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View from top of hill behind Bar Point house

You Tube: Blind aboriginal singer, Gudjuk Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Djarimirri about the Rainbow Surpent. He is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnemland.

Taken from the top of the hill after my first walk up there.

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Hi Kate
Thanks so much for my birthday message. It has been such a long time since I have been to this site I was overwhelmed with good wishes from my sudoku acquaintances!
Hope you have been well and not getting too wet!
Love Colleen ;-)
29/Feb/12 1:25 PM
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Hey Kate - yes I still post occasionally on Flickr. Spend most of my time on Facebook (playing games - guilty confession). Sorry to hear you haven't been very well. Looks like you have been busy from the photos on your Sudoku page.
29/Feb/12 9:14 PM
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G'day Kate. Thank you for visiting my gallery. Your kind comments on my pictures are greatly appreciated.
I really thought that I had visited your gallery some time in the past, but was surprised when I visited today and realized that I hadn't seen most of the pictures. Did you post some of the More...
01/Mar/12 11:45 AM
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, Kate!

02/Mar/12 10:22 AM
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Hello! Thanks for the message on my page! Yes, I still dip into Sudoku!
04/Mar/12 10:47 AM
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Hi Kate, thank you for your reply. Anglesea is by far my favourite spot. We have been going there for at least 30 years for holidays. Not too frequently these days now that the children have flown the coup, but we plan to revisit this year for a week or so before Christmas
18/Mar/12 11:33 AM
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Hi Kate. I hope all is well with you and yours. I just wanted to thank you so much for the birthday greetings. You helped make my day a little extra special. Cheers!
26/Mar/12 6:37 AM
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Hey Kate! Thanks for visiting my page. I'm sad, too, that we did not hook up. CP is going to be here in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to seeing her again - even if it only for the day...she has a real "whirlwind" trip planned with her hubby.
I love seeing your More...
30/Mar/12 1:34 AM
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Hi Kate, thanks for your best wishes for the half marathon tomorrow. The temperature at the 7am start is likely to be in single figures so I'll need to run fast just to warm up! I should be finishing between 8:40 and 8:45am so there will still be plenty of time to get home and have breakfast at an almost decent time.
14/Apr/12 5:53 PM
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Oh Kate - so grateful for the tip...I, too, find it difficult to take the time with my spassy left hand when I'm in a hurry. Now I have something I can do to help out a bit.
I think you guessed the location correctly (of the koalas and their babies)...it was a stop a long the Great Ocean Road More...
23/Apr/12 1:39 AM
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Thanks for your compliment about my poems.
I have tried to keep up-to-date by posting poems in my page gallery. Quite a few - though not all - recent poems are there if you want to catch up. I find it more difficult to get round to writing these days - especially because my arthritic right hip slows me down and distracts me so much.
25/Apr/12 7:51 PM
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Thank you for my b'day greeting! Yesterday my family went out of their way to celebrate my day!!
I guess this advancing in age day isn't so bad after all! not when friends like you wish me kindly!!
14/May/12 12:17 PM
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Thank you for visiting my gallery, Kate, and for leaving such nice comments! Not too many people visit these days. Of course, not too many people visit "Easy" anymore, either. Sudokuland is a mirror of life: constantly changing!! Anyway, it's always good to hear from you!!
15/May/12 11:07 PM
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Thank you for the Birthday Wishes Kate.
Peter is taking me out to dinner at the local Chinese Restaurant this evening.

Thank for visiting my photos on my page

Hey did you know I am heading to Sydney in June.
June/Epping is organising a gathering on Sat 16th June.
16/May/12 4:59 PM
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Kate, like you told me, I do not envy your house building. Especially, having to boat everything over and it looks like carrying everything up. Hope it is not as frustrating as it looks.
20/May/12 10:56 AM
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Hi, my parents used o belong to bar point base a long time ago, when we had a boat called Wyoming. Just wondering if you knew them?
21/May/12 9:26 PM
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Hi Kate, Thanks for looking at my pics and thanks for all the nice comments. I've often wondered if your avatar is an old Halvorsen on the Hawkesbury.
31/May/12 11:14 AM
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Hi Kate
That was an understandable hiccup in your note on hard today..Ive noticed lots of old and new pics in haphazard order and I would certainly feel the same at my age coming across one so special. best wishes, Rob
31/May/12 6:13 PM
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I am always away on my birthday weekend at the Indianapolis 500 car race, so I am a bit late in saying for the birthday greetings!
I always enjoy the wishes from my Sudoku friends very much ...almost as much as I enjoy all of your wonderful photographs on the site! Thanks again!
01/Jun/12 1:04 AM
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Hi Robin, saw you comment yesterday but didn't quite understand it. I've looked at the date you made it now & it all makes sense! Thank you very much for your thoughts!
03/Jun/12 5:36 PM
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Thank you so much for taking the time to inform me of the links to Port Gregory.I did get the first one, and the history was very interesting. I couldn't get the Pink Lake one, though. They informed me that this page could no longer be found. Unfortunately, this does happen quite often.I love all your photos, as I'm sure you already know. and once again thank you.
07/Jun/12 2:35 AM
 |  |
Thank you again,Kate for taking time to send me the web address of the coral coast. Unfortunately though I can't seem to get it.I still get the page can't be found notice. Drat!
08/Jun/12 2:45 AM
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Oh, Kate, everything is going at a nice, slow speed here. I say nice, because packing up this house is not going fast, at all. The only time, I can work upstairs is early in the morning when it is cool, it starts getting extremely hot up there around 10, or that is the time I cannot stand it any More...
21/Jun/12 12:51 PM
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Hi Kate, it was great to meet you too! I called it meeting old friends for the first time...
22/Jun/12 8:27 PM
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Thanks, Kate! We're just getting rain from the storm - so far! Poor Kathy is right in the path, however. She said they had tornado warnings this afternoon/evening, and they've had power outages and an awful lot of rain!
25/Jun/12 10:22 AM
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Thank you, Kate for Morgan's birthday wishes.
Each of my girl's were supposed to come on July 4th and each were scheduled to come out on a different day and each had different plans and came before their scheduled appointments.
M is the only birth where I actually had labor pains, just had More...
25/Jun/12 10:35 AM
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Hi Kate. Thanks for your concern. We are fine here so far, just lots & lots of rain. Debby seems hung up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico & is VERY slow moving so our area is being inundated with the bands of rain to the east of her. They predict we may be stuck with this heavy rain until More...
25/Jun/12 11:23 AM
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Hi Kate,no worries I have done the same thing myself.
Now that we have met I find seeing your photo's so more interesting.
29/Jun/12 11:46 AM
 |  |

Kate - thank you for visiting my Photo Gallery recently and commenting on my photos.
02/Jul/12 12:46 PM
 |  |

Hey Kate, that was a good year then, we both found this site together.
04/Jul/12 7:50 AM
 |  |
Hi Kate, I've just finished today's easy, and found your photo 'somebody stole our house' Oct 10. I wish we could comment on these photos when they appear as jigsaws. The text tells us they 'are working on it'
There are so many which appear that are your photos you must have submitted a lot. I More...
05/Jul/12 11:01 AM
 |  |
Hi Kate, thanks for all the lovely comments. you've made me enthusiastic now, I'll put a a few more photos.

05/Jul/12 4:02 PM
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Hi Kate, thanks so much for all that info. You are such a great communicator.One can see from all the comments listed that you are always willing to give a hand whenever needed. It is great to read through the many messages sent to you over the five years.
05/Jul/12 6:01 PM
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Kate, thanks for your birthday wishes on Monday's Easy. I meant to thank you earlier but life cascaded out of control for a few days there. All's well now. Take care. Ian
05/Jul/12 8:50 PM
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Hi Kate
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my photos.
They are very encouraging. I can see this site is going to take a heap more time than doing the odd Sudoku!
10/Jul/12 1:45 PM
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Hi Kate, Another beautiful photo and interesting puzzle on today's easy - Cerretti Memorial Chapel at Manly. Thank you
15/Jul/12 11:36 AM
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Hi Kate, I'm surprised at the botanist in you named the daylily (Hemerocallis) in today's photo as an Hibiscus. I have quite a number of these growing, and they are a great delight. The range of colours and sizes is amazing.
15/Jul/12 5:06 PM
 |  |
You're forgiven. I dare say it's all the stress of the new house. How is it progressing? we have been able to see such a lot of interesting work going on
with all the barges. It is a very big project to take on, but in such a beautiful environment I'm sure it is all worthwhile.
15/Jul/12 10:09 PM
 |  |

for the Grrreat b'day wishes! It is such a joy having so many Sudokuland friends to celebrate with.
16/Jul/12 4:43 AM
 |  |

Hi yourself. Yup, I'm still alive and kicking. I've been away from home visiting family, so, not doing much but checking my.email on the Internet. Back home tomorrow, then I'll be back posting daily as usual.
20/Jul/12 9:38 PM
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