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View from top of hill behind Bar Point house

You Tube: Blind aboriginal singer, Gudjuk Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Djarimirri about the Rainbow Surpent. He is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnemland.

Taken from the top of the hill after my first walk up there.

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Kate, I tried your method and was able to view your Gallery. You have some great photos there. Are you going to share them with everybody sometime?
18/Jul/07 10:44 AM
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Kate, when I last popped in, I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed seeing your photos especially the series of birds that are my town's namesake, don't want to type it in case it detects a naughty word! Don't laugh, it has happened. Would you believe that where I live is actually higher than those More...
18/Jul/07 10:15 PM
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Hello Kate! Thanks for stopping by my page. Yours is lovely!

Yes, the only photos of Monaco I've seen on the site are mine :) I can't seem to find what I did with them on my computer, though, or I'd put them on my page. (Got a new computer, had to transfer everything, lost some stuff I think - it's a pain!)
20/Jul/07 4:20 AM
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Hi Kate. I am not sure if Harry was born early but it is amazing. His parents were tossing up between Harry and Henry for names. It is fairly rare to find someone with the same birthday as yourself.
20/Jul/07 4:26 PM
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Hi, Kate! Thanks for visiting! Cheeky things these birds. I can believe that the tawny frogmouth winking. Just the other day really tiny birds visited my flowers, thought they were Anna's hummingbirds until I realized they were fat little guys. Turns out they were baby birds just leaving their More...
24/Jul/07 12:45 PM
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Sorry, Kate, I thought I was answering the last message on my page, but I was one page short and your old message was at the bottom of the page. Don't worry I'm always missing my marbles. The video on my page unfortunately seems to reflect me!
24/Jul/07 12:49 PM
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My prayers for your bil. I know it's hard to watch a family member go through all that and there's nothing you can do but be there. My prayers include you and your family to be able to deal with day to day. And as for my accidental visit, shame on me for not doing so sooner! And I've learned More...
25/Jul/07 3:12 AM
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Kate; the reason that you only get blank placeholders on your page and gallery is that the photos are incorrectly named as the image type is missing. ie photo 167-6798%20%20Bondi%20panorama%20%20Nov should have .gif after name -167-6798%20%20Bondi%20panorama%20%20Nov.gif, same goes for url locator More...
26/Jul/07 10:06 AM
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Hi Kate,Just saw a segment on hydrangeas on'Better Homes & Gardens' and thought of you. Did you see it?
27/Jul/07 7:49 PM
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Hi Kate, thank's for helping out with my birds pics and I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. cheers.
01/Aug/07 5:50 PM
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Thanks Kate.
02/Aug/07 12:42 PM
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Kate, the photos are great. I am glad you put them back on the page.
03/Aug/07 10:07 AM
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Hi Kate again. I just looked at your photos on flickr again. They are amazing! Please put some of the sculptures on the kid's sudoku so that we get some new ones.
03/Aug/07 10:38 AM
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Kate thank you for visisting my site.
I viewed your wonderful pictures. I loved the art work, which I emailed my Art instructor a couple and he loved them too. And your traveling pictures were wonderful too.
04/Aug/07 7:40 AM
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Hi Kate, I have managed to add two old photos to my page. See if you remember them.
06/Aug/07 4:16 PM
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Hi Kate. Sorry I have not dropped in for a while. I have bought you a plate of Tim Tams to share with friends/or not!!! Catch you soon.
07/Aug/07 1:58 PM
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Kate, Anne subscribes to the God weekend and I'm sure she will have the recipe. However, we are both trying to keep our waistlines under control so I mightn't see your recipe in a while.
I'm glad you were able to fix the problem with your photos. You have some great photos in your gallery.
08/Aug/07 2:00 PM
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Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting my photos! Your photos are beautiful! I especially like the one reflecting the colors of the houses on the water. Were you in a boat when you took that? Also, it is amazing how much distruction rain and flooding can cause!! Have a great day! Take care! ps: I'll More...
09/Aug/07 5:38 AM
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Hi Kate, glad you enjoyed the Kenyan Safari. I wish I could have organized them for a better presentation. I was interested in your picture of the Eddystone Light House. If I recall the Kingston Trio had a song about the Eddystone Light. (They were a folk singing group of the early '60's)
09/Aug/07 7:31 AM
 |  |

The Kingston Trio was an American group. Only 1 of the original now plays with group. They played folk music from all over the world (Irish, Scottish, American, Canadian, Jamaican, African, etc.) Do you know the history of the Eddystone Light - is there a story. I should get out my old LPs - More...
09/Aug/07 1:58 PM
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Hi Kate, I just wanted to see if my avator has changed.
09/Aug/07 7:21 PM
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Hi Kate! We have a lot of names in common. My youngest son was going to be named either Kieran or Ian and we ended up with Ian. My sister Kathleen has never gone by a nickname, which is unusual. All of the other Kathleen's I know all go by a nickname. And her daughter's name is Colleen. (We More...
09/Aug/07 10:22 PM
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Hi Kate, I did get a comment when I opened up my Estes Park photo. I too, noticed yesterday that some do and some don't get comments. I think it is time I asked Gath what is going on - although I am reasonably certain he is aware of the problem.
We loved our stay in Estes Park and I hope that came out in my comments.
10/Aug/07 1:22 PM
 |  |

Kate, I have sent an email to Gath about the 'Comments' saga. I'll let you know his reply.
BTW, I love your photo of the Welcome Swallows, I think they are my favourite bird - ignoring the dreadful mess they leave under their nests. We had a pair trying to build a nest outside our front door More...
10/Aug/07 3:56 PM
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Hi Kate, I have loaded more photos on flickr and even put a rose on the square like you have of the bird.
11/Aug/07 4:08 PM
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Hi Kate, yes I recognize Kathleen, Dad and is that you in the back ground on the ladder?
15/Aug/07 2:18 PM
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Hi Kate, are you aware that kate/Sydney (Lane Cove) is trying to organise a brunch meeting at Bronte some time in Oct. The latest date seems to be 21st, which is her birthday. If you don't already know about it may I suggest that you contact her. I go away on Monday for a month and will have to More...
25/Aug/07 8:09 PM
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Hi Kate, I have some of Jenni's photos on my page now. She said I could add them to my flickr page.
29/Aug/07 2:37 PM
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Hi Kate, just flicked through your photographs and there are some wonderful shots in the sculptures by the sea, fascinating to see, thank you
29/Aug/07 9:53 PM
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hello Kate. thanks for stopping by. and thanks for your kind words about my photos. i enjoy taking pictures. i would like to scan all my pictures from south america and share them, but right this minute they are in storage and i am unable to get to them (i'm about 1500 miles from where they are More...
29/Aug/07 10:29 PM
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Gday Kate, how have you been keeping? Thought I'd drop in and leave you this bunch of daffodils from my garden. Spring is in the air.
30/Aug/07 10:25 PM
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Hi Kate. I just went through SOME of your photos but I'll have to visit again as you have so many. Saw your close-up of the penguins (if it is the same sculpture). Is this festival at Bondi a yearly affair, and who sponsors it? Thanks for the great pictures here and on the site!
05/Sep/07 10:45 AM
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Hi Kate, I have been looking at your wonderful pictures. You have so many it is hard to pick a favorite, the sculptures, the birds, the flowers I like them all. Thank you
06/Sep/07 2:22 PM
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Hi Kate, your kangaroo paw photo is amazing! I managed to put a YouTube on my page on the weekend. It is Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.
10/Sep/07 11:20 AM
 |  |

Hello Kate - I didn't realise it was so long since I visited your page. My apologies. I love your photos, which we've seen lots of on the medium and jigsaws. Keep them coming as they are very interesting.
10/Sep/07 3:56 PM
 |  |

[thankyou.JPG, Kate, for visiting my page! I am really a novice when it comes to latest technology, that includes computers, cameras, etc. I love photography though - did journalism - worked for newspapers and had to do all my own photographs, including the developling and printing. Nowadays, it More...
10/Sep/07 5:36 PM
 |  |

TYPO - developing!!!
10/Sep/07 5:40 PM
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Kate you are most welcome to visit anytime, especially with such scrumptious gifts. I have to admit I have never heard of calamondins. I do make cumquat marmalade. I have a cousin who built a house somewhere north of Sydney and the only access was via boat, then up a cliff. You are a pioneering lot More...
11/Sep/07 10:46 AM
 |  |

I expect the mother would have liked a drink too after giving birth!! When you eat the calamondins do you eat the skin as well? I quite like to eat the skin of cumquats. Are they full of pips too? Our citrus trees have finished fruiting and now in full bloom, scent wonderful but too many bees. TTFN
13/Sep/07 4:04 PM
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My brother-in-law's email that went with the avalanche pictures in the gallery:

We've just had 3 days at Mt Cook ....timeout and a bit of heliskiing. Got the window of weather on Saturday and away we went for a 5 run day in the Malte Brun range of Mt Cook Nat Park.

Turned into a 5 More...
18/Sep/07 8:51 AM
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