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Hello Judy
Thank you very much for your nice message , i am really happy for having all my Sudoku friends , i had a good day .
19/Feb/09 7:01 AM
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It's your favorite old bat come to thank you for your birthday wishes! I can't think of anyone I'd rather turn stones over with, my dear! As for exposing rats, bring 'em on! They can run, but they can't hide!! I've brought my bucket and shovel, let's play in that sandbox!
03/Mar/09 3:46 AM
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Hi Judy! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes - I love hearing from friends all over the world! :)
Glad you enjoyed my photos - I had fun doing them. And you have a beautiful family! :)
03/Mar/09 2:39 PM
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Hi Judy. Didn't mean to scare you off today. Hopefully your quest for mousse was satisfactory!
06/Mar/09 7:43 AM
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Help! I keep trying to send you a private message but get the caution that it can only be 100 characters ... what am I doing wrong? [
14/Mar/09 2:56 AM
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Hi, Judy:
Thank you for your comment.
I tell her she's "a tough ol' bird"!
Her main problems are Parkinson's, arthritis and osteoporosis (didn't someone say "old age ain't for sissies")--her heart and lungs are good, so she's come thru those past surgeries with only a brief bit of nausea and pain.
14/Mar/09 4:56 AM
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That sounds much nicer than Mr P's usual "longer than a man would get for murder!"
23/Mar/09 8:55 AM
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How about sleepy, sometimes surly, surprisingly (not) senile, surprised (to have made it this far) and surely happy you stopped by with a birthday wish. Thanks for your wishes Judy. You helped make my 60th special. Cheers!
31/Mar/09 8:04 AM
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You inspired me, Judy. I also posted a poem about daffodils. Walt Whitman it ain't, but it works just fine.
01/Apr/09 2:38 AM
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My father sent an announcement of twins. My mother was 41 years old so it was interesting.
01/Apr/09 2:47 AM
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I knew I missed something while on my hiatus. Happy Belated birthday.
It is about time for the pervert to put on his rabbit suit and hop around the backyard ... eh!!!
03/Apr/09 8:20 AM
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Hi Judy,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's been a lovely week for me, with out-of-town visitors, two cakes, homemade ice cream, and a party! LOL Now it's time to start walking to the park...

05/Apr/09 3:38 PM
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Hi Judy, thanks for the birthday message, I had a great couple of days and all these wonderful messages too!
05/Apr/09 4:17 PM
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Well, let's see if I can compete with "wild hare" in your gallery!
11/Apr/09 6:05 AM
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Dear Judy.
Wishing you and your family a very,

13/Apr/09 2:36 AM
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We're playing with you and you're missing the fun.
21/Apr/09 8:23 AM
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I posted this on the tough page but thought I'd better spread it a little thinner, to wit:

Judy, if it isn't too late for you to pick up on this, go to


An astute tretise entitled "How to Fish a Crick" by outdoors expert and philosopher Patrick F. McManus.
22/Apr/09 9:07 AM
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Thank you for your birthday wishes. Had a lovely, relaxing day. Today is raining - much needed at the moment - so I'm going to relax again!!
23/Apr/09 12:05 PM
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Jude, thanks for the sweet note -- bless your heart! And thanks for the hint for the puzzle. Hurrah, I got now. Love you too!
24/Apr/09 6:01 PM
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Aw, Judy, Judy, Judy, you know you'll always be cherubic in my eyes! Enjoy your weekend!!
25/Apr/09 5:50 AM
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aha!!! so I see you are the one who helps Judy Ok get my riddles!!!!! she did mention a 'friend' but honestly never thought of you!
28/Apr/09 6:56 AM
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Thank you for the birthday wishes Judy. I had a great day of fun.
28/Apr/09 2:05 PM
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Ya, really just a pacifist with plenty to back it up. My Sunday dinner buddies are Kung Fu friends and we've met every Sunday for 3 years now.
04/May/09 2:27 AM
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Thanks for the 40th anniversary wishes, Judy! And an early "Congrats!" to you, too! I'll have to tell David the "I've got mine in 69!" line! How come it seems like only yesterday??? I guess time flies when you are having fun!
But I'll be the first to say, "Mine's a gem!"
05/May/09 5:56 AM
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Thank you Judy for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day. It is so wonderful to receive wishes from all over the world. It made the day that much more special!
08/May/09 8:39 PM
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Woohoo, I'm #*$&% years old. Oops, sorry about that mumble, just can't seem to get my lips to say #*$&%. Oh my, giggle, snort!
Thank you girlfriend!
13/May/09 11:45 AM
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Just stepped back into the Sudoku vault, Judy! And if you and Kathy must know, I do have arthritis in three of my fingers ... I always blamed it on playing piano and volleyball. Something else--I didn't go to parochial school, so us heathens who attended public More...
18/May/09 4:35 AM
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gonna tell hubby what you said about him being cute...lol
23/May/09 11:55 PM
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you very much for the birthday wishes!
Resident snitch??? I HOPE not!
But since she asked, what can I do? (She must have known I'd take care of Arthur!)
Then again, I wasn't invited along, either. So, I guess maybe I'll just join the party, protect Arthur & his buddies and then have to confess!!! Then it wouldn't be snitching!
27/May/09 12:31 AM
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Hello Judy - Thanks for the "Camping Bananas!" I appreciate it. They sound really yummy! Have a great day!
27/May/09 2:32 AM
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Thanks for the timely birthday greetings ... unlike some of your thoughtless, late friends. I have been trying to forget about the birthdays and then Sudoku comes along and reminds me for not 1 but 2 days.
28/May/09 4:06 PM
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I had a very interesting and not so fun weekend. I crashed two planes. I guess my antenna wasn't high enough. I will PM the story. I'm having a problem getting enough time to answer all the B/D wishes. With my connection speed, it is going to take me until my next birthday to write everyone.
28/May/09 4:13 PM
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Thank you Judy for the lovely birthday wishes.I had a great day by celebrating that night with my family.It was made extra special by lovely people like you who took the time to send me greetings.
04/Jun/09 2:49 AM
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Happy 40th anniversary, Judy & Mr. Judy!
May you have a great day of happy memories!
08/Jun/09 3:21 AM
 |  |



J U D Y & T O M !!!

Jaime and I are hot on your trail! Our 40th is June 28, but our More...
08/Jun/09 3:23 AM
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He just has to be nuts, bananas and completely off his rocker to have put up with you for so long!!! Hope you have a big fat ruby on your finger or round your neck tonight - and nothing else, if you dare!!
08/Jun/09 5:16 AM
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Happpppppppppyyyy Anniversary crazy lady and sane hubby, 40years, that is a big one. Cheers, love and happiness to you both. Long may it continue sweetheart xxx
08/Jun/09 7:16 AM
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Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Judy and Tom.
08/Jun/09 10:39 AM
 |  |


Judy and Mr Judy

08/Jun/09 11:10 AM
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Hey Jude - Happy Anniversary to you & your better half. I'm so mad I forgot to mail the card I bought for you last week! But maybe you are not home to receive it anyway??? Did you have a big celebration or just a private one ? It's only just after 7 PM your time so there's still More...
08/Jun/09 12:17 PM
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