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I raise Red Angus Cattle. I also have 6 horses,  7 Collies, 2 Belgian Malinois, 1 barn cat, and LOTS of  Lovebirds, Budgies, Bourke Parakeets, Plum-headed Parakeets, Sun Conures, Green Cheeked Conures, Cockatiels, nine species of Finches and Diamond Doves.











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Heidi, please look after yourself. Love and hugs from me and Bella.
02/Aug/08 9:47 AM
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Best wishes and loving thoughts Heidi.
02/Aug/08 10:19 AM
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Hi Heidi! Thanks for letting me know you have dealt with critters with torn ACLs too. Did any of them have surgery? I googled ACL in dogs & read that it could cause problems later on if Ebony doesn't have surgery. I hope that won't be the case. As for YOUR current problem I hope the More...
02/Aug/08 12:11 PM
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Get well soon.
02/Aug/08 8:33 PM
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Heidi... Hopefully the meds are doing the trick. Is your doctor going to do a thorough check anyway? Hope so! No fun, but better than wishing you had.
03/Aug/08 7:16 AM
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Hi Heidi, thank you for your lovely comments about Tosca. It was a bit of a surprise to see him up there today, I'd forgotten I'd even sent it, it was so long ago. But I did have a bit of a tear thinking about him. He was 13 and I think what surprised us most was that he thought he was a puppy More...
03/Aug/08 10:42 PM
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I wouldn't cast Edward James Olmos as Burl Ives, but as Big Daddy, he would rock. No one can shoot pure evil out of their eyes like he can.
04/Aug/08 3:45 AM
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Glad to hear you are getting yourself checkout, hope it won't be bad as you thing. Also I hope the dogs are not THAT bad.[you know what I mean]. All the best for tomorrow.
On a bighter note thanks for your best wishes.
Love those beautiful gently gaint horses.
05/Aug/08 1:27 PM
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Friends are like butt cheeks....
S*&^t might separate them but
they always come back together.
06/Aug/08 12:23 PM
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Heidi - Hope you're back on site soon with upbeat news. We're all pulling for you, girl!
06/Aug/08 12:35 PM
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OK Girl, will let you off this time, know what it is like with animals when they freak out. Just showing concern for you well-being. All I am saying is you have to look after yourself so you can look after the rest. If you are not well and happy how can you help others be well and happy?
Take care.
06/Aug/08 4:34 PM
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Heidi, just had a look at your photo's. Do you own the sire of your colt? If so then you are doubly lucky they are beautiful. Did you get the puppies too when you adopted Willow?
07/Aug/08 1:20 AM
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Hi Heidi!
I am so glad you are feeling better!
08/Aug/08 4:07 AM
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Heidi, I was brought up on Satchmo and I love this song so much. Originally I had it up with a dedication for Mamacita, trying to remind her that it IS still a Wonderful World. Now it is still there because, just like you, I still find it uplifting.
BTW Best of luck for both the Bettas. Hope they don't get into a jealous fight!
12/Aug/08 10:57 PM
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Thanks for your good luck wishes for the Peru trip! We'll have to see how I am affected by the high altitude. I am taking enough meds to start a pharmacy (one for altitude sickness included)
My poor doc has writer's cramp. If I don't OD the first day, it should be a great experience! lol More...
13/Aug/08 7:24 AM
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Hi Heidi
I have standardbreds. This one brings me up to 7 and 1/2. This fellow is a 3YO Gelding, a grandson of recently deceased leading USA sire Artsplace. I have 4 racing or about to race, a broodmare and a couple of foals. I am just waiting for the the birth of a foal by Art Major who in his More...
13/Aug/08 11:40 AM
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That is a coincidence although Artsplace through his sons has had a profound influence on the breed.
Best wishes with the rooster. I used to exhibit dogs and imported the first American Champion Italian greyhound to Australia way back in 1979. In those days quarantine was alot stricter and he More...
14/Aug/08 12:06 PM
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for posting those colorful eggs, Heidi - really unusual. They are as beautiful as the hens they come from!
16/Aug/08 7:17 AM
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beautiful eggs heidi. can you eat those? pretty bettas too. you were robbed at the fair! when my daughter pulled the tail off of ours it wasn't so pretty. after 6 mo. in our crazy house he decided he would rather live in heaven. rip azu!
16/Aug/08 4:42 PM
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yes, it's captain jack and mr. d - stopping in to visit the ever popular Heidi!
no worries, mate, we'll be on your next cruise!
18/Aug/08 12:49 AM
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Hey Heidi, if you go to the Forum Page(top tool bar), under Off-Topics you will see a list of the different pages with the name of the person who posted last, the number of comments and the number of views.
20/Aug/08 5:19 PM
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Heidi, thanks for the clue about Dino not being a gentleman at all, but a Buddhist nun instead. I will send her a little note but I bet she will think it's amusing. Nice of you to let me know.
26/Aug/08 4:07 PM
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Stopped by to say for your thoughts. I did indeed laugh when Judy posted her apology for thinking I was a man!
I hope you are free from your own ill health. All those animals you care for are so very fortunate.
27/Aug/08 7:57 AM
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Hello Heidi - I responded to your comment on kid's page today.
28/Aug/08 4:07 PM
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Hi Heidi, thank you very much for the info on the 'Pobra' (or 'Zebony'.

This might amuse you
29/Aug/08 5:17 AM
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There's no stopping you now you have learnt how to get smilies. Well done, you seem to have one for every occasion. I love the Nutty bird.
29/Aug/08 2:42 PM
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Heidi, I am so terribly sorry about Murphy.
My heart is breaking for you.
01/Sep/08 8:04 AM
 |  |

HI Heidi!
Hadn't heard from you in a while and wanted to check up on you. Did you ever find out what was wrong...and are you still ill?

My son and I looked at your photo galery..thanks for posting the pics. Wow...your animals are beautiful!!! He especially enjoyed the Beta pics. His More...
01/Sep/08 8:37 AM
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It was good to hear from you...
I'm so sorry about Murphy!
Hope you are feeling better...
01/Sep/08 11:24 AM
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Oh, Heidi, I'm so sorry to hear about Murphy's sudden illness and death. What a shock! And with everything else you have been dealing with. Please, take care of yourself! We're thinking positive thought for you!
01/Sep/08 4:05 PM
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I just noticed your photo comments. My daughter is posing with Olypian swimmers. She was at a swim camp at a local college and the Olympians were asked to come and give a talk. She asked them for pics. She actual ask one of the guys....he said that he could do better...took off his shirt, got the More...
01/Sep/08 4:23 PM
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well i alway knew he could sing, but dance too? this i did not know! thanks heidi. i didn't think it was possible, but i love FM even more!
02/Sep/08 2:59 PM
 |  |

Heidi, I haven't backtracked enough to find out which animal Murphy was, but losing any one of them is like having part of us torn away.
02/Sep/08 3:30 PM
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Good on you SA sister! Well done for getting a youtube on your page.
There is just no stopping you now is there?!
02/Sep/08 7:53 PM
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Hi to you and all your animals. We lived on a million acre station property for 3 years. It was in the wild north of Western Australia and had 12,000 head of cattle that we were responsible for. They were Brahman/Shorthorn. Nothing quite as delightful as Red Angus.
05/Sep/08 2:35 PM
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Heidi, I was standing on the ramp when I took the photo of the sunset!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!
08/Sep/08 11:35 AM
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Heidi, thanks for the Ebay info. You've been a big help! If I think of anything else, I'll give a shout. Have a great week.
09/Sep/08 4:59 AM
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P.S. I love the Bobby Darin treat! I've never heard him sing that song, so it was great. (I still have an album upstairs that my older sister left behind of Darin's greatest hits, with my favourite, Dream Lover).
09/Sep/08 5:11 AM
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Heidi....won't sy much seeing as you are not celebrating hehe..
09/Sep/08 12:24 PM
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My wife and I went to the state fair and one of the first exhibits we stopped at was the

breeding bulls. We went up to the first Pen and there was a sign attached that said,


My wife playfully nudged me in the ribs .....Smiled More...
09/Sep/08 2:01 PM
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