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This is Moraine Lake near Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. Taken by Elaine Brennan June 2007

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Hi Brenda! to Sudukoland! I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup on the table for you and your guests to enjoy Drop by my place anytime for a snack or a chat
17/May/07 4:44 AM
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Hi Brenda! What can be better than bangers and mash? Yummy! If I hurry and eat, before someone knocks on the door, I won't have to share!
18/May/07 4:42 AM
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Just stopping by to say Hi.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Welcome to your own page.
18/May/07 2:20 PM
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Hello Brenda, Here are some Purdy's assorted choclates and some . I read on the easy page today you are coming to Canada. Where are you visiting? I hope you have wonderful weather and a great time.
22/May/07 1:44 AM
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If you are still around come over to the SA page for a chat.
22/May/07 2:19 AM
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Hi B R E N D A
Congratulations to have Your own page and I am very happy to visit You having with me these very beautiful flowers to You .
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to Visit my 'Egyptian Guest House any and every time You wish.
Have a nice maEn .
22/May/07 5:16 AM
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Hi Brenda, And welcome to your own special page! I'm leaving you my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a page warming gift. Enjoy. I see you are travelling to Canada. Where are you headed? West of here could be anywhere from Ontario to British Columbia More...
22/May/07 8:02 AM
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Hi Brenda, Checking in to see how you are doing. See from the above posts you are traveling to Canada. It is a beautiful country, I have been to several of the provinces all are beautiful. Have a great trip.
04/Jun/07 5:23 AM
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Brenda, welcome to your own page. I am bringing you some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice for you. Come visit me anytime. I am glad I am not the only one that doesn't time themselves. With all the interuptions, it would probably be 20 minutes.
06/Jun/07 11:25 AM
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Brenda, your daughter bakes fabulous lemon meringue pies. We all enjoyed it. I can't access game websites at work, there is a block on them. I get interrupted at home by my sons. The only good thing is they are starting to do sudoku puzzles also. Come for a visit anytime.
07/Jun/07 11:21 AM
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Brenda, I am a teacher so the block is more for the students. There are days I wish I could work from home. I do take work home with me, I usually grade papers at home.
08/Jun/07 11:04 AM
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Hi Brenda, was lovely to hear from you and hope you have a wonderful trip to Canada. We have had a couple of trips to Canada, doing each side on separate times.
It would have been nice to catch up that was not my intention when I made the comment. I just find it interesting to look up where More...
12/Jun/07 9:43 PM
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BRENDA, I cannot believe I have never visited your page before. OH WOE IS ME! Let me leave you some Allpe butter I made back during the last to post competition, and say I am sorry I missed you just now on SA page, had to be only by seconds!

13/Jun/07 9:06 AM
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oh Brenda come on - only 20 mins from London??? I'm an hour and a half away by plane and i'm going!!! let me know if you change your mind!
13/Jun/07 9:07 PM
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Thanks Brenda re son's pic and speech! Yes, his name is the male form of yours! Where are you going in Canada? Is it with the whole family? I hope you have a great and safe trip!!! We'll miss you here! Take care!
18/Jun/07 3:42 AM
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Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. It was so fun receiving messages over two days and from all around the world. I did enjoy reading all of them. You hepled to make my day very special.

20/Jun/07 10:41 AM
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Hi, Brenda. Just to let you know that I'm creating a new SA page (called Sudokuaholics Anonymous 2). You will find it in the usual place. Gath will close off comments to the old one.
20/Jun/07 1:21 PM
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Brenda, back. Hope to catch up real soon to hear all about your trip. Will let you catch up on sleep first!!
11/Jul/07 9:29 AM
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Hi Brenda! Glad you and your family had a good time in Canada and are home safe and sound. Have you ever been to the states? When you finish getting all of your stuff in order, we'll chat on SA. In the meantime, here are some flowers to brighten your day! Have a great day!
13/Jul/07 11:29 PM
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Hi Brenda! The puppy is adorable! Your family must be so excited! You must put up more pictures when the puppy comes home. Talk to you later.
20/Jul/07 1:40 AM
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Brenda....what a beatuiful pup, and I likethe name you've selected for her too. Much happiness and fun with your new baby!
20/Jul/07 3:26 PM
 |  |

20/Jul/07 3:29 PM
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Callie is too cute for words! We don't see many English Cockers here, but I love the Belton coloration and the white overlay on her muzzle. American Cockers are worse to keep groomed than Shelties or Collies, but I don't think an English will be. I know you're excited. Enjoy her.
20/Jul/07 11:42 PM
 |  |

Brenda, Just dropping in to enjoy your picture - I do believe that's me in the picture enjoying a day on the lake. I see from the post above - you have a Callie also - it's the name of my sister's puppy - a pembroke - a cute litte nosiy dog - have a good day, Mary
21/Jul/07 11:38 PM
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It was lovely chatting with you over coffee in the chat room. Hope we can do it again soon.
26/Jul/07 12:28 AM
 |  |

Hi Brenda, We had a great holiday and although we did have some wet days we still got to do all the things on our agenda. It also fined up for the last few days so the wedding (27 July) and BBQ the next day were both fine.
I thought of you being in Canada when we drove through Hertford and More...
09/Aug/07 8:15 PM
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Hi Brenda! I keep missing you on SA so I thought I would stop by your place and see how you are doing. The picture of the lake is gorgeous! That must have been some sight in person. Did you go up into the mountains at all, in the snow? Calli is so cute! She has a black head and grey body. Is More...
10/Aug/07 1:07 AM
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Gday Brenda, thought I'd pop into your place to check out your photos. Callie is gorgeous. Who is that having all their hair cut off?!
I've brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to visit my page anytime. Take a walk around the garden, find a seat in the sun and meet my family. Love to see you there.
12/Aug/07 10:52 PM
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First: Great picture of Morraine Lake. This area has some of the most majestic scenery. Stayed at Chateau Lake Louise once, had dinner there several times. I guess we were drawn to the area, with the multiple trips & I would love to go back again. Fond memories there.

As to your fond More...
13/Aug/07 6:12 AM
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Hello Brenda - I didn't realise I've never visited your page before, I thought I had. My apologies.
I absolutely love the photo of Moraine Lake in Canada, the colours are fantastic. Just had a quick browse at your Flickr photos too.
Just leaving a bottle of our local Wignall's Late Harvest More...
13/Aug/07 11:30 PM
 |  |

Hi Brenda! Wow, Andrew went from one extreme to the other! I thought my son had long hair. That was really nice of him to cut his hair for a good cause! I hope you're having a great day! Talk to you soon!
14/Aug/07 12:22 AM
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Hello again Brenda - just snuck in here while at work. My BIL's surname is Townsend and I think he only has one brother living there. He has another brother and a sister but I don't know where they live. I think they actually moved there a number of years ago from London.
I gather it's quite a large place, bit hard to tell from the train.
14/Aug/07 3:31 PM
 |  |

Brenda, I thought I'd post here also in case you don't go back and read the SA pages you have missed.
These are some web sites with some info about More...
23/Aug/07 9:32 AM
 |  |

Hi, Brenda! How nice that Callie has so quickly become a part of your family! I haven't been able to spend much time at SA3 lately, and the next 2 weeks will be away from a computer. As I suffer my withdrawal symptoms, I'll be thinking of you and all the other SA regulars. Just think, it will More...
25/Aug/07 2:58 PM
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BRENDA, thanks for the message and the recipe. I came to your page to reply, and saw your new photos of Callie! I had only seeen the one before you brought her home. I imagine she has really grown even more now! She is such a cutie! Would love to see new photos of her when you have a chance.
24/Sep/07 1:39 AM
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Just popping in to wish you a belated warm welcome to your own page. Leaving you a gift of the darkest of chocolate to enjoy. Cheers x
28/Sep/07 7:47 AM
 |  |

Forgot to add the photographs are wonderful so clear.
28/Sep/07 7:49 AM
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Hi Brenda. Saw your comment on SA page. I do like party pages, but not overly obsessive posts on someone's personal page. Enough said!
05/Oct/07 8:17 AM
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Hi Brenda, got your message re my page. Actually I have spent some time today updating a lot of photos so you were probably the first to see them. Also submitted a couple more to the puzzle pages.
Love all the birds in the yard but the white cockatoos can be quite a pest. My favourite is More...
18/Oct/07 7:42 PM
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Thanks Brenda, I showed Beth all the messages this morning and she asked me to pass on her thanks to all. We went out last night to do the family 'thing' and today she has gone out shopping with her birthday money. She's going over to a girlfriend's place tonight for a BBQ so she has had a very nice weekend.
20/Oct/07 4:47 PM
 |  |
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