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Wonderful rabbit, Judy. Did you make the costume?
28/Mar/08 9:03 AM
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Hi Judy,
Yes, Marlo, our Border Collie, is a big licker as well. Also a grand supervisor of contractors. Our Irish Setter is more like your dogs. We rescued her from a breeders where she was the smallest in the pack. Our vet was horrified by her weight and demanded we put 5 lbs on her More...
28/Mar/08 11:31 AM
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, Judy. I was beginning to think no one would pick up on 'lie'. Not even Canuk Greg.
Oh, btw, congrats on still having a fire in the furnace. Me?? I'm down to a few embers.
28/Mar/08 1:11 PM
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Hi Judy,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And thanks for visiting. Have a lovely day.

31/Mar/08 6:36 AM
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Hey 'Older Then Dirt.' I spruced up your racing gear for the next 5K junket that you attempt. All shined up, WD40'ed everywhere (including the seat) and just in case the seat is slippery, some double sided duct tape covering it so you don't fall out!
08/Apr/08 5:50 AM
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for thinking of me. I could use the rabbit for comfort at the op.
15/Apr/08 4:33 AM
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A new smilie for you, my dear!
I expect to see you "sticking" it to the mighty CG and Keith on a regular basis!

Right click on it, submit it for approval, and your on your way! You go girl!
15/Apr/08 8:37 AM
 |  |

Memo: You have clearance to stick any, or all "similarly equipped beings" on their sites.

Oh, excuse me. That should read "on THE site"
16/Apr/08 6:14 AM
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Judy - when I get back from Fripp, I'm going to start setting up the "Then & Now" wedding picture album, so start digging through the archives! I'll be back on April 25 but will be busy with a tournament that weekend, so I'm hoping to start the album the week of April 27th. More later...........
17/Apr/08 6:35 AM
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Judy, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me for my birthday. It really does make your day to find well wishers from all over the world have visited with such greetings.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
18/Apr/08 9:17 PM
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Judy, hi it is good to be back.
Thank you for your comments.
The field is plowed and now it is on to kite flying!
19/Apr/08 2:24 PM
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Thank you Judy for your birthday wishes.
You must REALLY know me....that is exactly how I live my life...like there is NO tomorrow.
I'm still reeling in shock at our news about Lynda and that has doubly reinforced that that is the only way to live.
You have a wonderful day too.
Ciao for now.
02/May/08 10:58 AM
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OOPS! Posted this reply on my page instead of yourd Judy!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and for the kind words. I know I am a better person for having found this site, the puzzles are really secondary now to the outpouring of love and affection that can be found here. I am having a wonderful birthday and hoping you are having a wonderful day as well!

Aimee :-)
06/May/08 6:35 AM
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Hi Judy. A few years back, when there were only two grandsons, we promised them a trip to anywhere they wanted before they reached puberty. (You know how obnoxious, stubborn, and generally a-pain-in-the-butt teenagers can be, right.) I liked the idea of the naked-in-the-woods-with-no-food thingy, More...
07/May/08 12:27 PM
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Dear JUDY.
Let me start to congrate your Son for the wedding .I wish them a very happy life,pls give them my best wishes.
Many thanks for your very kind and lovely wishes for my Sister.She return back from the hospital Today to my home to keep her under my Eyes till the complete More...
10/May/08 2:27 AM
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Hello Judy-
I just wanted to say thank you for your kind/sweet comments. I appreciate you being a friend over this last year, and posting to me while I was away. I do appreciate it, and I have cried while reading your post with a few others.
It's great to have you as a friend! Hope all is More...
10/May/08 10:50 AM
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Ok, let's do it!!! I'll be the one in the plain running shorts and event t-shirt! You'll be the elegant one! We'll be the rowdy ones at the restaurant, guzzling down the water then after hydration, the drinks! September?
13/May/08 11:06 AM
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Judy, must be nearly time for you and Tom to Hibernate on your Mountain Retreat.. have a great time !!
13/May/08 12:10 PM
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Hey girlfriend...glad you had an opportunity to drop by before you are off to your heaven on earth..A question popped into my head.....why would you think I had gifted my grand baby with a bib that said 'I love Grandma'? Can't quite wrap my mind around that? LOL.
When do you leave? Have a great time and safe travels to you both!
15/May/08 11:48 AM
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Dear Judy,
Thank you for your caring message after Mum's death. The support from everyone on this wonderful site has been amazing and very much appreciated. I am overwhelmed.
19/May/08 1:26 PM
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Judy you have been tagged - see page 1 today. You can kill me later xx
21/May/08 3:48 AM
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Thank you Judy for making my birthday a special one.
Hey dont stop having birthdays !!! dont worry I will never catch up to you.
Many sudoku friends from around the world coming to visit me and wishing me a Happy Birthday have overwhelmed me.
My Husband and sons took me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant, and on the Sunday, we had a delicious Roast Dinner at MIL’s.
22/May/08 3:07 PM
 |  |

Judy, you can come and pitch a tent in my backyard anytime you like.
heck why not give the mountain retreat a miss this year, and head here instead!!
26/May/08 1:25 PM
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Oh my gosh!!!! I had about 22 messages in my inbox today just from Sudoku friends wishing me a 'Happy Birthday'! Thank you so much for all of your kind thoughts and wishes especially when I haven't been around for so long. It has been a wonderful day and a lovely weekend. Rick and I went away to a More...
27/May/08 8:01 PM
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so much for helping me celebrate my birthday! A sudokuland birthday celebration is truely overwhelming! Indy was great a great celebration, but nothing like what was on my page when I returned!! Thanks again!

We've got tickets to a couple of Tiger games, but I am not so sure if it'll be that enjoyable.
28/May/08 7:47 AM
 |  |

every time I forget to double check what I've written, it lets me know! (...cross off the first "great"...then it'll make sense!)
28/May/08 7:50 AM
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Hey Jude....I'm wrapping up my world tour of birthday thanks yous, and nothing gives me more pleasure than sending you a big hug and a for taking part in the shower of love and good wishes that make my special day even better....xoxo
30/May/08 7:05 AM
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Judy, thanks for your good wishes, we plan to have wall to wall fun. Don't worry about me not returning, you can't get rid of me that easily.
31/May/08 2:37 PM
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Taking the time to say thank you for your message of love and support through the tough times with my mum, and her death. My heart has been lifted by the warmth and love shown to me here.
05/Jun/08 12:20 AM
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Hey Jude! Thought I'd pop in to visit on your page for a change. Are you signed up for e-mail notices? Know you were very happy about your Red Wings win!! Two really crazy shots - that one when the puck slid into the goal off the Pbgh goalie's butt & the other at the very end of the game More...
06/Jun/08 3:00 AM
 |  |

I disappeared for a while and then the puzzle rolled over. No, I have never gotten them drunk. But, they still do some unusual things without the alcohol! Sassy will eat a tomato in no time flat if I don't get them straight from the grocery sack into the icebox. I can't even put the milk away More...
07/Jun/08 9:10 AM
 |  |

The dogs and cat are outdoor animals. They have 5+ acres to run on - and usually stay on it! So, the ferrets have the run of the house when I am home. Otherwise, they have a huge 4 level cage that they stay in. When my son is not home, they are out all the time. He is slightly alergic More...
08/Jun/08 2:34 AM
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Happy Anniversary Judy and Mr Judy
08/Jun/08 3:40 PM
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last message/insult wouldn't go thru as I suspected! Have a good trip to the mountains and stay in touch - wouldn't want to think you'd run off with anything hairy, would we?
11/Jun/08 2:17 AM
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just saw gail's comment - did I miss something??? like something important???
11/Jun/08 2:18 AM
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Happy Anniversary to you and the Bunny Wabbit
12/Jun/08 9:46 AM
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Hello Judy - a big for your congratulations on the arrival of my newest grandson, Bailey.

P.S. If you read the comment on the other Judy's page I hope you took it as the joke it was meant to be. With your sense of humour I know you would.
17/Jun/08 3:43 PM
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Hey Jude! (I always wanted to say that to someone...) Are you now up in your mountain retreat for the summer? Hope all is well with you and yours, and hope you didn't find any surprises left over from the winter months (i.e., Bigfoot sleeping in the master bedroom)! Cheers!
19/Jun/08 5:45 AM
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Ahhhh, Judy, you make me blush! I am getting the big head from all the nice messages and kind words.

thanks so much for the birthday greeting. All the greetings from all over the USA, and the world have really made for a great Birthday for me.
19/Jun/08 6:09 AM
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ahh, what can I say??? Nothing smart today, just a big thank you for your kind wishes for myself and Carla! take care with bigfoot! x
26/Jun/08 10:44 PM
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