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Easy Sudoku for 1/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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01/Sep/13 1:36 PM
G'nite Gracie!

everyone . . .
01/Sep/13 1:37 PM
Good night people of the world.
01/Sep/13 3:27 PM
Too cute for words...
01/Sep/13 3:40 PM
It has taken me all day, but I have finished Mr Cee's poozle. Happy dance time.
01/Sep/13 5:01 PM
Newly home from the big smoke - Sydney.
01/Sep/13 5:39 PM
Went up to watch oldest grandson play in the grand final for his soccer team.
01/Sep/13 5:39 PM
Unfortunately they didn't win, but we had fun anyway.
01/Sep/13 5:40 PM
The club had an end of season get-together at a local pub, then we went to a restaurant that does ribs for dinner.
01/Sep/13 5:41 PM
I've just put my puzzle effort in too. It is a great relief when you can make some sense of his tricky ones!
01/Sep/13 5:42 PM
I had a great dessert there after eating a biggish serve of pork ribs. Eating is now deferred for a day or two!
01/Sep/13 5:44 PM
A good day then, CP.
01/Sep/13 5:47 PM
I've just managed to get to sit down after a pretty exhausting Fathers day. My wife shouted us a couple of tickets to go to see Mozart's clarinet concerto (one of my favourite pieces) in November, my 13yo son gave me a hand-made 'Happy Fathers Day Dad' jigsaw and a book of redeemable vouchers More...
01/Sep/13 7:35 PM
Definitely time to put your feet up Chris. What a great day!
01/Sep/13 7:40 PM
C G First up and with a redundant question. For today's effort you have done good. Have 10/10

Kathy Why tank ya mam I am honored. Officially stinker of the year. BUT WAIT that was just an appetiser for tonight's one. Pepe' le pew will be proud. Sorry I digress. Yess my dear you are 100% More...
01/Sep/13 8:28 PM


Answers to my ''Sudoku '' Inbox please.

1. Old Old Tasmanian -> Squeeze

2. Queenslander -> a commune in the Rhône department in eastern France.

3. Marylander -> Other half of Kim

4. More...
01/Sep/13 8:33 PM
Sorry Mr Cee I think I stuffed #9.
01/Sep/13 8:47 PM

Yep think so.
01/Sep/13 8:54 PM
Hello Mr Cee!
Sorry don't get much time here anymore!!
01/Sep/13 8:55 PM
Sacky you must be better than I am - I don't get to do any, too busy????????????????
01/Sep/13 8:57 PM

Serena Not a chance she reckons
Serena Well a coffee and apooter and waddya know we have 7'10
Peter Chucks a q late quickie in and manages 9/10.
Peter Umm good lookimg yeah right.
Peter Now that's better finishes off with 10/10

Now lets see how we go with the new lot.
01/Sep/13 8:59 PM
Kate you are not alone there.

More ppl seemed to do the poozels when they were posted on the first page. Not to worry like death and taxes Daylight savings will return and Queensland will be even further behind the times once again.
01/Sep/13 9:02 PM
Do we get the answers?
01/Sep/13 9:28 PM
So many responses to that!......
01/Sep/13 9:29 PM
What Mr Cee said.
01/Sep/13 9:30 PM
Serena I'd love to know what went wrong with my #9 answer.
01/Sep/13 9:31 PM
My bad

1. Earl -> Ear
2. Magic -> Magi
3. Angler -> Angle
4. Colony -> Colon
5. Bouncer -> Bounce
6. Laird -> Lair
7. Afghani -> Afghan
8. Inventory -> Inventor
9. Hunt -> Hun
10. Sacky -> Sack
01/Sep/13 9:31 PM

Yep, you said it 'even further behind'.
01/Sep/13 9:31 PM
Now I know. Cest la vie.
01/Sep/13 9:34 PM
02/Sep/13 4:08 AM
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