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I raise Red Angus Cattle. I also have 6 horses,  7 Collies, 1 Belgian Malinois, 1 barn cat, and LOTS of  Lovebirds, Budgies, Bourke Parakeets, Plum-headed Parakeets, Sun Conures, Green Cheeked Conures, Cockatiels, nine species of Finches and Diamond Doves.











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Wow! Heidi, you STILL ARE a zoo keeper!
I envy you, what a great life! Seriously hard work, but, I'm sure, never a dull moment!
26/May/08 11:31 AM
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Get OUT! I LOVE THIS! Thanks loads for the info!!!! Too cool!!
26/May/08 1:52 PM
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Hello Heidi,
Just visiting to say how much I enjoy your posts. You seem to have a very busy farm there and I love hearing about the newborn lambs and now this morning...peacock eggs! Wow, please make sure you tell us when they hatch.
28/May/08 9:11 AM
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That was the funny thing. I KNEW it switched on Aussie time, but still ended up doing the same puzzle twice. And, to make matters worse, my time stunk the second time around -- guess I wasn't THAT awake yet.
Well, I'm picking up clues from the other posts on your page that you are More...
29/May/08 1:44 AM
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Amazing. It IS a small world. It's precisely because there isn't much known and taught about goat carts that I want to learn all I can and figure out the rest--I'm from a family of engineers. We want to custom-manufacture goat carts and harnesses and sell them matched to singles and teams of the More...
29/May/08 2:16 AM
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Actually, www.buggy.com used to make and sell goat carts. You might want to check them out.
29/May/08 2:20 AM
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Thanks! I will check out buggy.com
29/May/08 2:54 AM
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If I could, I'd make you a "Lucky Horseshoe" avatar as a gift. You and I are full of coincidences today.
The company with the buggy.com website is actually located fairly close to me! I can't believe it. People have been telling me to look southeast around Shipshewana, IN, which is More...
29/May/08 2:00 PM
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I agree with you regarding the Macintosh. I have both and I think I will sell my PC to Eve when I get my new Mac.
29/May/08 2:47 PM
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You're a good man (or mouse???), Dave.
29/May/08 2:50 PM
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A belated welcome to you. So, I can tell by these posts that you enjoy animals. Welcome to the site - there are alot of animal lovers on here. Don't get on often enough though, between the classroom and my own animals! I have brought a big batch of homemade salsa and chips to share with all your new friends. Enjoy!
30/May/08 6:43 AM
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Heidi, have a ball at the races! What a lovely day for it, I hope! And LOVED the Crosby Stills & Nash story from high school--that's golden!
31/May/08 2:08 AM
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Heidi, thanks for your good wishes, I assure you that you had nothing to do with my decision. We are going to have a ball.
Are you a fellow Mac enthusiast?
31/May/08 2:41 PM
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Heidi, please don't be concerned, a little healthy disagreement never hurt anybody - besides, I can't remember what we disagreed about.
I have been a Mac addict for over 20 years, but Anne has a PC and I can tell from the curses that Bill Gates is still up to his old tricks. The original More...
31/May/08 11:50 PM
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Thanks for visiting my page. Grandson had a reptile man come to his party with lizards, a frog, turtle, small crocodile, snakes. It was very interesting.
The cockatoos, kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets and other interesting birds are regular visitors to my garden. I did move the table More...
03/Jun/08 6:41 AM
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Tried to send you this orchid yesterday, but technology rules . I've had orchids for 10 years, and most of them bloom every 6 months to a year. This year I had 15 bloom at once! Benign neglet is the rule of thumb. And, don't let them sunburn!
04/Jun/08 12:15 AM
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Hey Heidi, the Edmund Fitzgerald was one of my favourite songs as a maudlin teenager...it's a small world
04/Jun/08 10:48 AM
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Heidi, if you want to see today's flower from Sue before it was shrunk for the jigsaw go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sistersmason/2230077922/
04/Jun/08 4:32 PM
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Heidi, sounds like you have benign neglet down. I rarely fertilize (keep forgetting), will move them out of the direct sun. I did put a sprinkler mister in for them, get sprayed once per week.

Your page is interesting will all the comments re: zoo keeping. Look forward to hearing more! [
05/Jun/08 1:08 AM
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Heidi, CRS stands for Can't Remember Sh!t. CRAFT=Can't remember a F Thing
06/Jun/08 2:48 AM
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Heidi -- You mentioned earlier this week that you still want to see a rat in the Chinese New Year parade. Well, you can see it if you solve the crossword puzzle for today (dated Friday, June 6th)! And a lovely rat is is. Kay
06/Jun/08 9:49 AM
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I knew you were joking about wanting to see a rat, but when I saw this one I just couldn't resist ... You'll find a link to the "crosswords" in the light blue menu at the top left of the jigsaw page, the same menu where More...
06/Jun/08 2:26 PM
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We lived in Burlington County, and I could see north Philly from my bedroom window. We were there from 1983 - 1996. We were in a very small town called Riverton (not to be confused with Riverside) and loved it. (We also lived in Medford for a couple of years.) It's not too far from Cherry Hill. My More...
07/Jun/08 6:45 PM
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Hi Heidi, saw your request for Helen Reddy's "I am Woman", so tried to put the You tube on my page but "embedding is disabled by request"!!! The only way to hear it is to go to you tube (via someone's page or just google you tube!, then put
Helen Reddy I am Woman
in the search field & hit search, then click on the clip!
07/Jun/08 11:20 PM
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Great falcon story. Let us know how far away the bird was from where it was supposed to be. We once had an exhausted racing pigeon get to our place; it could go no further. We figured out how to call in its number and the owner came and picked it up. It had been blown off course by a storm and was so weak it couldn't make it the last 45 miles home. Poor thing.
12/Jun/08 1:45 AM
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Hi Heidi! Thanks for explaining your SHREEK! I understand your distress as I often feel the same way! Has the falcon gone back to his owner yet? That was a wonderful story. I may have missed parts of it while Jano was visiting here in FL, & I did not get to keep up with reading More...
16/Jun/08 11:18 AM
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Oh Heidi - thank you taking the time to tell me the "rest of the story"! I had read about the owner being found, but didn't see the part about who he is!!! He must be SO grateful to your neighbor for reuniting him with Renegade! Just tonight I happened to spot your note on Kathy from More...
16/Jun/08 12:42 PM
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Heidi, I'm just dropping by to say how sorry I am to hear the sad news about your friend. I'm sure you'll rally around to support her when she needs it and be as positive and upbeat as you can. Take care of yourself, and know that I'll be thinking of you both.
18/Jun/08 12:34 AM
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Heidi, sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she stays strong and remains positive. Take care x
18/Jun/08 2:08 AM
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Heidi, I just read about your friend.
I am so very sorry, yet I live in hope.

You and your friend are in my thoughts.
All the best,
18/Jun/08 3:57 PM
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Hi Heidi. 12 collies, wow. I'm glad you're looking after your back, you've only got one of those & what would you animal family do without you!
26/Jun/08 3:04 PM
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Hi Heidi. Just in case you miss my post on today's 'hard'... shaving the head is not a sign that hair is evil. It is done to show we are unconcerned about fashion and good looks and one-up-manship. In Buddhist terminology that is renunciation of samsara. We are also discouraged from shaving hair More...
27/Jun/08 4:29 PM
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HELLOOOoooo! just dropped in but guessing it's pasted your bed time, so I will close the door quietly behind me. I have a few 'babies' to feed night and morning. 3 hereford bull calves and 4 slips. [pigs] How did the Flacon story ended. So nitey nite. [You better that creaky door] {:>
27/Jun/08 6:15 PM
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Are you up for the day or will you head back to bed when the storm has gone? How many dogs and what is their breeds? I or we have two a over weight red heeler and a long legged Jack Russel [bred to run].
27/Jun/08 6:49 PM
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for your response. I sometimes get a bit sensitive because there are people who believe Buddhists are the evil antichrists, that we believe in nothing because we talk about emptiness, that we must be miserable because we talk about suffering and More...
27/Jun/08 8:41 PM
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Thanks Heidi. Yep, do all that. I change the water once a week. The water sits for 24 hours and I put drops of dechlorinater in it. Not sure of the capacity of the bowl it is in but it sure is bigger than it looks! I would say it is probably about 4L which I think is a gallon.
How long do they live for? Maybe it is just that Feisty is on his way to fish heaven!
01/Jul/08 9:24 AM
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Hey Heidi, I preferred the 9th Doc too...but what can you do????
03/Jul/08 11:30 AM
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Fierce Creatures disappointed me. I don't think it had the same quality I liked in Wanda. Don't remember ever seeing End of the World. Hate that my local movie rental stores don't carry old movies. They keep on going out of business and starting up fresh so no old movies (and very little business More...
07/Jul/08 2:01 AM
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I haven't found it on Amazon.com, so I thought it didn't exist! KISS KISS KISS thank you, Heidi. I've never heard of Movies Unlimited.
Excuse me, I'm about to spend hours on my new favorite web site ...
07/Jul/08 3:00 AM
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Hi Heidi--just got your rhododendron/azalea advice and thank you! I've probably let it go for too long this year; mine bloomed over a month ago, so I think it's too late to lop them back. Some of the branches could use a severe heading back, about 9 inches ...
Will the plants fill out from More...
08/Jul/08 11:29 PM
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