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Glad I could provide a chuckle. Enjoy the rest of your day!
02/Jul/08 2:49 AM
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re your comment - it makes us sort of similar doesn't it!
02/Jul/08 6:16 AM
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Hi Judy, many thanks for your birthday wishes. I am happy just to bring a bit of pleasure to the site through my photos and I'm glad you enjoy them. As for being a gentleman- I dunno about that.
02/Jul/08 4:38 PM
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Judy (HOB), I just checked out your photo of Mammoth Crest and all I can say is "Holy Crap" that is the most beautiful view, you are very lucky! Just wait till I make my way west, I want to have the picture of my very own.
09/Jul/08 1:30 PM
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The kids are beautiful too, and Callie and Sadie look very lovely!
09/Jul/08 1:32 PM
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Hewwo Judy, I am a bit lazy and am only just getting around to saying Thank you for my birthday wishes, the day was pretty uneventful, but I am used to it now.
10/Jul/08 9:41 AM
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Hi Judy - Are you aware that Hudson's is gone? That was a very sad day when they "imploded" the original Hudson's building! There are still a few pictures here and there showing the Trolley Cars going up and down Woodward Ave. They have even tore down half of the original Tiger More...
01/Aug/08 9:41 AM
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Hey Jude
Hows the 'mountain retreat' treating you !!
Hey your Boy and DIL 1st Wedding Anniversary is coming up soon. send them my congrats on the 18th
07/Aug/08 4:01 PM
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Hi Judy! Thank you for the birthday wishes. I must admit; My thoughts were with you yesterday! We went to the craft show, "Milford Memories," in a town near us and one of the booths had "Wiener Sticks!" Can you imagine? They were pretty fancy and very long. I bet they More...
10/Aug/08 5:48 AM
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Hey, Judy. Where you been, girl?? I miss you dissing me!
Just wanted to let you know I have uploaded some pix to my page for the first time. Enjoy!
16/Aug/08 9:02 AM
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Thanks for the Birthday greetings. Hope you don't have to go down off your mountain top too often to Bishop - where it is a lot warmer. Enjoy your holiday - it is lovely up there. My SIL use to live in June Lake - before moving to Maui.
18/Aug/08 12:44 AM
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Judy, thank you for your kind wishes. My husband grew up in Maryland and told me of snow days and shoveling the driveway. He wanted to move north and I said no way. I have never shoveled a driveway and don't plan on starting now. The north is a great place to visit but I will take my chances with the hurricanes.
20/Aug/08 12:23 AM
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Just popping in for a quick visit, Judy my friend, and to wish you a great weekend! Hope all's well with you and those you love.
23/Aug/08 5:16 AM
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Judy, for taking the time to wish my son Robert a Happy 22nd Birthday.
23/Aug/08 1:16 PM
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Judy, sorry about your Wolverines! Restaurants in the area HATE it when they lose... no one eats out! We were eating at a restaurant about 1 mile south of the "Big House" and the restaurant was EMPTY. But if they win, you can't get INTO an restaurant! (We are watching the MSU game right now. Hopefully MSU gets a better start to their season!)
31/Aug/08 11:31 AM
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Alas! The Spartans didn't hold up their part either!
01/Sep/08 3:41 AM
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You guessed it! We tried braille on the hat, but he kept "reading" it backwards and introducing himself as ecurB. Very embarrassing.
Glad you liked the pics.
05/Sep/08 1:48 AM
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hehe. like the (medium) Bali pun
07/Sep/08 10:30 AM
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The humor struck a chord. What part of Michigan?
09/Sep/08 2:28 AM
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I grew up in suburban Detroit area and went to Wayne State for a year before moving west for the same three reasons you did. My brother went to U of M and majored in biochemistry and molecular genetics before moving west. He's in California now.
09/Sep/08 9:43 AM
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Waiting for "hottie" pics.
11/Sep/08 1:31 AM
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Hey, Judy - thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm exhausted! Two days of celebrating is too much for someone of my advanced age!!! Here, have some leftover
12/Sep/08 10:52 PM
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Judy! Congratulations on the joyous news! I'm thrilled to hear about the arrival of your grandson--celebrate this day well and know, dear friend, that I'm wishing Zeke a lifetime of warm hugs, jolly laughs, mixed with peace and contentment. May his hands always reach More...
23/Sep/08 5:39 AM
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Whoo Hoo! Another male in the family! Wonderful news Judy. I'm happy for Zeke's safe arrival, for the joy his parents are experiencing, and for your joy. Welcome baby Zeke, and live long and prosper!
23/Sep/08 5:48 AM
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Congratulations to the Parents and Grandparents with the birth of Ezekiel Thomas.

23/Sep/08 10:09 AM
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grandma! Be sure to post pics!

Zeke!!! You're the present for us!
23/Sep/08 1:16 PM
 |  |

Ezekiel Thomas

Can't More...
23/Sep/08 4:53 PM
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Welcome Zeke!
24/Sep/08 1:21 AM
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Hi Judy - just caught up with your news - how lovely to hear of a new baby in the family - welcome to the big world Zeke! Delighted for you, Judy and Bunny, and also for the beautiful parents this new little boy has! xxxx
24/Sep/08 4:45 AM
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Judy ... Wonderful news about the birth of Ezekiel Thomas. Congrats Grandma and Grandpa Tom.

24/Sep/08 6:46 AM
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Judy, all new babies are special but I do have a fondness for boys. A friend once told me that I was too much of a tomboy and would never know what to do if I had a daughter. She predicted I would only have boys, and she was right. Enjoy Zeke, he will bring you lots of joy.
24/Sep/08 8:01 AM
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Judy, wait until your granddaughter is old enough for you to take her to lunch and have your nails done or go shopping. My 17 year old niece has become my fashion advisor. What am I going to do when she leaves for college next year?
25/Sep/08 10:44 AM
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Congratulations Judy on your new Grandson! I'm jealous, I only have 4 legged granchildren!! But I have a few friends with them & they bring them to visit here or I see them at their grandmother's, so I have several "step" grandchildren instead!!!
26/Sep/08 9:02 AM
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Ok, Judy that last post got me! You're referring to that little sweetie pie, Zeke, right? Or is there another on the way? Your daughter's? Yours? Give Mr. Judy a heart attack? Zeke's ok isn't he? With your son's handsome looks and his wife's model looks, Zeke stands no chance of escaping a future of Paul Newman devastating looks.
29/Sep/08 2:31 AM
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Thanks, Judy! Your discription of Italy sounds wonderful! Especially after you hit a certain age... one with a zero attached... it so big this year I had to celebrate half of it in the morning & the other half in the evening!
10/Oct/08 4:35 AM
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Add a "it WAS so big" to that last sentence!
10/Oct/08 4:37 AM
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Judy, Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers. It is hard right now, but it will get easier.
10/Oct/08 10:59 AM
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Hi Judy I was only kidding I just haven't had the time to do the tough lately thought I would give it a go this morning. The site has been a bit grim of late instead some people seem to take offence at the slightest thing, oh well we will just keep being our normal happy chappies
13/Oct/08 8:36 AM
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Judy for the well wishes on my page! We are still on the road - and really having a fun and relaxing time.
Looking forward to catching up on everything when we get back. Hugs!
PS (I need to come back here when I have more time - just realized I haven't visited your gallery!)
14/Oct/08 1:46 AM
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Judy, thanks for your thought . It's not that Anne keeps me on a short leash, but now I have to be a bit more careful of what I say.
19/Oct/08 10:41 AM
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