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Hi MizTricia, what a magnificent piece of art! Well done to all. WHere will it be displayed after all the travels? Take care
11/Sep/07 4:53 PM
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Hi MizT. That is a beautiful quilt. I can imagine the work and dedication that went into it. Especially since it was done by many people in different places. I hope it finds a home where it can be seen by many more.
12/Sep/07 3:21 AM
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MizTricia, What a lot of love & skill went into the making of this gorgeous quilt. Thank you for giving your fellow Sudokuists a chance to see it up close. Hopefully, many more people will get to see & appreciate it at a permanent memorial somewhere in the future.
12/Sep/07 6:39 AM
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Hi, MizTricia! The quilt is beautiful! What a fitting tribute! Who has possession of the quilt?
12/Sep/07 1:50 PM
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hi there MizT
people tell me you are the wiz at avatars. i have ha a go but haven't got the hang of it yet. do you have any easy instructions? i realise i could go through your page here and maybe find some, but i have to log off now and don't have time. if you could paste them on to a message on my page, i would be soooo grateful! :):):):)
12/Sep/07 10:53 PM
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Hello again MizT - thank you for your message!
I have made one "pass" through the page you've sent me to and i can see there is lots of fun to be had... it;s late at night here just now and my head can't absorb it very well but i know now where to come back and look. Thank you very much.
13/Sep/07 11:51 PM
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Thank you for your welcome - I'm having a look around and a bit of a play I'll try using a smilie again, and hope that it works this time!!
16/Sep/07 11:52 AM
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I think I've got it
16/Sep/07 11:53 AM
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MizT, belated to your daughter. Hope everyone had a good time.
17/Sep/07 1:47 AM
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Hello MizTricia - thanks for visiting my page and viewing my photos.
I've just been browsing through yours and you certainly have some very interesting ones.
I have a friend in Albany who is a very keen quilter and belongs to a quilting club, or something like that, but I'm not sure if they are as intricate as yours.
17/Sep/07 1:35 PM
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hi MizT, repaying your visit! If you would like to see the beach, then you can check my pics on Flickr (my name there is dsttc). Going up to Melbourne to help out D#2 today but will be around via my trusty laptop.
19/Sep/07 8:13 AM
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,MizTricia. Thank you for visiting my page and the birthday greeting. You are a very talented quilter (is that the right nomenclature?)! Someday, I hope to learn that skill, but for now, I buy them. I love what your group did for Sept. 11th. No wonder it wins ribbons! By the way, More...
19/Sep/07 9:21 AM
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Hi MizTricia, the kids playing the ball games and the photo that I called my class are the same kids. In Indonesia, most children wear their brown uniforms on a particular day of the week. It is their Pramuka or Scouts' uniform. The red and white is the regular primary school uniform throughout More...
19/Sep/07 6:01 PM
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Hey MizTricia, Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one experiencing problems with photographs. I did send the mail like you suggested, but it was returned "undelivered"!! Have not tried to upload again, bit busy, will try again soon. Have you managed? Take care
20/Sep/07 5:25 AM
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OMG, Sudoku dieting is fun. Wisconson Angie has me soaking in Bloddy Marys, and you have my swimming in chocolate ... as long as I don't inhale. I wouldn't want to ... but you didn't say anything about swallowing. Hah.
20/Sep/07 8:11 AM
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It's me again! We had exactly the same situation - kept busy by our daughters!! My daughter was visiting from England and I never stopped for a minute. Enjoy having yours home! My heart is aching because I will not see my daughter for another year or so!!
20/Sep/07 4:48 PM
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I want to leave you with a special thank-you and a trail of gifts for being so supportive to me over my verses, and when I first joined the site. You were the first person to leave me a welcome at my room. So I am leaving 6 of my premium strawberry tarts; some sheep as scatter cushions; and a Baa stocked with drinks for Ewe and your many guests
28/Sep/07 3:13 AM
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The agent said "elephant what?". But I agree about the composting, except that the Wichita zoo sells zoo-doo as a fund raiser and I'd hate to think of myself as beating the poor penguins out of a rasher of salt herring.
28/Sep/07 10:21 AM
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Thank you for the kind birthday wish. I usually do the easy and medium puzzles but don't always post. By the time I get on it is usually late at night.
I love the 9-11 quilt. It looks like it took a lot of time and a lot of love. I hope you find a special permanent home for it. I would love to learn to quilt someday. I just need to find time.
02/Oct/07 9:40 AM
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MizTricia, thank you so much for your heartfelt words of condolence and especially for your offer of a patient, listening ear. I may take you up on that yet! I miss my mom like crazy but loving her completely meant letting her go. I have her overnight bag packed and it rests in the bedroom where More...
05/Oct/07 9:07 AM
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Hi Miz Tricia, I finally worked out how to add Flickr photos, my own photos and even a You Tube to my page. I have added an avatar, but would love a hint on where to get some more. The one that I have chosen is a photo of my own, but the majority of them don't shrink so small or are even still More...
05/Oct/07 8:45 PM
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Hi MizTricia ... had a drive to my home town today to deliver some thank you cards and token gifts to the nurses who cared for my mother. It's Thanksgiving here, but we're not celebrating in the usual way--just taking quiet time to be thankful we had such a wonderful mom. Glad you liked her More...
08/Oct/07 7:52 AM
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Hi MizT. i was just scoping out the quilter's page and saw your note that your sunbonnet sue and sam was on flickr. it is beautiful. we're headed up to see mom at thanksgiving end of november, so i'll try to take pictures to post. i pieced different material together for each sam and sue, so no 2 More...
09/Oct/07 3:39 AM
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Thinking of you my friend ...
10/Oct/07 7:07 PM
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MizT, you've no idea the comfort you've been. Thanks for sharing how you keep your mother near. My friend lost her mom 25 years ago, and she still talks to her every day.
I'm now in the fight of the century with a local university, trying to deal with a hostile student; until now I've More...
10/Oct/07 11:22 PM
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Cattle and peaches? Sounds like quite a combo. Yes, our weather has been more like August than October. However, it was great for extending the boating season. See ya around.
11/Oct/07 12:54 AM
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i think i finally figured out how i want to finish off the quilt for my grandgirl. i've had s.sue done i pinks for her for almost 2 years and only need to attach binding. i had it in a quilt frame until we moved and figured i would have to hand quilt it. that's overwhelming for a king size quilt! More...
11/Oct/07 2:18 AM
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Hi MizT, Glad you enjoyed having morning coffee in my back yard and I hope the kookaburras did not laugh at you. The orange flowers are "Clivia" and they originate from South Africa. Not sure of the dark red plant. Given as a cutting. It is the leaf that has the colour and is very easy to More...
11/Oct/07 2:32 AM
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Cooee MizT, just thought I'd drop in to see how you are because we don't seem to be able to co-ordinate our meeting times! Hope this note finds you and hubby well. Thinking of you.
11/Oct/07 11:47 PM
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MizT - I read your post in SA about your super blankie, and I want to let you know about some fantastic new sheets made of fuzzy microfiber - probably the same fabric as your throw. They're $50 a set (any size). I saw them in a recent Domestications catalog. I think their web address is www.domestications.com.
18/Oct/07 2:04 PM
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Hi, MizT! Glad you got my message. I almost bought the sheets last year, but then we had an unusually warm winter - never even had a freeze here (at least at our house, as attested to by the surviving impatiens!) I, too, bought fuzzy blankies at Wal-Mart: 2 "leopard" throws that I More...
18/Oct/07 11:25 PM
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MizTricia, I LOVED your funny story. That could be the story of my life! The Lord is good, but the calories, mean sons of a *^*))^$#!!! They seem to love hanging around my waistline.
19/Oct/07 12:07 PM
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Well at the moment, we are boatless We just sold our open bow and are shopping for a cruiser. Something 30'+. And I agree, any body of water that we will fit in works for us. I'll put a picture of the "Change In Latitude" on my page in a sec.
20/Oct/07 12:20 AM
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Next time you are this way you should take the the Eagle Fairy or the Grafton Fairy accros the river. You's love it.
20/Oct/07 12:24 AM
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Hello MizT! Thanks so much for the welcome! I have cousins in Alabama! Small world!
20/Oct/07 4:55 AM
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My uncle lives in Guntersville, on the lake there, and I have a cousin in Tuscaloosa (I think :)

Thanks for commenting on the family! They are my pride! If there is one thing I do really well, it is having beautiful children! The puppy is a gift from my sister to my husband. He More...
20/Oct/07 5:07 AM
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I have added more pics! (this is fun!)

One is of my father and Uncle that was taken in Uncle's boat house on the lake! Circa 1970. They have lived there for a VERY long time...you never know...you could have met my uncle!

I have also added pics of some of my latest crochet More...
20/Oct/07 6:01 AM
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Cheers MizT. Beth has asked me to pass on her thanks for the many messages she received, she was most touched. She sat on my lap this morning (I think it was a last minute regression!) and read them all. She's off out with her mates tonight, we did the family thing last night.
20/Oct/07 4:52 PM
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Hey hey MizTricia :)

Thank you for the very warm welcome.. And thanks for all the sudoku advice =).. Got to say, this site has some of the nicest and friendliest people =)... Glad to have joined...

Kind regards..
Peter :)
22/Oct/07 5:02 PM
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nice to have a note from you when i returned from a long weekend in Indiana, seeing the grandboys. that was great fun. they are growing much too rapidly!

the roses are in a pot, as are all my plants. i move them with us when we go from LA to NC. quite a trip for them i have about 10 More...
23/Oct/07 4:49 AM
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