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Poppy is now one.

Good news!!! I had my PET scan and they did a whole body scan.  The results are that they could find no trace of cancer anywhere.   I am so thrilled and want to thank all my friends here for all their support and messages of encouragement.   I so appreciate your kind thoughts and believe that it does make a difference.   Thank you all.

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Hi Wendy. What seed pod is your new picture? It's amazing! Certainly distracted my thanks for your last message to me!
02/Jul/07 9:10 PM
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Thanks for your concern. My kitty is doing much better, limping a lot less and jumping around.
03/Jul/07 3:48 AM
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Hi Wendy, and whales aren't fat, they're just 'blubbery' Left a few comments on your photos. Hope all is well in your small place in this world! Cheers!
03/Jul/07 5:42 AM
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Loved your youtube. As a cat lover, I have had many a belly massage. What the vid doesn't show are the CLAWS!
03/Jul/07 10:14 AM
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Wendy, The video is just adorable...I loved it. Thanks for the nice visit..its always good to have folks drop by.Getting ready to visit your flickr page. See you around.
03/Jul/07 2:20 PM
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Had to tell how much I enjoyed your lastest pictures....all of the cats are beauties...well perhaps Mr. Lion would perfer handsome....LOL
03/Jul/07 2:30 PM
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Thanks Wendy! That did cross my mind when I saw yours because I know there are different varieties of pittosporum.
04/Jul/07 7:45 AM
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I love your little icons!
04/Jul/07 7:45 AM
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Hi Wendy, just dropped in to say I hope all continues to go well with your Dad.
And I love the cat videos--priceless! Cheers and take care.
05/Jul/07 1:21 AM
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Thank you Wendy! - Posted update in my page.
Knowing so many are praying and sending positive thoughts Rocko's way helps tremendously.

Love your photo! Will check your gallery once I get Rocko home.
11/Jul/07 1:43 PM
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Wendy, thanks for cluing us in on poor Rocko. I've been sobbing like a child over the sad news. Loss of a pet just turns me to mush. But watching your 'cat video' again made me smile, and your photo is lovely. Cheers, and have a great day.
13/Jul/07 1:07 AM
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Hi Wendy. You have not only added frames but you have added lots of photos. I'll come back and spend more time looking at them on the weekend. Like the piano cat! Quite the page you have set up!
13/Jul/07 10:21 AM
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Thank you so much my dear Wendy! What a wonderful tribute to my wonderful Rocko than having all pets get an extra hug from their human companions.
And a Pet's Week! Thank you! I have no words to describe my feelings at this moment.

14/Jul/07 11:24 AM
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Hi Wendy, sorry haven't got back to you but just got back from a fishing trip today, then the chores that you come home to , mowing the lawn, etc. your pics are great, will have to post some of my own mabey tomorrow or Sunday, hope all is well, oh More...
14/Jul/07 2:37 PM
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Hi again just went to my e-mail and got your message from flickr, did'nt know you could put frames on the pics, how do you do that, btw still have some great pics there. nice photography
14/Jul/07 2:49 PM
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Wendy, my husband knew what he was in for when we got married. I told my mom about walking Beau in my wedding gown and she was like 'absolutely not' All I need was that challenge. No one took a picture but all the neighbors had a good laugh and I will always remember it. We are going away in a few days and grandma is going to babysit Rachel for us.
16/Jul/07 6:42 AM
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Hi Wendy

Thanks for dropping in to my page. I was in Ocean grove on Thursday and Thursday night .......and BOY DID IT RAIN Thursday night, I thought we were going to float away!.

You will see a picture of my cat GIZMO and my daughter on my page.
16/Jul/07 1:35 PM
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Picture this: I had the veil on, wedding dress on and train slung over my arm and was walking this 6 lb Yorkie. I should have taken a picture but it was a crazy day. The neighbors were laughing (and congratulating me). I went from 1 dog to 1 hubby, 2 sons, 2 dogs (1 now) 1 bird and at one time 5 fish. My house resembles a zoo as my sons typically act like monkeys!!!
17/Jul/07 7:20 AM
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Hi Wendy, glad the surgery went ok and no problems., as for your pics they are are still great, went to my Kodak program but still no way to put frames on them, well posted a couple of new photos on this site, but will still have to post them on flickr as they look better and you can have More...
17/Jul/07 2:44 PM
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Well Hi Wendy, glad the operation went ok with you dad, yes some of the Yucca plant have flowers and the one's in the front yard flower every year, this year they were about 7ft. for 2.135 meters tall the blooms last about 1 month kind of like a orchid. they are great but wish they came in more More...
17/Jul/07 4:15 PM
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Just noticed you changed your avatar to a teddy bear for a minute but when i went back it was the pirate again, you must be experimenting.
17/Jul/07 4:23 PM
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Goodness me, Wendy, you are always up late. How do you do it?
I'm off to bed soon, work tomorrow.
18/Jul/07 12:38 AM
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Hi Wendy,

In response to your questions:
'Just wondering how you decide which pictures to use for the jigsaws'

1. 'some photos repeated many times'
There shouldn't be any repeats. This can happen if a photo is submitted and then submitted again a few months later, but More...
18/Jul/07 7:48 AM
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Hi Wendy, great pic of some kind of blue flower and on flickr an other color, what kind of flower is it? well keep trying on your avatars, soon you will come up with one or more you like and kind of fun to change personalities for just a second on the www. glad you don't have to worry about your More...
18/Jul/07 3:55 PM
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Hello Wendy - of course it doesn't bother me, but you are two hours ahead of us and it just seems so late for you. I just wondered how you manage to stay up so late.
Sorry if you thought I was having a go at you, that definitely wasn't my More...
18/Jul/07 5:28 PM
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Wendy, Rachel is a special dog. Right now she is at her grandparents house. We are going away and they decided to babysit instead of us putting her in a kennel. I will give her a hug for you when I see her.
19/Jul/07 12:02 PM
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Hello Wendy. I was just on Gail's page & noticed that you have a nephew called Harry & he was born on 31st of May. That's a bit spooky (in a very nice way!). I have a son called Henry! & he was born on the 31st of May! (26yrs ago). He wasn't due till the end of June.
20/Jul/07 8:40 AM
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I had seen him with your pictures on Flikr', but when I heard the birth date I had to comment! I've just had another look at him (& your other photos!). He looks like he was early too!
20/Jul/07 8:50 AM
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Wow changed from a teddy to a cat, and got a great post on your page with the weather smilies good job!! Is it really cold there, here to day was 103 degrees F, about 40 degrees C, very hot, drank lots More...
20/Jul/07 1:29 PM
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Hope the penguin fits in with your weather!! lol
20/Jul/07 1:38 PM
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Hi Wendy,
Did you watch the F1 race today?
23/Jul/07 12:34 AM
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It is on in the background at the moment. Will you get to see the race?
23/Jul/07 12:38 AM
 |  |
I watched in on TV, Well done Mark! great to see him on the podium. Certainly was well deserved.
I didn't want to say anything if you hadn't seen the race and spoil it for you.
23/Jul/07 7:52 AM
 |  |

It was a fantasic race. Some of them are a bit boring, but this one had all the drama you could want. I usually put Mark in my tips but didn't this week and then he gets 3rd. Gotta love him though. Usually I record the race and watch it with hubby the next day but last night I watched most of it.
23/Jul/07 11:47 AM
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Hi Wendy, like the new avatar and all the new pics, not partial to cat's my self but they make good subjects for pics, well anyway have a great day and will talk to you later.
24/Jul/07 3:07 PM
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P.S. hope it warms up there was 102 degrees F here today about 38.8 C and kind of muggy besides, send some of the cool here and will send the warmth there, (as if we could do that!!) well have a great day and don't freeze there
24/Jul/07 3:11 PM
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Your Jack looks just like a cat I had years ago called Soxy. I wonder why we called him that! Over the years we have had many cats. It sort of became known that I was a sucker for a sob story and I could never see a cat put down just for convenience. We became a home for giveaway cats. We tried to More...
29/Jul/07 5:23 PM
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Wendy I was being nosy and stopped by your site. Your pictures are beautiful. I love your cats they are adorable and seem to have great personality.
See you in the jigsaws.
30/Jul/07 4:06 AM
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But Beware the Killer Rabbit from The Holy Grail!! Great comment on your page, have'nt seen or even thought about that movie for years, kind of dry humor, but so were most of Monty Pythons skits, One of my favorites it the one about Spam, to bad More...
30/Jul/07 2:08 PM
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Hi and welcome.
31/Jul/07 8:31 AM
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