
 |  |
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