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Easy Sudoku for 1/September/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Sep/12 10:04 AM
Wait, now I remember! You guys start your seasons on the first day of the month in which the change actually occurs, rather than the actual day.
01/Sep/12 10:07 AM

Yep, you got it Hal.

1st Sept - Spring
1st Dec - Summer
1st March - Autumn
1st Jun - Winter.

We do that just to confuse you guys and it works!

01/Sep/12 10:21 AM

Liked your Sedona photos.
01/Sep/12 10:22 AM
Hal, your pictures of Sedona are simply wonderful....but then again, all of your pictures are wonderful.
01/Sep/12 10:26 AM
Sue...hope you have now made it to Vegas...Enjoy!
01/Sep/12 10:27 AM
Mamacita and Peter -
01/Sep/12 10:29 AM
I'm not going to argue with you on this season change thingy, Peter. I tried to with someone else, about a year or so ago.
01/Sep/12 10:34 AM
Rayray, help me out here. When is the first day of Autumn observed this yeae in GB?
01/Sep/12 10:36 AM
yeae = year
01/Sep/12 10:42 AM

No argument, Hal. That's just how it is. I have no idea why the difference.

The UK are the same as you guys 21st of the month based roughly on the solstices and the equinoxes.
01/Sep/12 10:59 AM

Now go and look at my photo of the Derwent on the first day of spring.
01/Sep/12 11:00 AM
Hello to all fellow Aussies,and to confused HalT.
September has always been the start of Spring in
Aussieland to my knowledge. the Southern Highlands
has been having some cold days with blustery winds, but strangely we have missed the damage which these have caused around Sydney. Now its More...
01/Sep/12 11:00 AM
Sorry, Peter. I did see your photo. Looks very pleasant. I wish our tour in 2002 would have included Tassie.
Meant to comment on the pic, but guess I got caught up in the season change thing.
01/Sep/12 11:10 AM
Hal - The seasons change on different days just like they drive on the other side of the road, use a different temperature scale, use different 'english' words, etc...
01/Sep/12 12:10 PM
BTW Happy Labor Day to Topsiders.
The highways gave been busy all day today...
Everyone is going somewhere!
01/Sep/12 12:11 PM

youkidme, the photo was taken from our front deck. If you check out the photo of Mt Wellington in my gallery, it's from the same deck but in a westerly direction.
01/Sep/12 12:29 PM

Time for the LOLs to come creeping out of the woodwork.
01/Sep/12 12:30 PM

I have a little Satnav
It sits there in my car
A Satnav is a driver's friend
It tells you where you are

I have a little Satnav
I've had it all my life
It’s better than the normal ones
My Satnav is my wife

It gives me full More...
01/Sep/12 12:37 PM
Well Jim, truth be known, I actually like the celcius scale. And I'd much prefer the metric (decimal) system of measuring things. (A lot easier than inch-foot-yard-furlong-mile or ounce-pint-quart-gallon or ounce-pound-ton.)
And I can live with driving on the right/wrong side of the More...
01/Sep/12 12:46 PM
Dang, I didn't meant to take 100.
01/Sep/12 12:47 PM
Or 101, for that matter.
01/Sep/12 12:47 PM
Nearing my bedtime. G'nite all.
01/Sep/12 1:12 PM
Good night people of the world.
01/Sep/12 1:32 PM
1:55. Hi all.
01/Sep/12 1:48 PM
Phantom, I was going to play around next Thursday but have too much to do before the wedding. I haven't played around since late June as I've had a hairline fracture of my rib from coughing when I had the flu. I've missed not playing around.LOL
01/Sep/12 1:54 PM
Countdown to Christmas

Can't Wait?
How long 'til Christmas?

115 Days
0 Hours
41 Minutes

...But who's counting?
01/Sep/12 2:19 PM
Not me :(
01/Sep/12 2:46 PM
Nor me!
01/Sep/12 3:52 PM
This year, the Autumnal/Fall Equinox is at 14:49 Universal Time on 22 September - so that is the start of Autumn/Fall in Europe and Noth America.
01/Sep/12 3:56 PM

Well, as usual we're way ahead of that topside lot.
01/Sep/12 5:08 PM

Cats won today. Could be that we play the Dockers next week in the finals.

Be afraid Dockers, be very afraid......the Cats are coming.
01/Sep/12 5:10 PM
I read your little story,
From beginning to the end
How very lucky you can be;
Home, safely, in the end.

You do not have to worry,
That the cops mightn be behind,
You KNOW that you're not speeding
And thus cannot be fined.

I'm sure the keys are never More...
01/Sep/12 5:54 PM
Howrah ya Peter. Bunnings carpark at Derwent Park was choka block at 10am.
As if we don't have enough roses, the Delbard's were on special so we have two more.
01/Sep/12 6:12 PM
There is one cityscape from our balcony in my gallery but I'm afraid the eastern shore is covered in cloud. Who said there was more sunshine in the east.
01/Sep/12 6:18 PM

Meow Peter.
01/Sep/12 7:35 PM
1:59 Good evening one and all.

Grandson went home just now; I've had him here since I picked him up from kindergarten yesterday.
01/Sep/12 7:40 PM
The Dockers aren't afraid of anything, Peter.
01/Sep/12 7:41 PM

Sadly Anne and Peter it is only pretend football.
01/Sep/12 8:24 PM
It's AUSSIE FOOTBALL, Mr Cee! Nothing pretend about it.
01/Sep/12 8:43 PM
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