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I raise Red Angus Cattle. I also have 6 horses,  7 Collies, 2 Belgian Malinois, 1 barn cat, and LOTS of  Lovebirds, Budgies, Bourke Parakeets, Plum-headed Parakeets, Sun Conures, Green Cheeked Conures, Cockatiels, nine species of Finches and Diamond Doves.











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Hi Heidi
You might have missed my couple of posts about my knee op outcome.
The purpose of me having this knee arthroscopy was to see if I am suitable for a mini knee replacement, as I am too young to have a full knee replacement done.
They only last about 10 years More...
15/Jul/08 8:11 PM
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I want to see pics of your baby peacocks! Are they fuzzy like chicks? Do the boys have color already? I'm kinda curious now!
16/Jul/08 9:28 PM
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Oh, I forgot to drop off a bottle of Muscat Canelli from Messina Hof, our local winery, and a bouquet of Maroonbonnets, genetically engineered right here in Aggieland! Hope you have a wonderful week!
16/Jul/08 9:32 PM
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The baby peachicks aren't as cute as chicks, They're born very plain looking, with longer neck, beak and legs than chicks. They're hatched out with all they're flight feathers developed, so they can fly in about 2 or 3 hours after hatching. The black Shouldered are born a light tan color, More...
16/Jul/08 10:05 PM
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Hello Heidi, I am so slow in responding to everyone who sent birthday wishes - many thanks. From your comment on jigsaws yesterday - this is a gift to you. Cheers, Eliz T
17/Jul/08 10:00 AM
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Hello there, There was a newspaper story yesterday about a collie who was found and returned to it's family after missing for - I think - 5 years -- had a microchip so was able to place her back with her loving family. Good luck with new group.
18/Jul/08 4:31 AM
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Hey Heidi, great to see your photo! Left some comments! Would like to see the pea-fowls, the six collies family, and especially the sheep crew you have! Wish I could see your place, must be heaven's earth station. Oh well day after tomorrow is do you take the sabbath off?
18/Jul/08 5:57 AM
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Heidi - I'll give you a clue: Let's just say that this is about the last place you'd think to find a diamond, and I'd be afraid to hide something so valuable in this place because of the associated hazard of, er, mmm, losing it. Add that to what I said about mosaic tiles -- which clue I shouldn't More...
18/Jul/08 9:12 AM
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Oh, great news. I feel better. I didn't give anything away AND I get to find a new puzzle to think about while we watch the 3rd Back to the Future. Ohh, that was over too fast. Which number stumped you?
18/Jul/08 9:56 AM
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How dense I am in this heat. I thought you all were saying that Fiona's new puzzle was posting #7 on an Easy page. I think I was just rather too pleased with myself that I figured out how people knew they were about to WHEEE into a new page -- there are 40 posts per page. DUH. And they say my IQ's high. I don't believe it because I feel dumb too often.
18/Jul/08 10:15 AM
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As much as I dislike "Inherit the Wind," your quote is ever so much more appropriate than that infamous quote from "Gone With the Wind" ... !
18/Jul/08 11:08 AM
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Seriously, you don't think that I am M. R. Thripniddy, do you?????
19/Jul/08 8:24 AM
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What a bummer Heidi! Maybe next time...
19/Jul/08 9:33 AM
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Nope, definitely not me, but I feel that it could be Ian from Boston? or maybe Beehive snuck in under the radar.
19/Jul/08 3:12 PM
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Hi Superwoman!
I made it my mission to find a smilie that you can use when you tell us about the "oldies". I admire you so much for the work you are doing.
Feel free to use the avatar too, if you like.
20/Jul/08 12:32 AM
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Hi Heidi! We go to the Milwaukee Zoo and the NEW Zoo in Green Bay. There are also several small zoos near the Appleton area that we go to from time to time. Thanks for stopping in at my page. I don't get on here nearly enough anymore!
20/Jul/08 9:05 AM
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Wanted to drop by and say hello....I've been really busy. i had a 2 day job...then swim meet with the kids..and yesterday spent 6 hours tutoring a friend. May spend more time with her today...plus church and a swim meet. Hope all is well...Kathy's avatar with the collie reminded me of you. My son took a pic of his beta for you...but it came out really blurry. Talk to you later...alligator!
21/Jul/08 1:48 AM
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Hi Heidi,I have explained some of the notation in a comment on sue b's page. If there is a conspiracy, all the chess players in the world are in on it! When it comes to Dave and some of the others,well, I'm not so sure either?
22/Jul/08 4:42 PM
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Hi Heidi, You want to know about my Fred... well he is a cyberfish and rather special in that he is in training to swim the Atlantic Ocean and meet up with Todd (another special fish). They are best friends and write to each other in ebubble form all the time. One day they will get together and More...
22/Jul/08 9:39 PM
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"Judy... I am involved with a group called "Cedaridge Collie Rescue". I take in the unplaceable geriatrics, those Collies over 10 years old, and they stay with me for life"
Heidi, what a wonderful thing. God bless you.
23/Jul/08 9:27 AM
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thanks for the welcome. love the collies! we got a lagotto romagnolo puppy in march. we love him!
23/Jul/08 4:54 PM
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Hi Heidi.
UnderCoverWear is womens lingerie and clothing.
We have a new brochure out every 3 months.
It is a party plan or you can buy out of the catalogue.
This is the company website: www.undercoverwear.com.au
The catalogue is online.

23/Jul/08 7:57 PM
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You're so sweet! Thank you. I did go out and try to find my own but many are too big. I resized them but the kb are too big. These are the 2 I found. I'll keep looking....when I have free time. I More...
28/Jul/08 8:05 AM
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Wow Heidi when do you find time to rest just reading your list of animals makes me tired lol
28/Jul/08 8:58 AM
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you're very sweet. Do any of your dogs get adopted...or are they all yours? They must keep you all warm and cozy in the winter.
28/Jul/08 4:26 PM
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Your collies are very lucky... or blessed..sounds like you've given them a wonderful home! When I become an "undesirable geriatric" can i come live with you too?
29/Jul/08 2:31 AM
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Ahh now I understand Heidi thanks for telling me, please look after your back as its when you get older that it comes back to haunt you I even have trouble sitting at the pooter for too long. A nice glass of wine will help don't you think. LOL
29/Jul/08 7:26 AM
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thanks for wanting to be my friend...I feel special!
30/Jul/08 4:04 AM
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Good to see a picture of you on your page! Nice smile!
30/Jul/08 5:07 AM
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I found some other llamas for you! A little get well soon present;
30/Jul/08 11:45 AM
 |  |

Thanks Heidi, hope you are feeling better now.
30/Jul/08 11:53 AM
 |  |

Saw you up on-line and wanted to say "Good Morning"...hope you and Murph are both doing better today.
30/Jul/08 11:07 PM
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this is a test, only.
31/Jul/08 12:26 PM
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Heidi - get to the hospital for a check-up. If your symptoms include constipation, nausea and/or severe, painful spasms in the gut, you might have IBS. Been there. Done that. Not fun but it's not life threatening. When I had a major attack about five years ago, I was sure it was colon cancer but More...
01/Aug/08 3:01 PM
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Hi Heidi,
I'm so sorry to hear you're still not feeling well! I'll be praying for you...and that you can get to the doctor right away....and that he/she will know what to do. to cheer you to know you're being thought about
01/Aug/08 3:33 PM
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Heidi, I do hope your husband is wrong. I've been having suspicious (and embarrassing) symptoms, but it seems that it is just irritable bowel. You will be in my prayers, too.
01/Aug/08 4:10 PM
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Heidi, all the best. Thinking of you. Take care.
01/Aug/08 7:45 PM
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hope that the meds do the job and you don't have to leave your animals.

Several years ago, I had a bowel problem, when the pain became so severe (rather been dead than suffer the pain) - I finally went to the hospital - an intestinal blockage that burst the intestines - More...
02/Aug/08 2:32 AM
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Heidi, sending thoughts and wishes your way. Whatever this pain turns out to be, it must be dragging you down a bit... So hugs, a warm cup of tea of coffee, a foot stool and a good book sent your way...
02/Aug/08 6:00 AM
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My thoughts are with you Heidi.Not knowing what is wrong is the scary bit,just hope it wont be long before you do know and can get back to all your animals.
Best of luck for a healthy outcome!!!
02/Aug/08 6:49 AM
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