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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Ofcourse,Lisa's newborn,how is the little fella? i'm sorry i haven't asked but i've been out at war.My apologies for the expletives!
Too cute! Just started these puzzles and I'm hooked!!
My former statement was meant to follow Jimbojak,hope it hasn't been misconstued!
r missing
way kool anna u rule babe lol
i think what the world needs today is world peace. that and harsher punishment for patrol violators stan.
ej don't be concerned with the time, enjoy the trip. i noticed no one plays from florida, not sure why but have some thoughts on the subject, none of them good. happy haloween to all, we had the cutest trick or treaters, we give them apples that upsets them. just joking. good nite all.
none taken i'm sure general - now if you had esp abt what i would post just while u were replying to my pal jimbo - well that's different

btw lisa, u didn't answer my Q re your times....
Hello Ed from Tampa, What's your reason why none of us Floridians play?

Lisa, any idea when we are going to get to see a pic of Liam?

Jim, osprey is back. Looks like she is inspecting an old pine as a future residence. Finish your pool enclosure?

Yeah sure anytime u wanna come around and visit
we sort of celebrate halloween in australia, but most people don't. Its more an american thing. we don't celebrate in my family, and i don't know anyone who does.
1.24, i waited til 1.30 am and it still hadnt changed so i went to bed, and did the puzzel this morning, which means i am definatelt not first on the list, but yeay for me anyway.
My Time was 3:39. Another beautiful night in FL USA 75F@ 10:45 PM Happy Haloween. I am aware that we in the States live in the past (yesterday) for most people in Oz. Helen from Cent.Vic.- I said I *used* my personality and looks in teen years as contraceptive and it worked perfectly. Now I am 47 More...
Miche from Belgium-...ninjas. MAn in the hat on the homepage is our Marine Curator with an unidentified boy. I am 3 yr volunteer there no pic of my face on the website but my hands hold a few trtles on the 'rehab' page including Loggerhead Sea Turtle 'Asha'
6:42. Just posting to make the other mere mortals feel at home!
good on you Sylvia.
done it in 2 mins!
My best yet at 4:22. Still a ways behind the pros here. Happy Halloween to all of you. I just get out candy to around 150 children (many taller than myself I must say)
jh from Illinois- My friend's late father, a US Federal judge, told me how to get out of jury duty every time. When they question you, butt in to say 'Put me on the jury, and I will find him guilty and get back to my daily life. The police never arrest innocent people.' Both defense and prosecuters will move to release you!
Cee Cee- I got the west wall structure rebuilt, half the screens back in. That leaves about 15 panels of screen and structur to go. I think I know one clean joke:
A strikingly ugly woman walks into a bar with a huge parrot on her shoulder. The bartender screams 'Get that pig out of here!' The woman says 'You idiot, that's a parrot.' The bartender says 'I was talking to the parrot.'
Just one more comment about Halloween. Apparently in the midwest (US that is) they used to have something called beggars night which was the night before All Hallows Eve. Perhaps the real beginning of trick or treating.
2:32... cute little dog, but where is the picture of little Liam???
I saw this place with a sign outside; 'Chinese Buffet.' I went inside. I found a guy who looked like Jackie Chan wearing a Hawaiian shirt singing 'Wasted away again in Margaritaville!'
Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum and wound up drinking all night.
Jim, Glad you are making progress on repairs. You know how to get rid of carpenter ants? Not a joke. They are crawling across my desk.
Lot's of Aussies here, well welcome you are. If I couldn't live in CA Australia would be my choice. Lovely women down under.
Julius(Paris)Why would you tell a joke so distastful? I agree with Susan(Ingham)it was not funny at all.

Paul from SC.....what city are you in?
3:13 lots of 'pauses' with people at the door - mmm, they do take up the time, don't they?
No time to read the comments today - I missed the bus yesterday!
Rosa Parks lay in state here today 50+ years after she stayed seated in a Montgomery AL bus and became a civil rights icon. One of only 30 people ever to lie in state in the Capitol. Wonder if she did puzzles? She was a seamstress -- fitting pieces together.

6:56 -- first time under 7 How do they do it faster? Guess, check, and then do any needed correction?
I just did the puzzle after reading ALL of the comments, which took forever, WOW, alot more comments in the last few weeks. I guess this site is really catching on.
3:36 Destroy
For all our USA friends - the Melbourne Cup was just run and, though I have no interest generally in horse racing, a horse called Makybe Diva, which had one in 2003, 2004 was up for an unprecedented 3rd. And she won. As I said, I don't generally get stirred by this stuff, but it was an incredibly gutsy run.
...and now she is retired to make little champions.
The Diva's win was fantastic! A real champion retiring while still a real champion - which makes it even better! Time OK - both hers (for 3200m) and mine (for easy)
Melbourne Cup today, hubby's birthday tomorrow 2nd, good excuse for a glass or 3 of a nice red tonight, and again tomorrow night, an.......
Gath and Kym when will you be back from Spain so we can see baby Liam's photo, and was I right - are you based in brissie? ..could be k or kel's neighbours.
3.20 Makyabe Diva !!!
beat that :)
Guyz are like roses watch out for the pricks!
Woohoo Makyabe Diva !!! You beauty. You made me soo rich.....Yeah.....$$$$$$$$

Some things only women understand:..why it's good to have 5 pairs of black shoes..that no bathroom scales are accurate..fat clothes..good men might be hard to find but good hairdressers almost impossible..difference between offwhite, cream and ivory..salad,diet drink & sundae are a balanced meal..a designer dress on the clearance rack is a peak life experience..other women
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