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View from top of hill behind Bar Point house

You Tube: Blind aboriginal singer, Gudjuk Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Djarimirri about the Rainbow Surpent. He is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnemland.

Taken from the top of the hill after my first walk up there.

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Kate, I've just completed a slow stroll through your photos and I notice that you have put a lot onto your page recently. Your macros of flowers are fabulous, you obviously are a talented photographer.
25/Oct/07 11:51 AM
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Hello Kate - Yes because its all about chocolate.
25/Oct/07 8:39 PM
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Hi Kate, The lavender & bee, what a great shot. I will have to check my lavender next year. Thank you for all the compliments of late. I have had several pictures on the jigsaws and puzzles lately. I don't understand where the comments go. Since I saw you add your name to your pictures I have started adding my name. Keep shooting,
27/Oct/07 4:44 AM
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Love the bee shot. I sure wish I could get shots that are that clear. Of course, as you saw on my page, most of mine are "action" shots. HAHAHA! Thanks for stopping, you are invited anytime.
29/Oct/07 1:17 PM
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31/Oct/07 3:53 PM
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I brought you a Pumpkin Chiffon Pie,
and happen to have an empty wine glass here: TRICK OR TREAT!
01/Nov/07 9:31 AM
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Gday Kate, it was good to see you. Nah, no dramas with water here. As you can see, our house is high off the ground on stilts plus we live on the side of a hill, so if we get flooded out, Australia has some major problems! The floods have been in the Gippsland area, exactly the same places that More...
06/Nov/07 9:56 AM
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Oh for Pete's sake just come and visit!!! I'll commiserate with you! I'll cheer you on good occasions and scream and holler for joy on great times for you! Just be happy and come and say hi! But I should do as I preach also. So here's one hello and I promise another soon on a regular basis!
06/Nov/07 1:49 PM
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Hi Kate, our trip down the Hawkesbury is next weekend - I hope the weather will be better. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I would love to meet up for lunch on Wednesday but I have a few things on that day that will have to be rearranged - if I can. Have a think about where to eat and I will ring around tomorrow and see what I can do.
07/Nov/07 5:46 PM
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Hi Kate, just visited your site and enjoyed your photo galery although I am not one for Halloween, I enjoyed the pics. Loved your magnolia picture which made today's Sudoku.I am leaving from my house and lots of Tia Maria, my favorite drink.
08/Nov/07 6:07 AM
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Thanks Kate. I have been busy and not had as much time to work on my photos lately. I was a moderator for one of the groups for a while but quit two nights ago.
I am in the process of setting up a cottage business of selling some of my photos.
You have some really great photos yourself. Did you get down to photograph the sculptures on the beach this year?
09/Nov/07 2:44 PM
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Hi Kate, I will be away from my computer while we are at Brooklyn, back Tuesday afternoon. I have an appointment here at 9.00 Wednesday and then we can start driving. We will start at the Tamarama end and hope to meet up with you for lunch - perhaps go first to lunch and then wander around the More...
10/Nov/07 4:19 PM
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Hi Kate. I am looking forward to seeing your photos of the sculptures. What a fascinating thing it must be for everyone to enjoy.
I have been busy over the weekend with my neice's 21st party and then my husband's birthday yesterday. I am still hanging around but not as often.
11/Nov/07 11:11 PM
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Hi Kate! I have got to learn to resize my photos don't I? Right now my son is home and I am making plans to travel east for the holidays! It'll be the first Christmas in 4 years, that I will get to see him! I guess the good part is that he's not there during the hot summer but we keep missing him for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
12/Nov/07 9:40 AM
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Hi Kate, thanks for dropping into my gallery on your throught. I called in on your's .Was it your BIL's bruise that upset a few the other day? Great view of a bees bum.I will drop into your flickr site .Cheers for now.
12/Nov/07 2:44 PM
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Take [joking] Kate,your forgiven.No offence taken. Cheers.
13/Nov/07 1:26 PM
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Hi Kate, we are back from our wonderful weekend away. The weather was glorious . We visited Dangar Island yesterday and walked around the island. Today we took the mailboat and had lunch on the boat. My goodness you are lucky to have a plot at Bar Point. It looks like a little piece of More...
13/Nov/07 2:50 PM
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Kate, thank you for your concern. Anne decided to follow my earlier example and go into AF (atrial fibrillation). She was only in hospital for two days and her problem was resolved by medication. She is well now but a little tired.
20/Nov/07 7:17 PM
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Oh Kate, thank you for that link to this year's 'Sculpture by the Sea' photos. Just absolutely brilliant. I love the whimsy of some of them, other's are very evocative.
In answer to your question about Mum and Dangar, no, I was not one of the three girls she had with her while living there. I am More...
21/Nov/07 11:49 PM
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Yes Kate, like you, we only have one brother, often referred to as 'The Prodigal Son'! He is #5 of the six and was held high on a pedestal because, after 5 girls, they didn't think they had a boy in them!
BTW I was the oops of the tribe, named after my mother's youngest sister, who, as the youngest of seven girls, was referred to as the 'scrapings of the barrel'!!!
22/Nov/07 11:20 AM
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Getting in before the the rush starts. Cheers.
03/Dec/07 2:45 PM
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I love the photos of memory lane and always great to have a look back over our life
03/Dec/07 10:50 PM
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Hello, Kate. Thanks for the visit and birthday greetings - and the lovely gardenias. Judging by the photos, you're obviously a keen gardener, for which you have my sincere admiration. Gardeners make the world lovely. I just wish I'd inherited my mother's love - and her gift - for gardening.
06/Dec/07 1:15 PM
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Hi Kate, great new photo on your page and I also like all the old photos on the parent's pages. Brings back happy memories.
06/Dec/07 2:19 PM
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Thanks for your lovely comments Kate, but I have to own up. I have not yet mastered the whole scanner, submitting thingo, and my son put these on for me (note they are all of him!!). He was supposed to be showing me how, but went so fast that I could not keep up with him! I also love 'Jack over time' one, but have no idea how it was done.
06/Dec/07 3:21 PM
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Gosh, I even pushed the wrong 'enter' and submitted that comment early!
Some of the other 4x pics were rejected as being too big to submit, and even he could not fix those. Some of your pics are great, and I am loving the 70's ones. I have a pic from 1976 on my Flickr page, which is now 31 years ago!!!
06/Dec/07 3:26 PM
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Kate, thanks for the info on the birds stuffed in birds ad infinitum. Have sent it on to my friend in Melbourne. While I'm here I'll wish you Merry Christmas, hope it is a good one for you.
07/Dec/07 9:00 AM
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Kate, please pass on my wishes to your daughter for a very .
10/Dec/07 5:16 PM
 |  |

thanks for noticing that i've not been around and for stopping by. we moved back home to Indiana, where it is winter, cold, freezing rain, and we wonder what the heck were we thinking leaving the 75-80 deg F tropical winter. but son, his wife, and his 3 sons are here and that called to us louder More...
11/Dec/07 2:11 AM
 |  |

thanks for the good wishes, but alas! the roses were left in southern Louisiana, as I felt certain they would not survive the 3 day trip and transition to freezing weather. i would not be able to transplant them into the frozen ground and they would not have survived in a pot. so i left them with More...
13/Dec/07 9:41 AM
 |  |

Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
14/Dec/07 3:39 PM
 |  |

Hi Kate, just dropping by to wish you and your family a safe and merry and a .
15/Dec/07 8:42 PM
 |  |

Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
over More...
16/Dec/07 6:25 PM
 |  |

OH Kate, took the oportunity to check out your photo gallery, My Oh My what fab photo's.
Have made a mental note to drop in more frequently, you are amazing.
16/Dec/07 6:27 PM
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Kate and family - Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
Anne x
16/Dec/07 9:42 PM
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Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas Kate and the happiest of New Years xx
16/Dec/07 10:03 PM
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Merry Christmas to you too, thanks Anne. Have a great time in NZ! Which bit are you heading for?
Here's another bottle of red bubbles for you to smuggle in or leave for when you get back!
18/Dec/07 8:18 AM
 |  |

Good morning Kate - I'm going to Christchurch which will be lovely because I didn't see much of it when I was on my tour there two years ago. Goodness me, or was it three years ago. Actually, it was three years ago this coming February. I'm looking forward to seeing around there.
18/Dec/07 8:34 AM
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Thank you Kate for the lovely wishes and I send you mine, filled with peace and joy. May the new Year be one of surprises and love...
18/Dec/07 11:00 AM
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Kate, thank you very much for your Christmas wishes. Actually, it will be a fairly quiet one for us because both our sons are in Germany with their girlfriend (in Michael's case) and wife (in Rob's case) so we will be celebrating with only our lovely daughter for company. Mind you, we will make up More...
18/Dec/07 11:33 AM
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