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View from top of hill behind Bar Point house

You Tube: Blind aboriginal singer, Gudjuk Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Djarimirri about the Rainbow Surpent. He is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnemland.

Taken from the top of the hill after my first walk up there.

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Hello Kate - it looks like he is one lucky brother-in-law.
18/Sep/07 9:10 AM
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your BIL is one lucky man
great photos
18/Sep/07 9:17 AM
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Oh Kate, I felt quite ill reading about your BIL's lucky escape! Seeing the pictures has only made it worse. Just amazing to see his smile after the ordeal.
18/Sep/07 9:54 AM
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Kate, I'm reading a book "Salvation Creek" by Susan Duncan. If you haven't read it you should. A lot of it is located around Pittwater. I keep thinking of some of your pics as I read. A book of wit and wisdom.
19/Sep/07 8:29 AM
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Is your BIL your sister's husband or your husband's brother?? Was the spouse along on the trip? That must have been so scary both for him & for anyone watching! Thank goodness he lived to tell about it. Makes me glad I'm not a skier. Are you?
19/Sep/07 8:53 AM
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Kate, I had never even met my SonIL's sister who died, but I felt so bad for him & his family, particularly his mother who has now lost two children & his 12 year old niece who is now an orphan. I never even mentioned on the site that I was leaving to go help my daughter while he was away. More...
20/Sep/07 1:03 AM
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P.S. Was that rainbow lorikeet picture there yesterday? Great shot - how did I miss it?
20/Sep/07 1:04 AM
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Hi Kate, great photo of the Rainbow Lorikeet. It seemed to change as soon as I came to your page. So are you here now? If you are go to the chat site and I will too.
20/Sep/07 10:50 AM
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Hi Kate. It amazes me to hear the details of what you eat (calamondin and cumquats) and to see the photos of tropical birds and foliage. You must love the water to live on Hawkesbury River. I just helped my daughter can her peaches and pears, and freeze her grapes and raspberries. We have too many More...
21/Sep/07 5:03 AM
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Hi Kate, are you going to add your Rainbow Lorikeet to the Nature's own photos? I think it is great so others would too.
21/Sep/07 4:24 PM
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Thanks Kate, I am working my way slowly through the archives (in between small sleeps). Our return home was a long drag. We left Frankfurt Friday night, flew right through the night and all the next day to arrive in Singapore on Saturday evening. About one hour on the ground and then back into More...
24/Sep/07 10:56 PM
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PS, I am really impressed with the high quality of your photos, they are interesting and quite lovely.
24/Sep/07 10:59 PM
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G'Day Kate, Thanks for dropping by, no I don't live near Lakes Entrance any more, (one of my brothers does), moved to Melbourne for work.
25/Sep/07 4:56 PM
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Hi Kate!

What a pity you can't come to the Sydney Sudokuists Bronte Brunch! I was looking forward to meeting the other Kate!

25/Sep/07 5:23 PM
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G'day Kate, I can imagine you were confused when you got onto my Tree Sheila page. Yes, I'm a Kate too. I didn't realise this when I joined up so I'm glad I chose a nom de plume. As for the doubles up with our comments on birds/trees whatever, don't worry about it. I am just trying to live up to More...
25/Sep/07 10:44 PM
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Hi Kate!

Beautiful shots here! Thanks for the explanation about the "Sculpture by the Sea"-event. Sounds like fun for everybody involved - at least the artists and the public :-)
25/Sep/07 11:08 PM
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Hi Kate, noticed you were burning the nidnight oil last night.Effects of the full moon? Your B-I-L 1 lucky man. Its very windy here today. blow the sugar out of your tea. Thanks for dropping in. Notice your pics in the puzzles. I have summitted some, maybe one day they will be showed. Keep on snapping [pics]. Cheers.
26/Sep/07 8:55 AM
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Hi Kate, thanks for your comments about the photos. Like you, I have been a keen jigsawer for a while now too, and recognise many of yours. It's quite a thrill seeing your picture come up isn't it, and also having the chance to show off some of the beautiful places from around the world and home with a world wide audience.
26/Sep/07 10:24 PM
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You are quite right Kate, the approach to the old Kai Tek airport was quite challenging (that's pilot-speak for exciting). We landed there once in a Cathay Pacific flight and the arrival was so violent that all the oxygen masks popped out of their stowage and were dangling in a fairly undignified More...
28/Sep/07 11:28 AM
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Hi Kate, I like your new avatar. See you next week.
29/Sep/07 4:46 PM
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for welcoming to the loving Sudoku family. It's greatly appreciated mate!!
08/Oct/07 12:02 PM
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G'day Kate, Thanks for giving me your good wishes this morning. I'm happy to report that I have heard from The Doctor and all went very well and Liz is fine. She is in recovery and he will see how she is in the morning and probably send her home. Amazing! I have put a bit of a blurb about it all on More...
08/Oct/07 2:09 PM
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Kate, thanks for my birthday wishes. They put a smile on my face!
08/Oct/07 9:49 PM
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Oh, and your pansies are just beautiful!!
08/Oct/07 9:50 PM
 |  |

Thanks Kate, I received your second message and have replied to it.
09/Oct/07 2:06 PM
 |  |

Hi Kate, Thanks for the welcome message.
11/Oct/07 12:49 AM
 |  |

Hi back atchya Kate. Thanks, have a great weekend.
13/Oct/07 12:57 AM
 |  |

Hello Kate - I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to say thank you for visiting my page and telling me about googling Wickham. It's a typical satellite mining town that was built in the 60's, I think it was, or maybe a bit earlier. I love visiting Rebecca and her family up there because the More...
13/Oct/07 11:59 PM
 |  |


Thanks for the welcome and I love fish. My first husband and I used to fish off of Montery Bay, just south of here, but my second husband of 50 years got seasickjust thinking of water.
15/Oct/07 8:00 AM
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Good morning Kate. At least it's morning here, not sure what time it is on your side of the world. Either way, have a wonderfuld day.
16/Oct/07 12:06 AM
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Gday Kate. Thanks for popping in. I hope you helped yourself to a cuppa and some bikkies. Hannah made them, she's been obsessed with Anzac Biscuits at the moment, and I must say, who can blame her?
You picked a great time to visit, hubby and I spent yesterday mowing and trimming and its come up a treat.
16/Oct/07 7:29 PM
 |  |

Yep. Aquarian thru n thru. I fit my sign to a "T"
17/Oct/07 1:26 AM
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HI Kate, thanks for visiting my page. I don't get here very often at the moment as I am busy studying and so it has taken me a couple of days to get back to you. My last essay is due in next week and after that I will be finished and free so hopefully will be more active on the site. Great photos here on your page and I especially love the one of the melaleucas - beautiful. Take care.
19/Oct/07 4:17 PM
 |  |

Kate, That is too funny. Hey a boat is a boat. As long as it floats its all good. Yeah, the new aviator fits a bit. Unfortunately, I had to cop it and it doesn't show the margarita in hand. HA
22/Oct/07 2:16 AM
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Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by. Will be in Sydney soon, so hope the weather is OK.
23/Oct/07 8:12 AM
 |  |

Hi Kate, another great nature photo!
See you soon
23/Oct/07 2:43 PM
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Thanks for the great welcome hope to pretty my page one day.
23/Oct/07 5:18 PM
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Kate, I'll only be in Sydney for the first weekend in November... and I'll be at a conference (Mind and Its Potential. You can Google it if you're interested) This time I'm just coming to enjoy the conference which is about mindfulness as a meditation/healing tool.
24/Oct/07 11:28 AM
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Kate, the whole of South Africa is celebrating!! All so happy. Your photo of the "bee loves lavender" is just perfect!! Well done! Take care
25/Oct/07 2:19 AM
 |  |

Hi Kate, we've got to stop misunderstanding each other. I must apologise for giving you a 'motherhood' lecture when you were only joking. I'm going to go back in my box and trust that Gath will be able to sort out his difficullties without my help
BTW, I just love your photo of the bee, it is very good.
25/Oct/07 11:34 AM
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