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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Here is something you all should know. When they say in the Safety Precautions part of the Users' Manual for your new toaster that you should never use a fork to get your toast out of the toaster, they really really mean it.
Afternoon everyone, some great jokes and I've only got to the bottom of the first page and I hope there are more on the following pages.
Susan where is Ingham ?
Good maen to all. Judy and Sarah Beth, I like vegemite on any crusty bread, and I have added it to my homemade beef gravies....very good! Great seeing many of the folks who have been away for awhile, and welcome to the newer folks. I'm sure you will find most of the folks pretty nice most of the time, lots of fun stuff, and on occassion, some spicy stiring to add a bit of a change.
Shocking, GLINDA ... absolutely shocking!
Does anyone know what happened to Sweta from India? I haven't seen a comment for ages.
Angie, this year I joined my best friends business...I am now also a part time commercial photographer...I will ask him if he knows how to do it easilly rather than editing the photo...problem, he's asleep now so will have to wait until tomorrow morning
Susan, thank you for the welcome :)
Amelia, Ingham is on the N Qld coast between Townsville and Cairns.
11pm now here and time for bed....5am comes early...g'nite one and all
Thank you Susan after reading 2nd & 3rd pages I was getting an idea where it was with you having to blow the rain down this way, are you in danger of having your house flooded ? I hope not. The rest of the jokes and Glinda's toast are a real crack up. Love this fun site.
Hi all. Susan - keep a blowing!
SpadeScorpio -
Sharon/Old Toongabbie - for yesterday.
Baz - good to see you, and your grumbles!
Greg -good to see you too!
Loza posted the poem 'My Country' by Dorothea Mackellar yeaterday. I haven't heard the full text in a long time, although a young man sang it at the New South Wales Schools Spectacular at the end of the year. Did others memorise the poem at school? I can still hear my grade 6 companions reciting it with feeling xxxx years ago (and those are not Roman numerals)
Greg, Behave yourself.

I put honey and Barlean's flax seed oil on multi grain toast. To die for.

Sweta has to share her computer with many family members. I don't think she has much time on it for herself. I will email her and ask.
I love a sunburnt country
A land of sweeping plains
of rugged mountain ranges
of droughts and flooding rains
just checked though and guess I missed remembering the first verse for some reason the second verse is the one that stuck in my brain!
Skype me Rose and I will give you a rousing rendition of why it stuck in your brain. We were taught that at primary school.
I don't think you'd be on your own remembering that verse first and foremost, Rosemary. The other mistake many people make is to say 'rugged' mountain ranges, when the original, I believe, is 'ragged'.
says rugged in the version I just found too
I do vaguely remember the other words but not off rote like that verse
Yes, I remember the poem and the tune, we always sang the second verse at assembleys in Primary School
OK Glinda - are you speaking from experience? Did you stick a fork in the toaster? wont do that again huh!
Good Maen to all. Enjoyed the jokes. LOL. It's past my bed time.
Sorry mate. Just my ides of a bit of fun. Toned it down a lot from what I first had in mind.
We have flood water going through some businesses in town, and there's water everywhere. The rain band moved south and has passed townsville (getting closer rosemary) but the second one is concentrated on our catchment area at the moment, so floodwaters are rising. Depending on what happens, we More...
blow harder and relieve the area of anymore rain.
but seriously
take care, flooding is not much fun and I hope that you are spared any damage.
we are in a major flood zone too with 2 rivers meeting here in the town. I have a terrible feeling that the drought will end with a major flood here.
Now this is funny!

All the obits written about Saddam were incomplete. All left out a
complete listing of all his surviving sons and daughters, a corrected
paragraph follows.

He was predeceased by two sons, Uday and Qusay, and is survived by
15 sons:
Hey Susan..Ingham made the news here in Brisbane with the flooding. Why cant all that water that is washing away be guided down this way..
Baz and Greg
lol lol
Oh yeah! A regular Abbott and Costello. I don't think.
6:29 Woeful. Hi all just popped in from the wilderness and re-call how (not so) easy this puzzle is. Bit ring rusty must get back into practise. Fear if I try medium thru tough tonight by the time I finish will be doomsday. Nite
Anne from Albany... Have you looked in your room lately??
G from D ..........rusty ring??
Susan - I've just been watching the news and saw what's happening up your way. I hope you're able to keep your head above water and that the floods don't cause you any serious problems.
When you're sending some southwards, can you ensure there's enough for us after the Canberrians have had their turn?
and then blow it down the highway to here Judy
Gee, thanks André for yelling out to me to retrieve Freckles' ball from the birdbath. Those little honeyeaters were having great fun rolling around on it until the Willow, my cat, spotted it. I threw it a bit hard and it landed in Bianca from Perth's 10 gallon hat.
Rola - what's the weather doing in Perth now and over the next week ?
how cute!My time was 2:50.
hasil euy
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