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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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missielely From Kansas: Sorry to have to correct you but the Celtic festival Samhain (now called Halloween)was to celebrete the end of summer and the gathering of the harvest(hence the giving and sharing)and had nothing to do with the dead until the Church superimposed All Souls and All Saints.
thank you missielely for your input but if you look up All Saints day in the Catholic encyclopia you will see that it says what I did. I just summorized it.

Corky: All Souls Day is celebrating Nov. 2 according to the calendar in the US.
CORKY: I'm not touchy about your referrals. Keep it up my friend, as you seem to find all kinds of interesting things I never would!

Folks: You have an obscure question? Ask Corky, our site Internet explorer!
Nina~ Just checked and you're right re 2nd Nov.
great photo
have a wonderful day/night one and all
Good Morning everyone. A cloudy looking day outside so I think I'll skip my early morning walk today. (I'ts actually because I'm too damn lazy).

just been trick or treating with the kids, have a happy hallowe'en everyone - and a Happy All Saints on the first and a Happy Day of the Dead on the second - the Catholics sure know how to spin days off out into a weeks holiday!
Corky, Thirty days hath September...
To Judy/San Diego, Loza/Melb, Marmacita2, Jessica/Alaska, Keith/Ca, Vicky/Qld, CP/Canberra, Chalkboard/MA, Elsie/Strath, Susan/Ingham, Sarah oz/CO, Canuk Greg/Ottawa and Nurn/Galway.
Just an update on my daughter Grace and whether she will repeat Year 2 or not.
We have met with Grace's More...
Deb, Halloween today is for fun. People (adults as well as children) get a chance to dress up and have fun. The children go door to door to get candy or small trinkets.
Hi Everyone,

(better late, than, you know..)

Almost time for the little ones to come to the doors for their treats. Thanks for another great picture
Sorry, just couldn't resist the new smiley!
As we drove home from having tea/dinner at our local club last night, we saw one boy, dressed in a cloak with a trick or treat bag - and he'd already passed our house. There were no other callers.
Julpat19: I'm glad that the decision has been made, and that you are happy with it. Will you please let us know how she does in the new school year? Good thoughts will be with all of you!
Julpat19: You must be relieved that the decision is made.
Have been living andré's TFTD for the last few days - doing nothing and resting after!!! Have to get better before the weekend as I have the grandsons coming to stay with us while their parents check into a hotel in Canberra (to SLEEP!, that's what they said).
Kathy/Valrico: Is it always hot, hot in Florida in October? I'd expected nice fall weather but it didn't cool off until last Tuesday. Our house is nearing completion and we hope to close the first week of December. Looking forward to being a Floridian and getting my annual pass to WDW!
Julpat19 - decision made, tension's off now. Good news.
Judy/SD and Chalkboard/MA - nice to see you. I've missed you.
Love the new smilie!

not really celebrated here in Australia but hope all that do celebrate halloween have a wongerful time.
And here was me, telling my kids for all those years that Hallowe'en was the evening that the witches etc had a really GOOD night out 'cos all the saints were having a ball on the 1st November...? I just hope that my kids don't read this page!
Well, Halloween is almost over here in Ireland. Now (as my number two daughter says) at last we can start obsessing about Christmas (she's only 11 and her birthday is 26 December, so she has lots to obsess about). We don't have Thanksgiving to stall it for a few more weeks as they do in the US, so More...
Me, too, CP. XO
Amazing picture
Hi Judy!
Happy Halloween.
Oh My! Thanks Gath!

It's 6:49 p.m. in Miami. By this time, years ago, we would have had a dozen or more children show up at our door. Not one child this year....how sad.

Got loads of hocolate (hubby did the buying this year as caught a bug) He is a bad, bad boy!
Anyone want to visit?
Hey, Nurn!

PS: Thanks Gath for finding Rockos' pics. Before and after I learned to 'square' them.
Chalkboard From MA; Yes it gets cool in Florida. We call cool when it's under 80 degrees out.
Hey nal. I used to hear the old 'razor blades/poison in the apples/candy' stories decades ago in the USwhen I was a kid, but they are all urban myths; kids only go around their own neighbourhoods/families. What kind of idiot would poison their own neighbourhood kids? I have never, ever heard of a More...
will be back in a month

have a good time
2:46 - and that's while bouncing an 8 mo. old on my knee and pausing the timer to answer the doorbell for the trick-or-treaters. Sounds too good to be true!
Did you ever see a hearse go by and wonder if you're the next to die? They bury you down about 6 feet deep and that's ok for about a week until your coffin begins to leak. The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout. And one little fellow that's not too shy will More...
Baz, thanks for the Morning Glory info, what an unusual occurence!
The origin of the word Halloween comes from the medieval Christian holiday All Saints Day (Nov 1st), sometimes called All Hallows or Hallowmas. Which was contracted to Hallowe’en and later Halloween. It’s believed that this holiday was created to replace the older Pagan holidays.

All Souls More...
Ok, off to bed everyone is sick from all the candy.
My little one won 1st place for best costume today at the Book Character Parade!! He was Clark Kent wit h a bit of an S sticking out of his suit when the shirt was pulled back. Big black glasses on, very cute.
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