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View from top of hill behind Bar Point house

You Tube: Blind aboriginal singer, Gudjuk Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Djarimirri about the Rainbow Surpent. He is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnemland.

Taken from the top of the hill after my first walk up there.

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Hi Kate, did you meet the other Kate (M) and June yesterday? I have a cold. It was bad yesterday and so I stayed home (didn't mind Payton as well. Today I will stay home again. Dad had some sort of pathology test yesterday and goes back today for more but he is OK.
04/Jul/08 10:28 AM
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Forgot to tell you - the flowers are lovely!!!!!
04/Jul/08 10:30 AM
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Hi Kate,
Thank you ever so much for your birthday wishes and the chocolate cake - it was delicious. You also managed to pick some of my favourite flowers. My only complaint is that your blackberrys looked green - or were they Lantana berrys?
Many thanks for thinking of me.
04/Jul/08 4:18 PM
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Gooday Kate
I seem to have a lot in common with you.To start with I was born in Sydney grew up in Somersby near Gosford,worked at Chatswood,
St Leonards and when I married in '74 we moved to Wagga Wagga where Greg my husband was in the army.From there we moved to Townsville More...
05/Jul/08 10:31 AM
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Hi Kate
Thank you for the comments on some of the pics on my page.
Your jonquil pic is just gorgeous.
Mine have not flowered yet.
I must go to Flickr and check out all your other flower pics, they look magnificent.
05/Jul/08 11:42 AM
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Hi Kate
You aren't going to believe this but I also work in Health.I'm a personal carer in a nursing home in Bundaberg & have been for 13 yrs.
I was married in Gosford 2nd Feb 1974.Same year as you.Must keep in touch.My daughters twins were born 3 mths early,they had twin to twin transfer.She was having Quads but lost 2.Anywat grandsons want comp.Catch u soon
07/Jul/08 4:47 PM
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Hi Kate, thank you for your birthday greetings for Michael; I have passed them on.

As soon as I looked at your photo I was sure it was a callistemon. They are such distinctive flowers. I agree with you that there is a melaleuca that is very similar and if I think about it, it probably More...
07/Jul/08 7:24 PM
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Michael has asked me to pass on his warm thanks.
07/Jul/08 7:27 PM
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Hi Kate! Thanks for helping me figure out the Flickr pics. Now I finally realize that whatever photo I display on my page comes out of the "photostream" so that the smaller ones to the right are the one before that pic & the one after! Duh, you'd think I could have figured that out More...
08/Jul/08 10:45 AM
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Hi Kate! I'm still here in North Carolina but I am packing everything into my two suitcases. I would progress a little faster if my grandson wouldn't take things out of the suitcase. And also I am going to use that chihuahua as a football if he doesn't stay out of the suitcase! I got my last More...
09/Jul/08 9:49 PM
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Hewwo Kate, I've been very lazy and have not said Thank you, so Thank you for the birthday wishes last week. And thank you for all the beautiful flowers
10/Jul/08 10:18 AM
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Hi Kate, I hope your dizzy head has settled down now. I hate it when I am dizzy. I have four girls 2 American and 2 Germans. One of the German girls speaks English very well. The other one not so well. Tommorrow the billets all go and plant trees at Roden Cuttler Park and then a Bush Dance abd More...
10/Jul/08 10:18 PM
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Hi Kate, for your prayers. Unfortunately this thing about getting older is unavoidable . It is a terminal illness that starts from the day we were conceived The only solution is to enjoy what we have!
11/Jul/08 8:40 AM
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Kate, which is the photo that schmapps has included in it's Tassie entries? As I said my hubby is very pleased but we only went to Captain Cook's cottage because I could remember visiting it when we lived in Melbourne when I was 5. Funny how things turn out isn't it?
11/Jul/08 8:56 AM
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Kate -- thank you so much for your good wishes for my husband and me on our anniversary. We're looking forward to many more years!!
11/Jul/08 1:15 PM
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I really don't have too many choices. I can either cry and feel sorry for myself, or I can enjoy what I have. There are a LOT of people a whole lot worse off than I am.
You can't take life too seriously. It's too short for that.
11/Jul/08 1:20 PM
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Hello Kate, thanks for the birthday wishes and the pressie of a new page! Just now looking back at what is here - connection to the RAAF was through my mum's cousin and has, through here, brought contact with Ian and some fantastic help with photography. Your photos are sensational - I pop in and have a look and should have commented before this. Cheers, ELiz T
13/Jul/08 7:47 PM
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Hi Kate! Thanks for the wonderful birthday greeting! How I LOVE your flowers!!! Here's a little piece of b'day cake for you to enjoy! No calories!!! I've really enjoyed your page and photos...is that you with the beautiful tigers in Thailand? WOW! Here's my tiger
15/Jul/08 8:41 AM
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Whoa, Kate, for the birthday flowers, cake and wishes. Chocolate covered chocolate is always my choice of cake -- or anything else, come to think of it. So sweet of you to write. I appreciate your friendship and the way you always treat everybody kindly. I had another birthday lunch today, so you were still on time. Thanks, again@
15/Jul/08 10:04 AM
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Whoa Kate, you've got pages and pages to go!
Thank you for visiting! As you can see we had a lot of fun!
Plan to do it again next year! He'd be even more gabby! WooHoo!
16/Jul/08 1:07 AM
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Kate I am having the biggest giggle about your comment on the medium page today.
17/Jul/08 9:19 AM
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Hi Kate. How has life been treating you? I see you have been busy with the camera. Nice shots. I haven't touched the camera since we got back from Phuket. I haven't even added the pics from the holiday to flickr... but then again I haven't been near flickr since about Christmas.
17/Jul/08 10:03 PM
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You take some great shots and I am glad that you are enjoying flickr. Keep up the good work.
18/Jul/08 8:28 PM
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Hey Kate, seems like your boy is in worse shape than me! Hope everything goes well for him. My recovery this time is amazing, think my specialist got it right. Love to all.
21/Jul/08 9:58 AM
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Hi Kate, I have been reading the book you lent me, "A Thousand Splendid Suns." It is a great book. I don't think I could complain about my life again!
21/Jul/08 12:26 PM
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Thank You Kate, for making my birthday special. With so many sudoku friends around the world it made the day truly wonderful.
23/Jul/08 11:48 PM
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Hi Kate! I've only been on the site hit or miss this past week, but think I saw something about your son having cellulitis in his leg?? Did I read that right? How's he doing? Hope some antibiotics cured him quickly. Looks like you've got a busy week coming up - enjoy!
25/Jul/08 7:46 AM
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Hi Kate. I'm like you, catching up on comments. I just read about your son having cellulitis. Please let me know how he's getting on. My brother-in-law also has it, as a result of exploratory knee surgery.
28/Jul/08 1:11 AM
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Hi Kate, thanks for making me your "friend". It is easy to get to your page now. How did you know about it?
31/Jul/08 4:50 PM
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Kate, your photos are lovely - particularly the close-ups of flowers. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you use a macro lens for close up work?
06/Aug/08 7:08 AM
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Hi Kate - Thanks for your kind comments about my photos. I've put several up for the medium puzzle, so they should come up sometime in the next few months/weeks. I hope your son's foot is doing better now. I love your flower photos! What a beautiful garden you must have!
06/Aug/08 10:20 AM
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Hi Kate, what are you doing here at this time? Isn't P home?
08/Aug/08 7:28 PM
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Hi, Kate! Thanks for the kind comments on my photos. I've never been much of a photographer and have a lot to learn, but I'm having a lot of fun with my new digital camera! Your photographs are magnificent! I hope that with practice, I will pick up a little of your expertise!!!
08/Aug/08 11:35 PM
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Kate, thanks for taking the time to answer my photo /lens question. I am learning to use a new camera, and am a bit overwhelmed; I got so busy working with aperture etc, that I completely forgot I have a macro setting! I'm going to give it a try. It sure would be less expensive than buying a new lens!
09/Aug/08 6:17 AM
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No problemo, Kate. I'm guilty of the same thing! I have an excuse I'm getting up there in years! Got to comment before I forget too!
09/Aug/08 11:37 AM
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Sure, Kate Help yourself to the Helmet. I never had a BSA. I do have an old Triumph Bonneville though...
10/Aug/08 3:21 PM
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Hello Kate - Thank you for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate you thinking of me!
Have a great day!
11/Aug/08 9:16 PM
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Thanks Kate. I love the flower photos and the cake looks divine. I have just got home from having dinner out. I have had a really great day.
13/Aug/08 11:24 PM
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Hello Kate - It sound like you have a great week-end planned. I hope you have fun and a safe trip!
16/Aug/08 2:13 AM
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Glad you enjoyed your get-away and celebrations in Wagga-Wagga. Good that you are home safe and sound!
18/Aug/08 7:51 AM
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