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Active interests: (i) Writing Poetry & Verse; (ii) Creative Art-Work; (iii) Statistical & Scientific Investigation; (iv) Travel photography,

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and Rayray. Just dropping in from the Midwest - near Chicago - It's the height of summer now and sure to be a hot one tomorrow. dropping off some of the pizza I ordered tonight - not your typical deep dish pie - I like pineapple/onion/green peppers and ham. Have a good one, Mary
02/Aug/07 10:18 AM
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Thanks again - this time to mymare for welcoming my first visit. Strange - I had pizza this evening. I like 'em with mixed cheeses. Here in UK it is 1.25am, so more another day 'cos right now I'm almost collapsed ! On the go since 6.15am.
The flames on both ends of the candle are meeting in the middle.
02/Aug/07 10:26 AM
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Rayray - to your own page and our wonderful world of sudoku. I hope you find time to decorate your place soon. I haven't seen you on the site before so hope you enjoy being on here.
I'm just leaving a six pack of Crown Lager for you to enjoy with your visitors.
You certainly More...
02/Aug/07 8:14 PM
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Ray - when I saw your membership name and yesterday saw Raymond from Sussex, I wondered if you were one and the same person, but I didn't like to ask you that. Whatever, nice to see you on the site. I've revisited England three times in the past six years but don't think I'll be coming that way now for a couple more years.
02/Aug/07 9:19 PM
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Ray! This is a great site. I know you'll enjoy it. I have been to Yorkshire several times. It's a wonderful part of England! I live on the East Coast of the United States very near the Chesapeake Bay where blue crabs are plentiful. I am leaving a big pot of Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests. Hope you enjoy it. Stop by my place anytime, door's always open
03/Aug/07 12:23 PM
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Ray, are you perhaps an artist or a student. I have a cousin who is an artist and lives in Bath but I believe teaches in a boys school outside of Bath.
03/Aug/07 9:23 PM
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Thank-you Anne, Kathy, amd Mymare for your warm welcomes to the site. I was born in Yorkshire but live in Sussex. I have taught (but never in a Bath!). My subject was biology but now I use retirement polishing past artwork and photographs, and especially apllying statistics to investigation - hence 'my page' contents.
03/Aug/07 11:42 PM
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Sorry I forgot the poems - I have written a book of poetry too.
03/Aug/07 11:43 PM
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Ray, welcome to your page and Sudokuland! I hope you enjoy visiting all of the wonderful pages here. Here are some flowers to help brighten your day. Visit my page anytime! Have a great day!
06/Aug/07 11:28 PM
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Hi Rayray
As a fellow northerner - welcome to this Sudoku site.
Can I ask where in Yorkshire are you from. Our official post code is now listed as North Yorkshire -it was previously Cleveland (Teesside)
Enjoy your Sudoku - and please feel free to visit 'my page'.
07/Aug/07 1:26 AM
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My home town is Richmond - close to Teesside. However, although I regard myself as a Yorkshireman and was born near Sedbergh, I now live in Sussex.
07/Aug/07 2:04 AM
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Hi, Rayray! to Sudoku! You'll find most of us do the puzzles and many of us comment/read the comments. Some do both! It sounds as if you are multi-talented! I hope you enjoy your page & find things to enjoy here. I am leaving a big box of Frango Mints (once made in Chicago and sold More...
09/Aug/07 2:44 PM
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Gday Rayray. How's your day? Been away? Wanna play?
sorry, couldn't resist. I like the way you've decorated, very interesting picture.
Just popping in to wish you to Sudokuland. I've brought you a bottle of Aussie bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to More...
12/Aug/07 3:17 PM
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Hi Rayray (or is it simply Ray?). My first visit to your page, so I'll leave you my traditional page warming gift of a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa and a pint to wash it down. I enjoy your posts on the site. Cheers.
16/Aug/07 4:30 AM
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Hi Ray, Welcome to your own page here in Sudokuland. I am leaving you a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, to munch on. Would love to visit your part of the world someday. Enjoy the site.
18/Aug/07 3:47 AM
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Thanks for your welcome, Sue. As I explained above, 'my part of the world' these days is Sussex - but it is very nice here as well as Yorkshire. being aged, it took me some time to realise that OK was not a wrongly spelled version of UK !!!Thanks - I LOVE chocolate. Page-1 of comments has crashed today just at a time when I was trying to organise an atavar.
18/Aug/07 4:16 AM
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Hi, Rayray! Thanks for visiting my page and leaving those delicious blueberry tarts! (I'm surprised there wasn't a blueberry 'tart' in your amazing novelette - or is tart not a term used in Yorkshire? Maybe your next novelette can include some of your tasty pastries? I'm leaving some apple cider and apple streudel for you and your guests to share.
19/Aug/07 7:09 AM
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Hi, Ray(Ray)! I loved your rebuttal poem last week to 'A Woman's Poem'. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but I have been extremely busy trying to whip my tennis league into shape for our fall season. (Note: if I already DID acknowledge your literary creation, please ignore this message. I must be more harried than I realized!!!) Oh, and WELCOME TO SUDOKULAND!
21/Aug/07 5:17 AM
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Ray(Ray): I have received all of your messages - even though they didn't leave a "trail" like e-mail messages do. It does take a little while to get acquainted with all the crazy features of this site, but once you do, you'll love 'em all! Again, welcome to Sudokuland!
22/Aug/07 2:44 AM
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Hey Rayray, sorry I'm greeting you so late! But to the site and I do enjoy your wild shorties! I leave a , , and a to enjoy!
23/Aug/07 2:26 AM
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Hi R A Y R A Y ,
Appologize for my delay to congratulat you for having your own page.
Congratulation RAYRAY .
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to visit my "Egyptian Guest House "any and every time you wish to enjoy my Photos of Egypt and to hear the Egyptian music and songs.
24/Aug/07 12:16 PM
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RayRay, welcome to 'sudokuland! Sorry I missed your entrance, I had been absent from the easy page lately.

I must say I have enjoyed your sheepoems, as they have been dubbed. you are right about the rhyme vs rythm, the cadence of a poem is most important and If not done correctly, one More...
28/Aug/07 2:08 PM
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RayRay, (PLS) we have NOT placed you on "ignore". It's just that we are becoming accustomed to your wonderful contributions and, therefore, forget to thank you appropriately and comment on your efforts in our behalf. Your poems are a breath of fresh air and highly welcomed by many of us! Please keep up the good work!
03/Sep/07 8:47 AM
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RAYRAY, you have outdone yourself! Accepted the challenge of combining sheep and graffiti and giraffes in one poem. May I make a copy of that poem. I consider it my poem, inspired by my suggestion.

I agree with someone recently, you really should collect all the sheeppoems you have More...
03/Sep/07 9:33 AM
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Love the poetry RayRay, keep it up
03/Sep/07 9:35 AM
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Intriguing picture...very interesting
03/Sep/07 9:37 AM
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Rayray, please keep writing. I admire your skill and humour! It is not easy to write poems that read well. Here's one of mine:

The meaning of life, if you are a sheep
is to sit and sleep and bleat and eat.
To bleat and eat and sit and sleep,
is the meaning of life if you are a More...
03/Sep/07 9:51 AM
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Dino: your poem is a treat and is in line with my own way. It is packed with simple alliteration and hints at meaning beyond the humour. Thank-you for posting it
03/Sep/07 10:01 AM
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Hi, Rayray! I'm not sure if you revisit the Easy page after your initial contributions of the day, and I didn't want you to miss the comment I left there for you, so am copying it here:
Bravo, Rayray, PLS! Well done! "THE PERILS OF WINTER" is a very moving poem about the shepherd and More...
04/Sep/07 4:06 AM
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Hi Rayray! I've been enjoying your sheep poems immensely. Some are very funny and this last one was fantastic! It was easy to imagine the hardship of the shepard on a cold winter night. Thank you for posting it!
04/Sep/07 6:10 AM
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just popped in very quickly to say I really enjoyed today's Poem. Thank you and keep up the good work, I look forward to them everyday.
04/Sep/07 1:06 PM
 |  |

Welcome to your page. Loved the poem Rayray, excellent stuff... hope you keep it up.
04/Sep/07 8:01 PM
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Today's poem of the bleak snow-covered fells warmed my heart.
04/Sep/07 8:41 PM
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Hi Rayray. Just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your sheep poems...please keep them coming.
06/Sep/07 3:44 PM
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Hello Rayray - to Sudokuland. I am a bit late and I apologize for that. I have been gone for a month and have some "catching-up" to do. It is great to have you here and I have enjoyed your poems! I have left you a bag of Michigan peaches to enjoy. They will soon be gone until next year. Please stop by and visit me sometime. Cheers!
08/Sep/07 2:55 AM
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I just dropped by for some of your duck and orange sauce. A favourite of mine.
Love all your Sheepish poems.
I will leave some pink camelias to decorate your table when everyone arrives to share your duck
12/Sep/07 9:25 AM
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Supermarket trolleys are also good for storing crutches while being used as walking frame.

Why use a frame when the shopping trolley
can make your shopping far more jolly?
12/Sep/07 5:56 PM
 |  |

Brill poem today, Rayray! How did the duck feast go?
15/Sep/07 12:20 PM
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Rayray, your poetry and today's words of encouragement over my rather disappointing Sudoku time led me to your page. Are the renderings in the arrangement in your gallery by you? They are so clever.

Please drop by my page for a visit. In the meantime, I'm leaving you with some fine California wine and my famous baked olives. Hope to see you soon!
19/Sep/07 3:14 AM
 |  |
Rayray, I enjoy your sheep verses as much as everybody else, keep them coming. And in all seriousness, the one about the shepherd looking in the snow for the lamb was truly a beautiful poem, very much worthy of preservation and publication. I hope you realize that. And remember what Elizabeth More...
19/Sep/07 6:23 AM
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