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Poppy is now one.

Good news!!! I had my PET scan and they did a whole body scan.  The results are that they could find no trace of cancer anywhere.   I am so thrilled and want to thank all my friends here for all their support and messages of encouragement.   I so appreciate your kind thoughts and believe that it does make a difference.   Thank you all.

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Hi Wendy, thanks for visiting again, used to love Monty Python, they had some great skits and a couple of good movies, my favorite was the meaning of life, in a close tie with Quest for the holy grail, both great movies, well work is long but not that hard replacing modems, just time consuming, More...
31/Jul/07 3:22 PM
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Oh btw love the youtube, this used to be one of my favorite songs, moving where the weather fits my clothes!! or lack of them.
31/Jul/07 3:24 PM
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Hi Wendy. Just checked out your photos & I do like the frames. The pictures are great too!
02/Aug/07 11:54 AM
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Hi Wendy. wow you have really been busy with flicker, many new great pics, liked the birds in your dad's back yard and the lion the best, keep up the good work, glad your had a nice holiday with nothing to worry about, those are the best kind of More...
07/Aug/07 3:36 PM
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Hi Wendy. Thanks for dropping by & for the Tim Tams!
Here's an Apple & Sour Cream slice I've made. Got the recipe from the 'Good Weekend' a couple of weeks ago & it's quite delicious!
08/Aug/07 12:38 PM
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Happy Birthday Wendy!
I have just been browsing through your photos and they are wonderful. You wouldn't be a fellow cat-lover by any chance, would you? I have a special fondness for short hair cats. We have had Seal Point Siamese for as long as we have More...
13/Aug/07 5:45 AM
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Wendy! Hope you have a great day & a yummy Guess I'll go take a look at your pictures now. If Ian says they're good, then they surely must be!! P.S. I have daughter named Wendy - a very good name!
13/Aug/07 6:09 AM
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Gee, Wendy, I'm sure glad you had a birthday, & I came back to your page again! You've added lots of new pictures since my last visit back in June. Love how you have added frames to them. So many look like they should be greeting cards!! Great work! I'm going to have to come back more often.
13/Aug/07 7:02 AM
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Hi Wendy. By the date and time difference, it is your birthday where you are, but it will still be your birthday tomorrow where I am. So, today, tomorrow, and have a wonderful day! May all your birthdays (and non-birthdays) be super for you my friend! Cheers!
13/Aug/07 8:38 AM
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hope you have a great day ...... have added you to the list, must have missed you first time round.
13/Aug/07 10:01 AM
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Wendy hope you have a fantastic day.
13/Aug/07 10:56 AM
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Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!!

Will be right back.
13/Aug/07 11:53 AM
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Wendy: Go check my Flickr page.
13/Aug/07 12:32 PM
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Happy Birthday Wendy.
Have an absolutely wonderful day with your family and friends, plenty of lovely presents and good food and wine.
13/Aug/07 1:22 PM
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Wendy, a very to you. Hope you get lots of and .
It's my hubby's birthday tomorrow, so I will toast you both tonight with bubbly.
13/Aug/07 6:13 PM
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Wendy, Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
14/Aug/07 2:19 PM
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Hello Wendy - I have listened to your You Tube of Harry Nilsson a couple of times because I love that song but I just had to tell you this. I was browsing around in a newsagent this morning waiting for new tyres to be put on my car, when I spotted one of his CD's going out for $5.00 so I couldn't More...
14/Aug/07 2:25 PM
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I'm sorry I missed your birthday - so - albeit late.

Does anybody have your email address?...if so, would you mind if they passed it along to me? I'd love to catch up with you next time I'm in OG - probably late September (oops - was there last weekend).
17/Aug/07 11:06 AM
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Hi Wendy, sorry to have missed your birthday, was it the 13thot 14th, any way Happy Belated Birthday and may you have many more happy one's, Haven't been on the site for a while as summer time is very busy at work and by the time I get home playing on the computer is one of the last things I want More...
18/Aug/07 3:13 PM
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Still like the youtube. funny movie Midnight cowboy. if the kid's now watched it they would'nt know what was going on.
18/Aug/07 3:17 PM
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Well Let's see if we can get you to a new Page #6 with this comment. Of all the Pics I,ve seen on flickr, love the lion the best where did you take that pic?
18/Aug/07 3:20 PM
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Wendy - I've just sent you a private message - click on your inbox to get it.


19/Aug/07 9:37 PM
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Hi Wendy Well some bad news our dog Keno just passed away, she was a great dog and will be missed but she was getting old for a big dog and acted like a puppy until 2 day's before she died.

Will still remember her as one of the great dog's i have had the privledge to have known.

Glad you can get away and enjoy life as it happens. well talk to you later.
21/Aug/07 2:08 PM
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Hi Wendy

Check your inbox for my reply to your reply
25/Aug/07 9:42 PM
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Wendy - just sent you a PM
14/Sep/07 1:04 PM
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Hi Wendy. I've been thinking about you & intended to drop in on you tonight but you beat me to it!!! Thanks for praising my pictures. You were commenting almost before they'd been uploaded!! I don't know how to tag them for nature or what have you though!
19/Sep/07 11:28 PM
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Have a look at these photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58792328@N00/

Tell me what you think of them, please!
19/Sep/07 11:41 PM
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Just got got home and had to jump in and say how pleased I was you decided to join us. It was so fantastic to finally meet you and put a face to the name. Hope we didn't scare you More...
01/Oct/07 10:51 PM
 |  |

Hey Wendy. Great to meet up - you have a wicked sense of humour Love it!

Forgot to ask you - do you imbibe alcoholic beverages? or just coffee/tea?

I will surely give you a call when we're heading down to OG next time - and it WILL More...
03/Oct/07 7:21 PM
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Hi Wendy
sorry we didnt get to meet up but maybe next time. we had a pretty rushed visit also with lots of other things to fit in while we had a few days away.
04/Oct/07 5:04 PM
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Hi Wendy. It has been a while since I stopped in. Super photo of the orchids on your page. Morphing cats, not quite sure. Hope all goes well for you and yours. Cheers!
12/Oct/07 9:00 AM
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Hello Wendy - yes, I sent it. I haven't managed to get that CD done yet as I went out today and the person who will do it works. I'll get it done and let you know when so I can send it.
16/Oct/07 12:16 AM
 |  |

I hope you didn't mind me sending you a joke?
16/Oct/07 12:17 AM
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Hi Wendy, sorry haven't been around lately, was in training in Denver for 6 weeks and no computer to play with well hope this finds you well.

P.S> keep up the good work on the photos!
30/Oct/07 11:55 PM
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Hi Wendy. Beautiful photos!
09/Nov/07 2:33 PM
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Hi Wendy, hope all is well with you and your's looks like you haven't been around for a while just like me, hope all is well and keep up the great photos coming. well will talk to yo later. hope your not hiding from us!!
11/Nov/07 4:42 PM
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Hi Wendy. It's really wonderful that you're going into business with your photos. I think your's are superb! Hope you don't get too busy & I we lose contact! When I lived in Melbourne as a child (6yrs to 9 & 1/2yrs) I had a friend called Wendy who lived close to us; we moved away & that was that! I'm going to the Sculptures on Wednesday (God willing!!) with some friends.
11/Nov/07 10:38 PM
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to your niece & your husband, Wendy. I look forward to going each year. I go with the friend who introduced me to them in 2002 & have only missed last year's since then. ( I had a broken ankle!) We take another friend with us now, so it's a lot of fun. If you're ever in Sydney More...
12/Nov/07 9:11 AM
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Hi Wendy, hope all goes well with with your entry into the greeting card business and thanks for your wishes about a happy aniversery, we had a great time then took a little vacation afterwards, let me know how the cottage industery goes and wishing you the best!!

Hope all is well with you and yours and will talk to you later
15/Nov/07 2:28 PM
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Hi Wendy, sorry to hear you have the flu, hope you get to feeling better soon, have a great night
16/Nov/07 12:57 AM
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