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Happy Halloween!

The kids went Trick or Treating with our friends and neighbors.  Angela is in orange as Trixie the Halloween Fairy, Clare is in pink (of course) as Sophie the Sparkle Fairy, Nick is Peter Pan and Micheal is the Giraffe.  Our neighbor Professor McGonagal brought her Hermione, Ron and Harry.

Trick or Treat

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Jill - looks like I may start page 5! I hope I didn't hurt your feelings over the spelling?! I didn't mean to be critical.
Your kids are great looking - nice pictures.

25/Oct/08 1:43 AM
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Did you find the link to the old 4 July 1877 photo? I put it in a comment on Easy p.2.
29/Oct/08 1:56 AM
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yeah!!! congratulations on the new expectant bambino/a! # 4 was my easiest. hope your pregnancy goes well, and all the sickness stays away!
26/Nov/08 4:23 AM
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you have three gorgeous happy kids and I'm sure number four will be looking forward very much to joining them! hope all goes well for you, take it easy and let hubby do the dishes from now on - you have the perfect excuse!
26/Nov/08 4:31 AM
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Congratulations Jill, Mr Jill and family.
May all be perfect for you through the pregnancy and birth.

And may your dishwasher be installed immediately!
26/Nov/08 4:13 PM
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When in 2009? dear one!
May I shout it out to the rest of the sudokuists? I love to spread good news!!!
14/Dec/08 5:51 AM
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Oh everyone knows oh well. I'm happy for you!
14/Dec/08 5:52 AM
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to you and your beautiful family, Jill! It seems 2009 will be a banner year for babies in Sudokuland! Sneaky way to announce it, Miz 3. lol
BTW, I was looking at your pics on flickr and wondered who is the Elizabeth Nicholas is holding?

14/Dec/08 9:15 AM
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Congratulations Jill! I must have missed your announcement back in November. Wishing you a trouble free pregnancy and child birth and, because I live in fairy land, I will also wish you a wonderful child who never cries, never throws tantrums, always does exactly as he/she is told, excels at everything she/he tries and looks after you in your old age...
14/Dec/08 9:39 AM
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Hello Jill
I was told about you this weekend since I have returned from about 7 month sabatical from the site. I popped in a few times but never stayed.

I returned the other day with my news too and got addicted again instantly.
Apparently we are going to be sharing this time on here More...
16/Dec/08 3:14 AM
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Jill it will be wonderful having a prego buddy. I have to go to a pregnant group every Monday for gestational diabetics, I really dislike it.

You did not steal my thunder, your news came out first, which I did not know. I am praying for a boy to have one of each, but anything will be just More...
16/Dec/08 2:12 PM
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Hey Jill
I was just cleaning my room up. It is actually the only room I clean lately.

Anyway, I reread your post and noticed your husbands name. Are you two really Jack and Jill? If so that is so cute. A match made in Nursery Rhymville.
18/Dec/08 9:12 AM
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Hello Jill - I just noticed that you have a baby on the way!! Congratulations. How exciting! A Sudoku Baby. I hope all goes well! Your children are adorable. I love the picture. Thanks for the cookie! It went well with my coffee this morning! Have a great day and Merry Christmas to you and your family!
19/Dec/08 1:20 AM
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I really do like you being Jack and Jill too.
Also, loved your birthing story. I can imagine the doctor at the other end with catching the baby. Sounds like you have a lot of pregnancy problems, which I have heard of but have not experienced. This is my second bout with gestational diabetes, More...
19/Dec/08 2:35 AM
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Thanks for the child wisdom.

My sister laughs at me. I have 25+ child care semster hours behind me a few hours of child psychology and can give advice left and right. But when it comes to the girl I know nothing. I do know about the regression times but still have to get verication. My More...
19/Dec/08 5:54 AM
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Cute U-tube. Happy Holidays.
19/Dec/08 11:40 AM
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Jill, may the Christmas spirit bless you and your family and the New Year be filled with joy and prosperity! Merry Christmas!
23/Dec/08 12:45 AM
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Hi Jill. I just wanted to stop in and send my best wishes to you and to all those you care for. Enjoy the festive season, and may today and all future days bring you good health, happiness and peace. Cheers!
23/Dec/08 7:47 AM
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Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season

23/Dec/08 9:59 AM
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On Christmas morning, gather around the with your family and friends, with cups of coffee liberally laced with , and make sure everybody knows you them and wish them joy. May you and yours have the best of holiday seasons.
23/Dec/08 3:01 PM
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I love that pumpkin picture with your children.

Going to the doctor with children in tow--wow. So far I have lucked out and someone has taken the girl. The doctor inwhich I would like the girl to join us has a sign posted that children under the age of 14 not permitted.
My appointment More...
24/Dec/08 3:31 AM
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Merry Christmas Jill!
Stopping in with Holiday greetings for you! Wishing you a Christmas full of love and joy More...
24/Dec/08 9:50 AM
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Have not heard from you in a few days. Assumed the children were on break so you had your hands full.

Hope all is going well.
28/Dec/08 2:49 AM
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8 children plus your 3 1/2, that is a lot of little people running around. I figured you were absent since the children are on break.

Christmas was great with two exceptions, Man bought a dinosaur for the girl which terrorizes her and I somehow managed to ticked my mother off, which is not More...
30/Dec/08 4:12 AM
 |  |

Ok Jill--how was your appointment?

I have no idea if mine was good or bad. I got a frown but OK on my BP. Got an OK about the wieght gain and a lecture on my sugar levels, which if I was a normal person they would be normal readings and a lecture on not eating, which I eat just had not ate More...
30/Dec/08 11:31 AM
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Grief Jill--what are we going to do when we have to make multible trips to the doctor. I remember by the end of the first pregnancy I was going in 3 times a week. Now that we have all these extra doctors, we might as well just start camping out in the lobby.

So far, I have lucked out and More...
31/Dec/08 2:17 AM
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Jill and family!

P.S. Great cakes and fantastic pumpkins!
31/Dec/08 10:25 PM
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Jill! Wishing you a great new year!
01/Jan/09 9:35 AM
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Oh Jill, we are living similar lives. I pray that we are out of diapers before the next one comes. And yes that 24 hour unrine thing is not fun. And my first OB said I was "advanced in age." This one keeps reminding me I am 39 (have not seen him since the change).

I really thought More...
02/Jan/09 2:23 PM
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Oh Jill, we are living similar lives. I pray that we are out of diapers before the next one comes. And yes that 24 hour unrine thing is not fun. And my first OB said I was "advanced in age." This one keeps reminding me I am 39 (have not seen him since the change).
I really thought your More...
02/Jan/09 2:24 PM
 |  |

Jill what wonderful news. And yes we have to take those small victories.

Lot better than my visits. One day I am told to cut the carbs even more and the next day the doctor says I do not have enough carbs in my diet.

This week I believe we get another ultrasound, with the possiblity More...
03/Jan/09 12:48 PM
 |  |

Jill - glad you enjoyed the float. I took several movies - not too many photos. Now to figure out how to download the movies for viewing on something other than the camera. I may post some photos later.
06/Jan/09 9:53 AM
 |  |

How much would you believe that just as your email came through I was opening your page to update you. Not too believeable since I got a phone call and it is at least 10 minutes later.

I had two good appointments--in and out fast, always a plus. First, was the diabetic doctor, my levels More...
06/Jan/09 1:06 PM
 |  |

hi jill, i stopped by karen's page and got an update for you. i figured if i wanted to see how karen was i had better visit you! i'm glad the dr.'s seem on top of thing for you. oh, the joys of pregnancy! my #1 advice to help ease the aches and pains would to get a weekly massage. it is soooo More...
07/Jan/09 4:08 AM
 |  |

Oh Jill an incident just happened that only another mother will laugh at, I am sure.

The girl was returned from a day and half at my sisters via my mother. The girl was starving so we had some soup and not five minutes later I look over and she had the look.
I asked her if she was More...
07/Jan/09 6:18 AM
 |  |

Oh Jill that is so funny that another mother would understand. It was a belly chuckle which has got the boy burping away. hehehe
So glad she made it the right room.
07/Jan/09 7:08 AM
 |  |

I just got some great news and who better to appreciate it--none other the person who is doing the same thing.

My weekly doctors appointment for Mondays has been canceled next Monday. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Fates have stepped in and is sending my doctor to jury duty. YIPPEE!
08/Jan/09 4:54 AM
 |  |

Must be that type of day.

But your mothering works for me. I tried to stay in bed past 7:30 this morning. I did stay in bed but the bedroom looks like a hurricane came through. Had to put Kendall's babies to bed last night and the closest thing was the babybed, when I finally slithered out More...
08/Jan/09 5:20 AM
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Oh Jill, my good news of yesterday has been taken away from me. Doctor called this morning and still wants to see me on Monday. YUCK. I cannot express how excited I was not to have to go in on Monday.

Also, seems people are visiting my page to learn how you are doing and visiting your page to learn how I am doing. So I will leave your posts up. Is that OK?
09/Jan/09 2:34 AM
 |  |

Oh Jill you are such a good mother, you did not eat a cupcake that will stay with you for years, you saved your son from a dangerous allergic reaction.
What are Mom Award days, I figured you got classroom mother appreciation, but two in a row. Then again you have 3. My goal after graduating was More...
09/Jan/09 5:02 AM
 |  |
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