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October, 2008








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Yum! Thank you for all the kindness :)

Kind regards!
23/Oct/07 10:34 AM
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Thoughts and Prayers for your Daughter and Fiancée’s safety in the California Fires. xx Hugs
23/Oct/07 11:26 AM
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Hi, MizTricia! Wow, what a day! It's bound to be better tomorrow. I'm praying for Al to be safely home, and your daughter safely far enough away from the fires. My daughter almost took a job in that area of California. I know I would be on pins & needles & worried sick. However, amazingly, More...
23/Oct/07 1:09 PM
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Was glad to read that your daughter is ok and that Al made it home safely. Don't forget to take care of yourself, can't have you worrying yourself sick. Take care.
25/Oct/07 11:54 AM
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Miz T...I've been thinking about you and was glad to hear that your California family was safe. I was able to read a few of the SA pages and while it wasn't funny, your account of Al's trip, the phone and computer problems, topped off with weather complications was written in a way that had me More...
26/Oct/07 5:13 AM
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I brought you a Pumpkin Chiffon Pie,
and happen to have an empty wine glass here: TRICK OR TREAT!
01/Nov/07 9:33 AM
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Trick or Treat!
01/Nov/07 1:01 PM
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Thank you! I so appreciate your kind words! Spent the day in my pajamas and thinking of all the things I WANT to do instead of what I should do.
05/Nov/07 12:51 PM
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MizT, being that it was 4 AM Sunday morning, the doctor didn't have a whole lot to say other than the stress enzyme level in my blood test was normal (I've learned that when you have a heart attack your heart gives off an enzyme to show it's stressed). I'm already signed up for appointments with a More...
05/Nov/07 1:44 PM
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MizTricia, Hi!!! Just got back from one doctor. He dilated one of my eyes to check for a detached retina. I'm fine but I do look spooky with one eye big and the other regular sized. Gee, if I did this sooner, I could have been a zombie for Halloween!
06/Nov/07 1:52 PM
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Hi MizT, thanks for your message. Yes I have finished and I don't have any exams. I am now on "holidays", or at least waiting to see what sort of work I will do for a couple of months. I have just left a couple of messages on the SA page and am waiting to see if anyone is around. Hope to catch up with you soon.
06/Nov/07 2:19 PM
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Gday MizT, been a while since we've caught up so I thought I'd pop in here to check up on you!
We are all well here. Beth is currently going through her final year exams, loves driving so we hardly ever see here any more! Must admit, she and I are getting on a lot better now that we are not in More...
07/Nov/07 10:15 PM
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Hey MizT! Go back and read your welcome to Torii28 from Minnesota. You little vixen, you!
Right in the middle of the state, huh? LOL
A trip to the naughty corner for you!
13/Nov/07 9:12 AM
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Hi MizT, thanks for the cobbler pie yum! Can I share it with Bella? I'm sure she would love some of the crust. Talk soon.
16/Nov/07 10:58 AM
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Hey MizT, xmas puddings are everywhere here. Do you have a store that specialises in foreign foods? What do you have for dessert on Xmas day?
The SP dish went well. I halved the amount of sugar and I really liked it as a side dish but my hubby and sons chose to eat it for dessert with fruit and icecream.I love trying 'exotic' dishes from other places.Thanx for the recipe.
18/Nov/07 8:25 AM
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Thanks for the B-Day wish, not too late! I just don't read my page daily, sorry. We celebrate our B-Days the whole month anyway. One day isn't long enough. I brought some spiced popcorn, enjoy! ♥Your quilts are fabulous!!! The memorial should go to CA some place, so we have a remembrance from More...
18/Nov/07 8:57 AM
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hey MizT, don't want to interupt your sewing but I wanted to say that we went to a restaurant called New Orleans (I know Alabama is not really close to Louisiana, but its a lot closer than from here) and I had a WONDERFUL white chocolate bread pudding. Does that sound authentic to you? Steve had the sweet potato pie to complement your sweet potato casserole from the night before. Yummy!!
19/Nov/07 9:04 AM
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Oh Thank you MizT, I think I've died and gone to heaven I noticed this morning that I had put on a bit of weight and I was surprised because I had only had a small meal AND THAT WHITE CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING. Now I know where the weight came from AND IT WAS ALL WORTH IT
19/Nov/07 2:58 PM
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Beautiful quilts MizT!!
20/Nov/07 7:22 AM
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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, MizT!
22/Nov/07 4:53 AM
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MizT, just stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Since I don't have a turkey smilie, here's a little standing in for the gobbler.
22/Nov/07 6:39 AM
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MizTricia - glad to share. The beauty of this recipe is that it is so versatile! I've made it almost entirely fat free up to half-fat! And it's always turned out. Of course, I do splurge and top it with a little real whipped cream. Can't stand the fake stuff or even the aerosol can whipped More...
22/Nov/07 10:34 AM
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A special thank you for all your hospitality when I joined the site.
22/Nov/07 4:39 PM
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Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Hope your day reminds you of all of the wonderful things we have for which to be thankful! Thanks for always being there!
23/Nov/07 12:10 AM
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and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We got some dusting of snow this morning. Enjoy your day, Mary
23/Nov/07 12:54 AM
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MizTricia, wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.
23/Nov/07 5:46 AM
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My dear Tricia, how wongerful it was to catch up with you this morning. I meant to let you know that Scott went for his three monthly specialist check-up this week and he got a big . After his last visit, he was told a few home truths and was feeling a bit blue about things. Since then, More...
24/Nov/07 9:19 PM
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for your welcome and dropping by my page and welcoming me to SA. I'm not at all surprised to find all the people whose comments I most enjoy on the puzzle pages spend a bit of time on this page as well. I'm really looking forward to catching up for a chat. More...
26/Nov/07 1:08 AM
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Hi MizT, my surgery is scheduled for Friday 30 Nov, pending of course blood test results and clearance from anaeth.. put you to sleep guy. Originally I was told 5 days in hospital, but the doctor thinks I might be out by Monday. I hope he's right! Whenever I get out I might have plenty of time to spend in here as I will not be allowed to do much for a few weeks.
26/Nov/07 5:27 AM
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BTW, thank you for asking! I am very nervous!
26/Nov/07 5:29 AM
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Hi MizT, thank you for your thoughts! It's tomorrow now - always assuming all is okay with the blood test etc and they don't cancel it. I have to call at 2pm today to find out when to start fasting and head on up to the hospital. Silly me chose a doctor who operates at a hospital over an hour from here.
29/Nov/07 5:04 AM
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Hi there MizT.
It was great to hear from you. Wanted to sit and reply to it as soon as I received it but I've been very busy. I've been doing some serious job hunting, trying to get fit after surgery and trying to prioritize everything that needs to be done before the 25th. Scarcely More...
01/Dec/07 10:47 PM
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Hi, I'm slow at going through my mail, sorry. I do reply eventually. ♥ My spiced popcorn has "Spike" on it. (I don't recall the brand, but it's in with all the bottled spices.) We put it in the oil we pop it with so it gets evenly distributed. It's not sweet or hot. I've seen many types of flavored popcorn, but this is my favorite!♥♥ Love your quilts!!! ♥♥♥PJ
02/Dec/07 8:43 AM
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Hi MizT
It's over and I am home again. Won't be doing much for a little while, but I managed to shock the nurses with how quickly I got up and around..
04/Dec/07 5:27 AM
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Hi Nursey Tricia, your welcome back message was happily received. I'm finding that being at home is not as easy as I thought it would be - for a start I don't have a nice long corridor to walk along for my exercise! And no one is delivering hot and cold drinks or food to my bedside - well, not More...
04/Dec/07 3:12 PM
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MizT, PowerPoint is like word. It doesn't "work" until it's called on. Once an attachment is opened, it is loaded into your Temporary Internet File. If this gets too much in it, you'll have problems with PowerPoint. Had trouble with mine a few weeks ago not loading. Went into Disk More...
04/Dec/07 3:50 PM
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Mix Tricia - maybe we could call you Misty!! It would be great if you could bring your juke box & start things rolling while I'm out this morning. I didn't have time to hire a band & I'm not too up on music. There are speakers on the lanai you can hook up to. Feel free to play whatever you think the bathers will enjoy while they soak! Thanks for the offer.
05/Dec/07 1:55 AM
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Hi Nursey Tricia - definitely need that laughing pillow. No funny TV shows for me at the moment! I crochet two-dimensional ornaments. I started with a bell this time. The pattern book I have has two different bells, a few wreaths, snowflakes, angels, a dove (not good that one) and what it calls More...
05/Dec/07 7:12 AM
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MizT - you're a dear. Thanks for bringing your juke box all the way from Alabama to Florida! I had a wongerful birthday. You contributed a lot to the fun. Hope you have a great December. It's flying by so fast & Christmas will be here before we know it , May I be among the first to wish you a Merry Christmas &
06/Dec/07 1:43 PM
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Hi MizT, a week on and I am feeling good. I get tired easily, but otherwise I am doing well. I have been very good and not lifted or vacuumed or swept. The lifting is a problem, but the vacuuming and sweeping I am happy to live without for a while! It's more like a good excuse than a post-op precaution!!
08/Dec/07 7:03 AM
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