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Easy Sudoku for 1/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And waiting.
01/Oct/08 6:34 PM
My Yorkshire Uncle used to quote:
"Everyone in't 'ole world be mad - 'cept thee and me - an' sumtimes Ah e'en think thou's a little queer"
01/Oct/08 6:34 PM
gotta go now...this is a shared computer...don't like my chances of kicking the birthday boy of his.
Catch you again real soon Rayray...

hi Eaa, hi Broni...bye everybody....
01/Oct/08 6:35 PM
If I 'spotted' you does that mean you are now a Dalmatian, eaa?
01/Oct/08 6:36 PM
My dad was always quoting that as well...was never quite sure exactly to whom he was referring....
01/Oct/08 6:36 PM
Only Ewe.
01/Oct/08 6:36 PM
eaa: You are on fine form this morning - about 3400RPM I'd say
Every school-kid should hug a sheep. It's an easy way to get 'ticks' (Gerrrittt)
01/Oct/08 6:40 PM
My dad used to say "The jumpped up never come down so and so." Instead of swearing.
01/Oct/08 6:40 PM
Ruff ruff. Or should that be ROLF.
01/Oct/08 6:42 PM
Yes Bean! I sometimes thought my uncle was being rude to me. But in those days 'queer' had a different meaning from now. The modern meaning arose from mis-writing or mis-spelling the word 'queen'. In modern times people do tend to mis-spell and mis-write. They pursue more important pass-times (!)
01/Oct/08 6:42 PM
- such as hugging sheep
01/Oct/08 6:44 PM
"The jumpped up never come down so and so."
I like that eaa, but took ages for me to read it as meant.
Maybe it should have commas and hyphens:
"The jumped-up, never-come-down so-and-so."
01/Oct/08 6:47 PM
But I am at about 30RPM right now (!)
01/Oct/08 6:47 PM
Well it's feeding time at the zoo.
01/Oct/08 6:47 PM
Picky - picky.
01/Oct/08 6:49 PM
eaa: Picky! - Sorry! Accurate. I aim at that - pedantically I know - but it generates benefits.
01/Oct/08 6:52 PM
People always say they are going when I am half-way preparing a message to them. Very frustrating thing that. Still the message is still there - that is if they bother to review past posts.
01/Oct/08 6:53 PM
24RPM - need brekkers or I'll drop of the frequency scale into negative cyber-space.
01/Oct/08 6:55 PM
To rayray iam a brit but sorry iam not on at the time that you are. I did ask you once some time ago as to which part of Yorkshire you came from as Iam a Yorkshire man (West Yorkshire)You never gave me a answer
01/Oct/08 8:06 PM
Part two to Rayray I no longer live in Yorkshire but in Grantham (Maggy Thatcher home town) Lincoleshire. Why not start by ebygum lad?
01/Oct/08 8:11 PM
Have often wondered about the distinct lack of Europeans (not just other Brits and Frenchies, Rayray) on the site. Ok, there's the language barrier, I suppose, for many Europeans, but the majority I believe have more English than we Brits, the Aussies and the Americans have of their languages. More...
01/Oct/08 8:13 PM
thank you Benny - you put in an appearance right on schedule!
01/Oct/08 8:14 PM
Sent a message to Benny.
yes the language barrier also is what largely prevents other continents from much participating.
I know that Japanese are making great progress towards automatic electronic language translation, but it is a huge undertaking
01/Oct/08 8:29 PM
Japanese literary linguists all deserve medals for what they do
01/Oct/08 8:30 PM
Thanks Fiona But it is a pitty that we don't get more brit's and europeans on here but i think that the time barrier as some thing to do with most of it.
01/Oct/08 8:31 PM
Benny. I seem to now recall your long time past comment. It got put by and then my memeory failed me as it often does. So sorry about that. I have made good by sending you a message from your page link.
"A'm a-reet sore as Ah missed out on yer way back"
01/Oct/08 8:32 PM
Good Maen to all of you.

to Lachie ,
01/Oct/08 8:32 PM
I find direct chat on easy is a hard thing. I have to keep very odd hours to keep up
01/Oct/08 8:34 PM
Hi Wadgy:
We are just on about language barriers and posting
01/Oct/08 8:35 PM
Well Wadgy came - then went.
The smilies are important for her I guess
01/Oct/08 8:38 PM
him, Rayray, him!
01/Oct/08 8:53 PM
Another very busy day here - and a very busy one for me at work today too. I'm about to fall into bed - totally spent. Hope everyone's had a good day. to any newbies. And Happy Celebrations to anyone celebrating.
01/Oct/08 9:57 PM

Bush and Powell are sitting in a bar.
A guy walks in and asks the barman, "Isn't that Bush and Powell?"
The barman says "Yep, that's them."
So the guy walks over and says, "Hello, what are you guys doing?"
And Bush says, "We're planning World More...
01/Oct/08 10:25 PM
LOL Fiona.
I do tend to become gender-confused as I age and as fasions and mores change!
01/Oct/08 10:26 PM
Late comment to page 5 discussion, about sleepy students, babysitting siblings because parents are not doing their job.

Shosho, how about a Mom who works 11-7 shift by choice, and leaves elementary age students with a habitual drunk husband. The children have to baby sit the dad, keeping More...
01/Oct/08 11:57 PM
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