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Happy Halloween!

The kids went Trick or Treating with our friends and neighbors.  Angela is in orange as Trixie the Halloween Fairy, Clare is in pink (of course) as Sophie the Sparkle Fairy, Nick is Peter Pan and Micheal is the Giraffe.  Our neighbor Professor McGonagal brought her Hermione, Ron and Harry.

Trick or Treat

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Jill - you have some lovely photos of your beautiful children. I didn't see one of their Mum in there, though!!!
17/Feb/09 1:51 PM
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Oh, I pushed you over onto a new page without even trying. I don't know my own strength!!!
17/Feb/09 1:55 PM
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Oh Jill this is so cruel, unintentionally (that does not look right) anyway, came home and put my DVD-R in the computer and got emails to send out and my computer says the file is too big. Tried to put it in frames and it is still too big. And I am so tired, it was a very emotional time for me More...
18/Feb/09 8:42 AM
 |  |

I was thinking of cleaning up some of my room to get some of the back messages out, but that is as far as it got--a thought.
Looks like I have filled up two of your pages too, but I can tell what type of room cleaner you are, Ms. Page 7.
18/Feb/09 8:49 AM
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Really I am not copying I am just so tired I cannot think, but out of consideration I have not looked at your emails, as tempting as they are.
18/Feb/09 8:50 AM
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Oh Jill, something awfully bad has happened.

I fear you will not want to be prego buddies with me any longer. But when I awoke from my nap I could not open the DVD-R--there is nothing on it. According to the menu I have 3 frames but nothing will open. I am ready to scream and hurt someone.
18/Feb/09 11:44 AM
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OK life is back on track but (don't you hate those words or that word--I do) I cannot copy and paste it into an email. So I am doing something else.
18/Feb/09 12:48 PM
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Oh Jill, dear you have kept me chuckling all afternoon.
I do worry about you getting impatient, you know your BP and all.
You have kept me and the baby tickled.
18/Feb/09 1:12 PM
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May I open your emails now. I have 4 that I have not touched and really dying to do so. Or should that be dieing. Lets see dye is to color something, die is to pass away. OK so I am dieing to open them.
18/Feb/09 1:20 PM
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Hey was your docs appointment an early one or are you playing hooky from the site today?
20/Feb/09 3:44 AM
 |  |

My gosh girl, you wear me out just reading your post. I can understand why your meds were upped. Chill out! Guess, I really should not say that to someone surrounded by snow.

You really are making me a very busy lazy person. I have accomplished folding two loads of clothes, brushed the More...
20/Feb/09 4:50 AM
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Hi Jill,
Just stopped in for a quick visit, Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies of all times! When my daugthers were little we would watch it non stop, along with Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories for me.

Aimee :)
20/Feb/09 5:51 AM
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Hey--Had a mixture appointment again today. I am sure you checked easy page already. I did get applause because my sugar levels were great this week, "but" she did raise my morning insulin again. I gained 5 pounds, which I have no idea how and the baby only weighs a little over a pound. More...
24/Feb/09 11:32 AM
 |  |

NO, no Jill thanks for the lecture. Telling me to chill out is not what I should have heard. I think I have told you before I know nothing about illnesses, or diseases or what to do with them.Humm resting 3 times a day sounds like heaven--wonder if I would get in trouble putting the girl in the More...
24/Feb/09 2:02 PM
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My sister arrived with emotional problems and many times we would find her in the middle of the nght in the hall closet, well during the day too. So Mom gutted out the closet and put a little desk and shelves for her things and just left the door open. Krissy would stay in the closet for hours. So More...
25/Feb/09 12:55 AM
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I thought the first time waking up was a wonderful experience. No the second time was. Since the girl snubbed me for a cuddle because my hands were too cold and they were, I came back to the computer and did a puzzle. Then I thought I need to get busy because it is not hard for me to sit and do More...
25/Feb/09 3:09 AM
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I should mention, I take them when I can get them, the snuggles. Because once Daddy comes home it is Mommy who?
25/Feb/09 3:11 AM
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Are you back yet?
It is 9:30 your time and I want to know how your doctors appointment went.
I am doing the hobble, waddle walk today. I do not remember my feet like this last time.
27/Feb/09 1:26 AM
 |  |

It is about time you got back--I have been doing my hobble waddle back and forth.

Congrats on the "attita girl," and don't you hate those buts.
So sorry about your 24 sample test you have to do. I had to do two last time, I do not miss it. And pray it is not in my future.
Thanks for the update.
27/Feb/09 5:03 AM
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Lori Smith came home from the rehab facility today. Check out the video at http://www.wlwt.com/ you may need to type "Lori Smith" in the search as the video is a two days old. Warning - sensitive people such as my self should have a tissue handy!
28/Feb/09 12:01 AM
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Jill, thanks for the Kleenex warning. I will definitely watch it but apparently I need to download a browser first and that will have to wait till hubby is around. I don't download without his say-so, the kids have brought too many problems into the system by doing just that!
I am so pleased for More...
28/Feb/09 10:13 AM
 |  |

No no no use your hormonal card this weekend. I am childless and partially husbandless and I have to relax a lot. It is our duty to the world to annoy others together, while we can use the excuse of prego syndrome. Though afterwards we can use the excuse of loosing our minds during More...
28/Feb/09 11:41 AM
 |  |

Oh Jill, I love this picture. Seems before I met you I did this as a puzzle and admired it. Even thought about printing it, but didn't.

Welcome to week 24 for you. You are so close. My little at the moment is doing the babysize(?). Anyway the baby is kicking away and they feel so More...
03/Mar/09 2:27 AM
 |  |

My goodness, you need a hug.
I am with you, why fill the jug and then the little cup?
I do not care to getting used to one man touching me and then have another come in and get his fill, so to speak.
Last time, I had a wonderful OB, on the 27th he transferred and the girl came on the 28th. More...
03/Mar/09 3:38 AM
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I got home around 6 and had to do the dinner thing, not mentioning that Man got home 2 hours before me and the stuff was laid out on the counter. But he did not know what I wanted to do with hamburger and noodles, with a can of tomatoe sauce and Italian season.
03/Mar/09 1:53 PM
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My doctors appointments were better than yours. I got good reports from both of them with no buts. With added bonus of not having to go to next Mondays appointment. However, both those scales were so wrong. It added 4 more pounds, if you are keeping track that is a total of 19 pounds!!!!!
03/Mar/09 2:05 PM
 |  |

Speaking of girl, I picked her up around 5 and I am ready to return her where ever at the moment. Three days with grandma's have worn her out and made a very whinny child return. Does not help that she got a new lovie from one of her aunts and we left it at grandmas and she wants me to go get it More...
03/Mar/09 2:12 PM
 |  |

Oh how funny--you are getting an eyeful from a PM I just sent you.
05/Mar/09 8:14 AM
 |  |

And I am in 100% agreement with you. Restrooms should not be used the first day they have been cleaned. My suggestion is to take them down to the corner store and use theirs. Mine get clean very early in the morning so that Man does not use it until very late in the day, he is a streaker. Now is that TMI.
05/Mar/09 8:16 AM
 |  |

Oh Jill thank you for your concern. Man has had several shattered windshields due to birds, though never an eagle. I am amazed a what flying articles can do to a windshield and most big trucks cannot go over 62 MPH. I have to admit, I really did not care for the cement block that came through his More...
06/Mar/09 2:33 AM
 |  |

Have we been talking about food on easy? I thought we were discussing...uhm...other things.

Talking about on easy is a whole lot better than actually going into that room and actually digisting the stuff. I do not have an appointment until he 16th, I am praying their scale breaks.
06/Mar/09 3:07 AM
 |  |

Dear Jill - Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate them.
08/Mar/09 2:26 AM
 |  |

My gosh girl, you wear me out just reading about your day. The girl and I are lucky on most days if we get out of...I should say dressed before 2 in the afternoon.
I cannot see why your quacks are concerned about your BP.
10/Mar/09 2:57 AM
 |  |

I thought I royally messed up yesterday. There are these chips that I really like, but can only find at the corner store in grab bag form and only think about when we go somewhere in the car. Yesterday, I needed out of the house, even though it killed me to walk. So I went to a little town close to More...
10/Mar/09 3:05 AM
 |  |

Oh, I have to get up. I don't wanna, because I will loose my ankles if I do. But one of the girl's baby's has a booboo and the girl has found out the power of bandaides. So the baby needs a bandaide to feel better.
10/Mar/09 3:10 AM
 |  |

I did too, and we did it again.
10/Mar/09 3:11 AM
 |  |

I just became "Super Hero Mom," with a "Thank you Mommy, you are the best." (Yes, I taught her how to say that, she felt it but did not know the words so I helped her out.)
Jennifer, the injured baby, needed major surgery. She broke her arm which required more than a More...
10/Mar/09 4:12 AM
 |  |

I just had a major brain explosion. Wow, will I ever be the same again.

I now know why my feet are swollen. It is to keep my balance. I have only hit my right arm 50 million times today, and the last time the light upstairs went "BAM", no major damage was done. But I then realized More...
10/Mar/09 4:37 AM
 |  |

There are only 6 posts and I believe 3 emails from today. Are you saying I am interrupting you? Because if you are, don't expect me to stop. It will not happen, this is my life line at the moment since I seem not be able to do anything else. I have made the beds and fed the girl and now am waiting More...
10/Mar/09 5:34 AM
 |  |

If your MIL and Man were in the same room, they would be competing to be heard over each other and neither could understand what the other would be saying.
I can talk and know that my MIL listens, may not hear me, but listens. My mother does not listen nor does she hear me.
12/Mar/09 4:37 AM
 |  |
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