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Easy Sudoku for 1/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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01/Dec/10 7:21 PM
Hi Anne - I thought you'd gone away.
01/Dec/10 7:22 PM
I've just made a banana cake, now to make some cream cheese frosting to go on it. Goodness knows why, I don't need it, but I had a couple of over ripe bananas and I hate wasting food.
01/Dec/10 7:22 PM
Is it still very hot over there or did you get a cool break?
01/Dec/10 7:22 PM
I'm just going to have a coffee - a piece of banana cake would go very well with it!
01/Dec/10 7:23 PM
Gone away, where? No, I'm still around, or should I say, a round!
A cool day today, CP, after our 36C yesterday.
01/Dec/10 7:24 PM
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
01/Dec/10 7:25 PM
Throw your overripe bananas straight into the freezer. They turn black but don't even need to be defrosted for putting in cakes and bread recipes.
01/Dec/10 7:35 PM
I'm glad to see the party's still going strong. I'm back for my second wind (maybe I should have bought a case of Chardonnay!)

for the welcome (back) folks' - I have been here before, but quite some time back.
01/Dec/10 7:40 PM
THanks for the tip, Gail. A bit late this time, though, I'll remember it for next time.
Frosting made, just need to slap it on to the cake then decorate with walnut halves.
01/Dec/10 7:40 PM
I won't say no to a glass of Chardonnay, Bjay.
01/Dec/10 7:41 PM
I do remember your name when you joined as I know someone locally called BJ.
01/Dec/10 7:42 PM
Poor Phantom is going to be kept busy tonight with all the posts today!
01/Dec/10 7:44 PM
lots of funnies today Anne. I like the one you sent in the emails..
01/Dec/10 7:48 PM
Yes, I had a really good laugh at that. I actually received it from someone from the site but didn't know if you had already received it. It sure had me laughing.
01/Dec/10 7:51 PM
Send it to me, send it to me!
01/Dec/10 7:56 PM
Yeah, I'm in shape too, Anne. Round is a shape!
01/Dec/10 7:56 PM
And walnuts! Send it to me, send it to me!!
01/Dec/10 7:57 PM
Banana cake, without the frosting, freezes really well too.
01/Dec/10 7:58 PM
But I'd much rather eat it. Maybe I'll go and take my loaf of mango bread out of the freezer! And I do have half a tray of Mars bar slice in the fridge.

Now look what you started, Anne!!
01/Dec/10 8:01 PM
I wont say no to either a glass of chardy or a slice of banana cake! :)
01/Dec/10 8:01 PM
same here, I have some cake and a glass of vino too please.
01/Dec/10 8:05 PM
Just a quick drop in before I head out to bowls for a couple of hours. Things have sparked up e this morning.
01/Dec/10 8:09 PM
Lotsa Aussies on at the moment.
01/Dec/10 8:10 PM
Recieved this one in an e-mail. Not necessarily the view of the recipient but very Australian.

A stockman from North Queensland attends a social function where Prime Minster Julia is speechifying. Clearly the stockman was not paying much attention, yackking with those closest and even More...
01/Dec/10 8:12 PM
Yummmmm, just had a small slice to taste test it.
Very noice!
01/Dec/10 8:12 PM
Gotta go in a few minutes.
01/Dec/10 8:12 PM
Dad why?

Young Arab asks his father:

- What is this weird hat that we are wearing ?

- It's a "chechia" because in the desert it protects our heads from the sun !

- And what is this type of clothing that we are wearing ?

- It's a More...
01/Dec/10 8:22 PM

Your note re Polar Bears being lefthanded - does that mean they're southpaws?
01/Dec/10 8:41 PM
Bjay - I'll have a glass of Chardonnay as well, ta!!
01/Dec/10 8:47 PM

I'd post the summary now but I'll wait for the Queenslanders and Westralian to catch up.
01/Dec/10 8:49 PM
Oh Neil...
01/Dec/10 8:50 PM
Hi Phantom,

You're waiting for the Queenslanders and Westralians to catch up? ...

Does that mean you're retiring?

01/Dec/10 8:52 PM
Yes, Phantom, we may be backward but occasionally we might post something earth-shattering.
Maybe not tonight, but it will happen.................!
01/Dec/10 8:52 PM
My turn - oh Neil!!!!!!
01/Dec/10 8:53 PM
Phantom - my tea is nearly ready. I'm early tonight.
01/Dec/10 8:55 PM
Neil - I guess you could call them that.
01/Dec/10 8:56 PM

But polar bears only live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic, so they really should be Northpaws...?
01/Dec/10 9:02 PM
Neil - stop confusing me, please?
I guess they have a south paw and a north paw and whichever one they write with, that's what it's called.
01/Dec/10 9:06 PM
This place is no good for my diet! Banana cake with cream cheese frosting - yummy. Doesn't go real well with the Chardy, but I'd sacrifice the taste buds anyway.

01/Dec/10 9:17 PM
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