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for your message I like your mother's point of view about learning. Actually I am a very curious to learn but my memory is not always the best.
Thanks also for the link and explanation about the cross on the beach. Cheers
15/Aug/08 9:26 AM
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Love your video of Ray Charles... Thanks
15/Aug/08 9:28 AM
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I posted a couple of pics from around Lake Tekapo in my gallery.
16/Aug/08 3:57 PM
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No plum, I'm not shy - it didn't pick me up probably because I used 8/15 rather than 15/8.

This was my "Medicare" Birthday. My present was a deduction for Medicare from my Social Security, PLUS an increase in my medical insurance changing from Full Coverage w/Blue Cross to More...
16/Aug/08 4:39 PM
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Hi Plum. Thanks for visiting my page. Sudoku gives us quite a geography lesson -- Pioneer is in California, just a little south west of Lake Tahoe.
17/Aug/08 3:03 PM
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Hi, Plum! I've been meaning to drop by for some time now, but things keep popping up and I never seem to get around to doing all the things I want to do! My brother lives in SW Michigan - in Grand Junction. Is that anywhere near you? He and his wife moved there from Chicago a few years ago, but More...
22/Aug/08 2:19 AM
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Dear Plum,

While I can certainly understand your wanting to get the "L" out of Hollywood, I rather fancy purchasing the W, and two of the O's. Half a woo hoo is better than none, after all. Of course, it all depends on your terms. I'll be making installment payments for quite More...
22/Aug/08 10:19 AM
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Hi Plum. I grew up in SW MI and get back there occasionally. All of the fruit must be in season.
23/Aug/08 3:56 AM
 |  |

Bad Plum!
26/Aug/08 5:31 AM
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Plum: Thanks for your reply. Interesting about the Iwo Jima casting. It is a wonderful monument. We spend as much time as we can on the Chesapeake on our 38' sailboat. Crabs are scarce this year and the watermen are having a tough time. When I was a kid, before child labor laws I used to pick blueberries near Paw Paw, I think.
27/Aug/08 1:20 AM
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Chris, glad you liked my #19 on Tough from 26/Aug/08. I have to post this note or else I'll forever be wondering what I did that was so bad (or good, actually, in a punny sort of way).
30/Aug/08 8:27 AM
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Always willing to oblige, my fellow Michigander!
07/Sep/08 2:20 PM
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Hey Plum

The only issue I have with homeschooling is how do you deal with the 'community' section of that article. I'd love to know. It is the same issue I have with single sex schools - that being said my two eldest are at single sex schools but they have a lot of interaction with other More...
08/Sep/08 3:31 PM
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Detroit City, born and raised! Went to school in Ann Arbor and then headed to the Golden State to pursue fame, fortune, and matrimony. Oh, well ... one out of three ain't bad! I enjoy your presence on the site, Plum.
09/Sep/08 3:40 AM
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Hi Plum--you've been a huge help! Thanks for the eBay info and I'll try my luck/keep on watching the item for a few days and see the movement on it. I'm feeling a little more comfortable with the whole thing so if I'm successful, I'll let you know!
09/Sep/08 5:09 AM
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Dear PLUM.
for your very kind post and please accept my appologise for my very long delay to response as I was in hard time during my visit to USA this Summer due to my Eyes ploblem.
for your very kind words and hope to keep in touch and keep visiting my own page .
29/Sep/08 4:19 AM
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Dear PLUM.
Forget to inform you that Wagdy is my first name and Kamel is my family name.
Thanks for your lovely flowers.
My brst wishes to you.
29/Sep/08 4:22 AM
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Thanks Plum ... I will look into the getting the book. I have the web site up.
02/Oct/08 7:56 AM
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Hi again ... one of those little details I haven't fixed. Thanks for reminding me. I thought that video was pretty terrific. I had the same thought about the flag when I first saw the video. I go to Yuma AZ for the winter and the Marine Air Base puts on an air show that is really wonderful. The Navy parachute team trains near us so we see them all the time.
02/Oct/08 8:34 AM
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Hey Plum, Sorry you're sad
04/Oct/08 9:23 AM
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Hi there, Plum--as to the auction, I watched and waited, intending to enter the fray, but the item I was considering went for more than I wanted to spend, but I've made notes on all your advice and will likely be "shopping" again soon! Have a great weekend!
11/Oct/08 1:57 AM
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Hi Plum - Have you considered a "pot-luck" meal for an anniversary party? You didn't say what month. I assume winter. I hope all is well over on your side of Michigan! Have a great day.
14/Oct/08 7:42 AM
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When I celebrated Thanksgiving dinner on a budget long ago, I used to do a pot luck, where everyone brought a dish he or she was extraordinarily proud of. We would get Christmas tamales, sushi, beef Wellington, a whole eclectic mix! We had fun together because the company wanted to be there and More...
14/Oct/08 11:46 AM
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Hi, Plum! To answer your question about smilies, you have to be a supporting member to use your own smilies. The rest of us have to make due with what's in the "Smilies" file.
18/Oct/08 3:35 AM
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Hi Plum, Thanks for stopping by. Friends, new and old, are always welcome. I feel extremely lucky that I am able to be a stay at home mom for my kids. My mom did many things for me in my youth - girl scout leader, 4-H leader, room mom, homemade treats for special occasions, hand made doll More...
18/Oct/08 5:38 AM
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Hello, Plum!
I should have been more specific about the word "snowbirds." While in the northern USA the word snowbird is usually referring to an actual bird (Junco hyemalis AKA Slate-Colored Junco), here in Florida it is the nickname given to people who spend their summers in the north More...
18/Oct/08 6:38 AM
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Hi, Plum! That's an interesting note about bombillas possibly causing cancer. Of course, mate is traditionally "brewed" with hot water from a thermos bottle that the gauchos (huasos, in Chile) carry around with them (in addition to the mate cups), so I doubt it stays terribly hot. But, More...
22/Oct/08 7:37 AM
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Plum, have a small close by honeymoon to mark your 25th anniversary! Doesn't have to be an expensive place, just has to be away from the usual. Family and friends will understand when you tell them that for your 25th, you and hubby are going on a honeymoon (ok so it's just for a night but what More...
22/Oct/08 12:11 PM
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Hi, Plum! After your interesting comment about the use of bombillas possibly causing cancer, I did a little research of my own and thought you might be interested in the following:

"In Paraguay, yuyeras (herbalists) have been using yerba mate for centuries as the base of herbal More...
22/Oct/08 12:41 PM
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Hi, Plum!
for your prayers for my Mom's surgery. It went well, and she is recuperating at a nearby rehab hospital where she gets occupational and physical therapy weekdays.

I was happy she could "spoil" me for my birthday dinner before she went under the knife!
29/Oct/08 5:57 PM
 |  |

for Little Plum.
03/Nov/08 6:39 PM
 |  |

Love your 'Waltzing with Bears'
07/Nov/08 6:47 AM
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Plum - you made me laugh! I remember they said it took the Olympic swimmers 20 - 25 minutes to put on those suits. It would take me about 4 hours if that was the case - then I would be arrested if I appeared in public!
08/Nov/08 2:17 AM
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SugarPlum.... love the seasonal name change. PERFECT! I got a copy of "What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?" for myself, too. Funny movie.
05/Dec/08 9:06 AM
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Hello (Sugar)Plum! - Thank you for the invitaion! You have done a wonderful job redecorating! Thank you for the prayer! It is very much appreciated!
05/Dec/08 9:19 AM
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Hi there Plum,

Christmas blessings to you and all your family. I guess you may be lining up for a white Christmas in Michegan. Not so here in Darwin where we will be in the middle of our Tropical wet. A cold turkey salad followed by a swim might be moe of the go than a traditional hot More...
06/Dec/08 11:40 AM
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Plum, After seeoing your message, I updated my site to hold a Christmas message
thanks for the inspiration
06/Dec/08 10:21 PM
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Plum, thank you for the blessing and the (to my mind)thought provoking video. I shall look for the book.
to you, sweetie!
07/Dec/08 5:56 AM
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I just dropping in to say Hi, My oldest son read the Red Wall series but I havn't reached out for that series yet, but it has been suggested to me several times - so I'm sure it's up my alley. Erin Hunt's (actually it 3 women writing the series - and it kind of fun to pick out the different More...
08/Dec/08 3:43 AM
 |  |


Thanks for your encouragement in posting my times. I've started posting like several others who post, yourself included, to allow others in "Sudokuland" to determine the difficulty of the puzzle. While proofs demonstrate the complexity, real times of others provide another More...
09/Dec/08 2:02 PM
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