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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
01/Feb/20 12:00 AM
2:16 That looks very interesting.
Good night all.
01/Feb/20 12:34 AM
1:42. Good Morning, Wolf, Anne, everyone. Couldn't get onto the site for some reason until now.
01/Feb/20 1:52 AM
Wolf, tom & all who follow!! Night, night Anne!
01/Feb/20 2:00 AM
Wolf,Tom, and all to follow!
Sleep well, Anne!
01/Feb/20 2:01 AM
And, Denny snuck in there....Good morning to you, too!
01/Feb/20 2:02 AM
I am tryint to imagine how those walking tracks were made. My mind is officially boggled.
01/Feb/20 2:12 AM
I would be hanging on to the rails with a deathlike grip!
01/Feb/20 3:03 AM
01/Feb/20 3:07 AM
01/Feb/20 3:57 AM
What a difference new running shoes can make!!! I kick myself for not getting a new pair last November when I should have! Today I was able to enjoy what was around me instead of being afraid for my knees!
01/Feb/20 3:59 AM
I usually get a pair of Nike Vomero but would you believe that the sports store I went to, was nearly out of Nike product! The Brooks host that I got were sufficient. This sports store didn't have many of the Asics or Mizunos neither. Oh well, I have got to search of some stores that sell sunning shoes!
01/Feb/20 4:19 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
01/Feb/20 4:20 AM
Pretty dicey trails!
01/Feb/20 4:34 AM
2.00. Getting vertigo just looking at the photograph.
01/Feb/20 6:32 AM
Morning all,walking track....just looking at it makes me sick in the stomach.
01/Feb/20 6:44 AM
Wow! Amazing walking track indeed
Great sight for adventures🙉👍
01/Feb/20 8:02 AM
I would love walking down ...definitely not in I would bring 2 pairs of walking boots and lots of sunscreen lotion and hat and long sleeves...and...and friends of course!
01/Feb/20 10:23 AM
Here I am late as usual, but there is really no rush. We had 7 respondents this week, Sarah, Judy, Peter, Amelia, Mr. Cee, Snowbird and Scout. There were a few tough words in there but most people got most of them. Here are the answers:

P - This letter can turn a car into a fish
Pa - More...
01/Feb/20 10:35 AM
Hi Peter, One out of two isn't bad, but isn't completely satisfying. The Hurricanes were just out played but the Brumbies showed some heart in coming back in the end. I bet you were biting your fingernails in the early stages, but I think a come from behind win is most exciting. I can still More...
01/Feb/20 10:41 AM
Hurricanes who???

The King is dead, long live the King!

Go those Brumbies!
01/Feb/20 11:50 AM
And me, Wombat - me; now you're up to 8!
01/Feb/20 12:00 PM
1:45, with one ear on the radio for bushfire updates. Good afternoon everyone.
01/Feb/20 12:13 PM
Oh, Chris & Wombat -I just saw photos of Canberra & The Capital District with those wildfires raging - how very, very scary! Please don't hesitate to evacuate when/if you are advised to do so!
01/Feb/20 1:15 PM
Hi Joyce, Thank you for your interest in our safety. The Orroral Valley fire is the one that is most likely to impact on the Canberra urban area. It is currently burning in the relatively unpopular southern end of the ACT and does not seem to be moving to the north currently, but there are still More...
01/Feb/20 3:30 PM
That should have been unpopulated southern end.
The BOM (Bureau Of Meteorology) has been very accurate, and they are predicting that this weather will continue into Sunday, and that the temperature will fall and there should be rain, hopefully without hailstones. Bring it on.
01/Feb/20 3:39 PM
Thanks for your note, Wombat - I found it hanging out in my drafts... Now you have 8 entries!
01/Feb/20 3:54 PM
Joyce did indeed submit the puzzle after a few hiccups. Persistence pays off.
01/Feb/20 6:05 PM
I think I might claim LPOTD,. n It is just on three hours since the last post and there is just three hours to the end of the day.
01/Feb/20 9:00 PM

Lol don't think so.
01/Feb/20 9:25 PM
Nah, nor do I think so!!
01/Feb/20 9:37 PM
You'll have to do better than that, Wombat!
01/Feb/20 10:38 PM
Might as well have a beer seeing as I'm here now. Anyone care to join me?
01/Feb/20 10:39 PM
No, thank you, Peter. I don't drink beer.
01/Feb/20 11:39 PM
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