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View from top of hill behind Bar Point house

You Tube: Blind aboriginal singer, Gudjuk Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Djarimirri about the Rainbow Surpent. He is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnemland.

Taken from the top of the hill after my first walk up there.

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Hi Kate,Thanks for visiting my page & posting the lovely comments.
Also my thoughts are with you for your Dads op tomorrow.I'm sure all will go well,and he will be back home much healthier.I looked after my Dad for 7 months while trying to work and it is not easy.I adored him though and miss him & Mum daily.Best wishes to your daughter.
02/Sep/08 7:50 AM
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Hi Kate - I just want you to know my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope your dad's surgery goes well. You continue to be in my prayers.
02/Sep/08 8:36 AM
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02/Sep/08 10:30 AM
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Kate, I am a bit behind with what is happening with your father and your family.I take it your Dad's surgery is happening soon. Thoughts are with you, Maureen and your Mum.
Sharon had surgery today. She had a burst appendix and it was twisted around the bowel. Big op. but she is now recovering. Thanks for your concern.
02/Sep/08 10:40 PM
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Hi everyone, thanks for all your support. Dad had the pacemaker inserted yesterday & hopefully he & Mum will be flying home to Dubbo tomorrow. I WILL get back to you all soon!
04/Sep/08 9:44 AM
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Loved the Avebury photos Kate.
Please pass on my best wishes to your Dad, and your Mum, this must have been terribly hard on her too.
Love to you and Maureen.
04/Sep/08 11:03 AM
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Hi Kate, it seems like I missed all the action by worrying too much about my own op last Tuesday. I'm really glad your Dad's pacemaker was successful. I have had something of a miracle cure for my heart problems and the change for the better has been dramatic. Ain't modern medicine More...
05/Sep/08 11:51 AM
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Hi, Kate - So glad your father's operation was successful and hope that the pacemaker does its job! I know how stressful this has been on you and your parents, but the worst is hopefully behind you now. My hubby had two heart attacks when he was in his early 50s and then had bypass surgery at age 56. That was 15 years ago, and he's still kickin' arse!!! Take care!
05/Sep/08 12:16 PM
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Kate, I am so happy to hear that all is well with your Dad. Time to take care of yourself now!
06/Sep/08 1:39 AM
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Kate, I am delighted to see so many of your exquisite photos appearing on the various pages.
06/Sep/08 5:38 AM
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Kate, whilst my parents haven't faced surgery, I do understand what it is like to be so worried about our parents. I feel for you and hope that your father's quality of life is vastly improved.
My thoughts to your mother.
09/Sep/08 11:03 PM
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I think I know the ones you are talking about, did you see it on a gardening show recently?
The ones I saw were called golden something or others I think, and the way to tell if you have them is to check the stalks to see if there is a 'collar'. I went straight out and checked, not them!
09/Sep/08 11:28 PM
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Found it!

09/Sep/08 11:34 PM
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Kate - such great news regarding your dad...what a load off, huh?
My dad suffered a minor heart attack a few years ago (he just turned 88) and came through it with flying colors. His lady friend has him really watching how he eats...she's a bit of a nag, but I'm happy he has her!
10/Sep/08 6:29 AM
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Hello Kate - I am so glad to hear your mom and dad have gone home! There really is no place like home! It sound like your dad is doing very well! Thank you for your kind comments on my pictures. I appreciate it! Have a great day!
11/Sep/08 5:14 AM
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Love Arlo Guthrie!!!

Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting on my pics!
11/Sep/08 11:43 AM
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Hi Kate, I just looked at all your photos on your picture gallery. They are all great! They bring back happy memories.
12/Sep/08 9:44 AM
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Hi Kate, Thanks for dropping in, bearing all those gifts for my grandson. He's bouncing off the walls. Thanks for adding your comments in my gallery. I hope there's not a 'twin' out there somewhere.
12/Sep/08 10:19 AM
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Kate, thank you for checking out my pictures and it was nice of you to add lovely comments.
When I am through from unpacking, I will let you know how my 4 months of camping in the north was.Lots of love for now!
13/Sep/08 2:18 AM
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Thank you, Kate, for your birthday wishes! Please have some of my leftover
13/Sep/08 4:28 AM
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Thanks Kate for the huge birthday wishes, I know doing more than Gail can be a challenge, but I think you may have done it, so well done,
I had a wonderful day with the resis at work throwing me an afternoon tea and then my sil cooking me a roast for dinner, and then it was very nice topped of when I got home to find all the messages from my sudoku buddies.
14/Sep/08 8:38 AM
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Kate, what a wonderful place you lived in! I bet you miss it every day. It's not often I go through photos (still have dial up, though hopefully not for long) but I couldn't resist going through all of yours!
15/Sep/08 9:08 AM
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Thanks Kate, I can't remember if I uploaded the jars of produce or not...

15/Sep/08 12:34 PM
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oh, i love your new pics! did you really have lunch at buckingham palace?
16/Sep/08 10:23 AM
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Thank you Kate for taking the time to look at my pictures...I like Arlo Guthrie a lot...enjoyed your utube.
17/Sep/08 7:35 AM
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Kate, thanks for the birthday wishes! It has been a long time since I visited your page and I enjoyed all the new photos. I didn't realize you were such an accomplished seamstress. That's quite a talent. And what beauty you have around you - how fortunate. My granddaughter loved the photos of the More...
20/Sep/08 7:53 AM
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Hi Kate...tried to OVER feed your fish without much success....just induced a lot of activity!

I enjoyed your comments after your perusal of my gallery. I understand your 'because I feel I know you' comment. Strange, isn't it. Maybe it is because we have shared a similar life changing More...
20/Sep/08 1:52 PM
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Hi Kate,

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my photos. You are very kind about my family. That photo of Keldon where he is reaching towards the camera my daughter called it his first 'my space' photo! Yes the gargoyle is on our roof. I dunno about the banksia/gravillia because the leaves are very unbanksia.
24/Sep/08 9:10 AM
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Hi Kate - again! You have been so busy looking at my photos. The software I use to make the collages is Roxio Photosuite 5 - I think there is a more up to date version available now. I got it with my old digital camera and my kids have managed to lend it to someone so I have lost the original disc! Don't you just love 'em. You have kept me very busy this morning!
24/Sep/08 9:42 AM
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Hi Kate again and again,

I had a look at the site you mentioned for the banksia and you are right it looks a lot like the photo and the leaves are not like the saw tooth ones on regular banksia plants. Wow I learn something every day!
24/Sep/08 11:53 AM
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Thanks for the warm welcome for Zeke, Kate! All four of our grandkids live within 15 minutes of us, and we are indeed very fortunate to be so involved in their lives.

Looking at some of your new photos, and thinking back to something you said a year or two ago ... you More...
26/Sep/08 12:41 PM
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Not much interest in sunburn and sand getting where it shouldn't, but we do like to hear the surf and watch the waves ... from up at the bar with a nice drink. Thank you for the birthday good wishes.
27/Sep/08 5:32 AM
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My apologies for not having said 'thank you' earlier. I am always touched by the kindness of our sudoku family. I enjoy seeing your pics when they come up as jigsaw puzzles and check them out on Flickr regularly.
05/Oct/08 2:31 PM
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Hi Kate, I have a new You tube now.
08/Oct/08 7:18 PM
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Kate, for the wonderful Anniversary wishes! It was great to spend it on the road. Mike and I travel well together and have had most of our best times on driving trips.
19/Oct/08 3:34 AM
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It seems strange to be welcomed by someone I have already met! I don't think we will be doing "Sculptures by the sea" this year. The closest we might get is a BBQ at Bronte on Boxing Day.
20/Oct/08 2:38 PM
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Kate - thanks for checking out my fall colors - a compliment on my pictures from you is high praise indeed!
21/Oct/08 12:45 AM
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Hi Kate,
Hope all is well with you. I have been doing a photography course and one of my fellow students mentioned a website that I found interesting. www.redbubble.com if you look for a photographer called Sharon Perrett I am sure you will enjoy her work - she reminded me very much of you as you both take stunning pictures of nature. Love the cocky, by the way.
22/Oct/08 5:29 PM
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Kate - Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your various photos! Just did the puzzle in the cave with the swimmer (got interrupted just now, so have already forgotten the name - memory is NOT a strong point these days!) and will check out the website site you mention about Australian nature More...
27/Oct/08 12:44 AM
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Hi, Kate!
for the humongous birthday wishes and the kind words about my photos!

I like your photos, too! Sunsets are some of my favorite photo ops (don't get too many sunrise photos, even tho I'm the early bird in my family...) Will have to post my Cabo San Lucas sunrise photos soon.
29/Oct/08 5:36 PM
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