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Welcome to my page

This is a picture of the Naperville Riverwalk in the fall of 2008 on a early Sunday morning. I love to walk along the Dupage River early morning and even in the Winter. Just up around the bend is a bridge with rapids running underneath it - you can listen to the water - very nice. 


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Hello Mary,

Thanks for the welcome! I use to live in Glen Ellen IL, the taste was one of my favorite things to do there. I wish I could get away and come and enjoy some awesome food. Have a great day.
30/Jun/08 12:06 AM
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Happy 21st Scott

The world is your oyster.
30/Jun/08 10:41 AM
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Hi Mary! Please tell Scott Happy Birthday!
30/Jun/08 8:42 PM
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A very for Scott. 21 is a very special time.
30/Jun/08 10:27 PM
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Hi Mary, thanks for your birthday wishes. I see that you have lots of parties coming up to celebrate 4th July. Do have great fun and enjoy the day. I also see that I have missed Scott's 21st birthday. Please wish him well from Anne and me and offer our congratulations - it is an important time in a young man's life.
02/Jul/08 5:48 PM
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Thanks for your birthday wishes, mymare. I had a wonderful day fishing. I enjoy your posts, too. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
07/Jul/08 8:36 AM
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for the

I'm working on my Avatar spent to much time looking for (Update Details) at the top of page but I think I got it now. So much to learn.
12/Jul/08 6:14 PM
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Mary, thank you for the birthday greetings -- it was very nice of you to write! I hope you got lots of great bargains, or at least a jump on Christmas with your party today!
13/Jul/08 3:12 PM
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My "Little Plum" wants to tell you that because of her stomach cramp she "mostly walked." Thanks for your note of encouragement.
14/Jul/08 1:46 AM
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hi mymare tnx for welcoming me in sodukoland... im still trying to find out some beautiful things here...i dont kno wer to get a nice avatar...hope u can help
14/Jul/08 12:16 PM
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Mary...thanks so much for the warm birthday messages - LOVED your video and music. Here's a piece of my b'day cake for you to enjoy Sure is fun meeting everyone in Sudokuland!
I use to live in Chicago Heights, Illinois (many moons ago). I absolutely LOVED midwestern winters!!!
15/Jul/08 6:11 AM
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Mary, try to get some rest now. I know what those long nights in the emergency is like. You can't rest or even find a comfortable spot to sit. Be good to yourself, get a hot cuppa and close your eyes. Think restful thoughts. More...
15/Jul/08 7:39 AM
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My thoughts to you for your Mum.
It is not fun staying awake all night worrying about them is it?
I love your macabre sense of humour about the clock though, don't lose it, it will help you through this.
15/Jul/08 9:17 AM
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Hello Mary
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes *smile*
Julie in freezing cold Melbourne Australia lol
15/Jul/08 12:32 PM
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These old collies were not lost. Most of them were taken from a puppy mill type breeder who took HORRIBLE care of her collies. After trying for several years, our group was able to shut her down and confiscated her 17 collies. All were sick, several were so bad that they had to be More...
18/Jul/08 4:42 AM
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Thank You, Mary for making my birthday special. With so many sudoku friends around the world it made the day truly wonderful.
23/Jul/08 11:29 PM
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Hi Mymare,
Thanks for your welcome. I enjoyed visiting your page very much.
24/Jul/08 7:26 AM
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Morning Mary - I love that you are riding your bike to work. I had mine tuned up when the gas prices soared and ride to town the 2 out of 3 days I need to go in.
It feels great (lots of hills here) and I love only filling my gas tank once a More...
28/Jul/08 11:20 PM
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Thanks for the kind welcome the other day (I'm trying to catch up on my thank you cards to the Welcome Wagon)!! Hope things are going well for you & yours...
02/Aug/08 7:35 AM
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Keeping your Mom in my thoughts and prayers, Mary.
and a hug for you..
04/Aug/08 3:38 AM
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Sorry to hear that your mother is going through a difficult time which of course means the entire family is as well. Prayers are with you all as you navigate this curve in the road of life.
04/Aug/08 4:13 AM
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Mary, I'm sorry to hear that your mom is having troubles. I know that, as much as we love them, our parents can occasionally be a bit difficult to deal with.
I have a 100 year old mother-in-law who still lives on her own. It isn't always easy to accommodate her needs, but I think the independence she has is what keeps her alive.
04/Aug/08 9:17 AM
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Hang in there, Mary. Times are challenging when you could use a rest but hang in there! Moms can drive you crazy but you remember those times when she was there for you. I know, my mother is only a shell of what she use to be but I still love her. Girlfriend, we're here for you.
04/Aug/08 9:26 AM
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Hi Mary, Just wanted you to know that you and your mom are in my prayers...saw on easy that things were better, hope it continues that way. Hang in there, and remember to take care of yourself too.
Heard the weather's pretty active there so stay safe! Peace.
05/Aug/08 2:07 PM
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Hi Mary - Thank you for the birthday wishes!

I am glad you had a nice visit with your son this week-end. I am sorry to hear about your mom. (I have an uncle in the same situation.) I am sure must worry about her.

Is it cold over your way? It is very chilly here! (Our current temperature is 55!)

I hope you have a good day, Mary.
11/Aug/08 10:45 PM
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Thanks Mary. It is mid winter here and the weather is cold.. cold... not nice.
However all the lovely messages from here are warming my heart. Enjoy the day.
13/Aug/08 10:50 AM
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Hi Mary,
thanks for the warm welcome its just been great since I joined sudokuland everyone has been really nice, its a great place to escape to, well more replies to write, hope to talk soon and get to know everyone better, take care and cheers for now, Sophia
13/Aug/08 5:01 PM
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Thanks for the welcome, Mary! One of my good friends is going to school out in Chicago and even though I'm in Ohio right now I've still yet to make it out there. But I will one of these days, that's for sure.
15/Aug/08 4:35 AM
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Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Had a wonderful Birthday, except that the temperture the last 2 days has been 108° (record highs for the 14th & 15th) and tomorrow will be in the 100's again. At 1 AM, it is finally 78° & I opened up the house. It is suppose to get back to More...
16/Aug/08 6:22 PM
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Mary, sounds like you need a hug.

I hope you are able to get through these things you must think about and that the right decision will prevail.
20/Aug/08 2:30 PM
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Thanks for the welcome. Look forward to chatting.
23/Aug/08 3:05 PM
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thanks for the birthday greetings mary! i had a fun time getting 2 days worth of being the birhtday girl.
03/Sep/08 3:37 AM
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Hi Mary
Thanks for the birthday wishes – I loved the cake and was that a martini?! As long as it's wet - it doesn't matter!
09/Sep/08 5:09 PM
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Mary, save a pork loin chop for me please. I'm on my way, and I'm bringing some whipping cream and fresh cherries to top off your Bundt cake! Cheers, and hope all goes well in your little corner of the world!
12/Sep/08 5:46 AM
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Mary - thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I think I've recovered from my two-day celebration, but I won't know for sure until I've had my second cup of coffee!!
12/Sep/08 10:58 PM
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So Naperville is the latest place to get a deluge from Ike? The worst rain I saw when living in Lisle was the flooding of July 1996. We got a foot of rain overnight. The baseball fields in my subdivision (Green Trails) were turned from fields into a river complete with canoeists and a small More...
15/Sep/08 4:51 AM
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Thanks for the Sway music... I use to dance cha cha cha on that is still just so good!
Hope you are keeping well even with the large amount of rain you got!...
15/Sep/08 7:42 PM
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Mary, it's been such a long time since I have talked to anyone. How nice of you to remember me on my birthday! It is a beautiful day here, with temps in the low 70s and a blue sky. Yesterday we took the grandchildren up into the mountains for a brief time after church - they loved the old cabin we More...
16/Sep/08 9:21 AM
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Hi Mary,

I went to my first Cubs game at Wrigley about a month ago - what a party! What a ballpark!
Thanks for the comment.
19/Sep/08 4:07 AM
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Good morning Mary, and thank you so much for the warm birthday wishes. It's shaping up to be a great day for me. Weatherwise, we're still in summer with bright sunshine and over 80º today.
26/Sep/08 11:47 PM
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