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Easy Sudoku for 1/October/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to page 2.
01/Oct/11 6:50 AM
Finally! And a CP.
01/Oct/11 6:50 AM
Did I break something?
01/Oct/11 7:49 AM
An hour, and no posts. Most unusual.
01/Oct/11 7:51 AM
"Oh, I ain't got nobody,
And nobody cares for me..."

Apologies to the Mills Brothers.
01/Oct/11 8:17 AM
Kathy (V), I wish I took as many naps as I say I do. I lay down with Thing II until she goes to sleep most of the time. Then there are those days when I just needed an extra 5 minutes before I got up in the morning, but must get up to get those Things dressed, so no extra 5 minutes. Seems like when More...
01/Oct/11 8:36 AM
As for Grandparents day at school. I dreaded having MIL and my mother out in public at the same time. Never know what will happen then. It all turned out, since the cafeteria was so loud, no one could hear anyone talk.

When I was in elemenatary, not so long ago, we were not allowed to talk at lunch, actually, I do not think we were not to make noise until recess. Even in gym we were quiet.
01/Oct/11 8:40 AM
A quiet day. Thank goodness Hal and Karen are here with about half of the comments so far. C'est la vie.
01/Oct/11 8:56 AM
2:02 Off to the AFL Grand Final today to hopefully see the CATS devour the Magpies.
01/Oct/11 9:27 AM
Morning all.
Lucky you Jack, enjoy the day.
01/Oct/11 9:39 AM
Good evening all. It's been a very busy few days for me and the next few promise no letup. I have not even peeked in until now. We may get our first frost tonight and (gasp) flurries! Thank heavens I have plenty of pinot noir anti-freeze for my poor old bones. Happy October, y'all.
01/Oct/11 9:44 AM
Stunning, Wendy!!
01/Oct/11 10:08 AM
Hi Captain J.
Daylight saving starts for us here tonight.
I love my port as my anti-freeze.
01/Oct/11 10:16 AM
Vivacious, thanks for letting us know. I would sign on at 9 in the morning, my time and wonder what happened. Are you moving forward or backwards?
01/Oct/11 10:37 AM
Just to point out, in my sweetest way. HalT 6, Karen 3.
01/Oct/11 10:38 AM
Hi Karen, yes we are moving forward.
01/Oct/11 10:41 AM
But I am moving backward here, I just cannot seem to get stuck into the chores.
01/Oct/11 10:42 AM
Take a break Vivacious, it will take a day or two or three to adjust. Remember time changes are the time more people have heart attacks, so you take it easy.
01/Oct/11 10:55 AM
We have not changed the clocks yet Karen.
That will be tonight our time. lol.
Have enough medical problems without adding a heart attact to the mix. Lol ehhehehe
01/Oct/11 11:09 AM
attack that should be.
01/Oct/11 11:09 AM
Hey, thar, sweet thang. Just what ar' we keepin' score on. How come I got six pints and you, darlin', only have three?
01/Oct/11 11:18 AM

HalT, I think she's telling you, you are slow and she is not.
01/Oct/11 11:21 AM
Well hell, Grumbles, I already knew that. How are we doing the scoring? What's the 6 to 3 mean?
01/Oct/11 11:34 AM

I reckon she's referring to the number of times she posts first on the site. That's logical and she's a woman so that my not compute.
01/Oct/11 11:38 AM
Darlin' have you been drinking again?
Nothing that will bother us, dear. I just pointed some trivia out to Canuk Greg, no worries.
01/Oct/11 11:40 AM
Is that right Karen? I can't believe you've been first on-site only three times. I guess 6 is about right for me, though. I really haven't been counting.

And, a glass of wine with dinner is all.
01/Oct/11 11:48 AM
No, the first 6 post on this page is yours, the next two are mine, then Canuk Greg, teasingly, mentioned we were filling up the page. I just pointed out a little tidbit.
01/Oct/11 11:53 AM
Just keepin the boys in line hey Karen? lol eheeh
01/Oct/11 11:55 AM
And he tucks his tail between his legs and slowly creeps off into the shadows.
01/Oct/11 12:02 PM
Hey, when do you come home, HalT?
01/Oct/11 12:21 PM
Time for me to hit the sack. I'm playing in a tennis tournament tomorrow, and I have to get up at 6:30. EEEEK!
01/Oct/11 12:21 PM
What a shame to tuck that cute tail of yours.
01/Oct/11 12:22 PM
We've got another week here in western Florida. Should get home on 10 Oct.
And don't you be frettin' 'bout my tail.
01/Oct/11 12:33 PM
The carriage and harness are clean. I'll get the horse clean and ready in the morning. We're on schedule!
01/Oct/11 12:35 PM
Looking good, Heidi. Have a great day tomorrow.
01/Oct/11 12:37 PM
It is 04.30 hrs and I am being plagued by mosquitoes. It is a close and sticky night and now I have zapped the bedroom with disgusting spray the only thing not breahting well is me? So I shall go make a cuppa while the noxious fumes settle then try to sleep for what is left of the night. I have to take cat to vet for suture removal at 08.30 hrs
01/Oct/11 12:40 PM
Doesn't sound good Mo.
As for me, I'm off to dreamland.
01/Oct/11 12:49 PM
Oh, HalT, how can I think of anything else? Once you mentioned it, well, it has just stayed on my mind. With a grin on my lips.
01/Oct/11 12:50 PM
01/Oct/11 12:50 PM
01/Oct/11 12:50 PM
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