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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ooh. Looky, looky. I am first, even though it's 6 hours earlier than it should be. I couldn't let this opportunity go by.
10/Jan/08 12:04 AM
Good for you Tree Sheila.
10/Jan/08 12:06 AM
What a little sweetie, who does she belong to?

Speaking of sweeties - Madeline has left a thank you on page 5 (9/1) to everyone who was kind enough to send her birthday wishes. Thanks from me too - she thought she was special getting them!
10/Jan/08 12:12 AM
Sorry, I'm gone after this to Maddie's party, but I just went back to P5 yesterday and read Rayray's masterpiece at the bottom - check it out! As usual super-superb Rayray!
I hereby nominate you as Sudokuland's Poet Laureate.
10/Jan/08 12:18 AM
I didn't realise the day would change so soon, so I am re-posting this from about the last item yesterday:

Julie: I think you are a sudokuland prophetess


Sudokuland lost its connection,
leaving clients with no direction.
Its More...
10/Jan/08 12:18 AM
wow how cool is this time change? Two sets of puzzles, my AM fix and now the PM fix.
10/Jan/08 12:19 AM
if it is now the 10th in sudokuland, does that mean my horoscropes are also for the 10th?
10/Jan/08 12:24 AM
well Angie, if the predictions are fun and fancy, then its for keeps, 10th or 'n'th..if they are not, then its the past, 10th!!
10/Jan/08 12:33 AM
Hmmm, that's a real poser Angie! I'll have to think about that one.
OUCH...that was me thinking!
Mine says to go with the flow...Good advice with the way the days are changing without my even noticing!
10/Jan/08 12:33 AM
and what time the jigsaw changes??
10/Jan/08 12:34 AM
Been meaning to ask Angie, how was the hug with Ethan? All well?
10/Jan/08 12:34 AM
and does that make sudokuland, with various time zones??
10/Jan/08 12:35 AM
the reason I asked the question, was that if this is tomorrows prediction, I was going to ask our resident physic, vewy vewy vewy noicly, if they could possible pass on tomorrow nights lotto numbers also.

10/Jan/08 12:40 AM
Oh Gail, do you really need to ask??

Huggles with Ethan was just amazing. I have photo's but will wait till Gath has told us we have all moved.
10/Jan/08 12:41 AM
not often I get to do tomorrow's puzzle! Well never actually!
10/Jan/08 1:16 AM
Kate: Consistently every day I seem to get tomorrow's puzzle today. Unfortunately the powers that be regard me as being backward because they are so fast that they do the puxzzles one day quicker than I do.
10/Jan/08 1:23 AM
1:53 - my brain must have woken up!
10/Jan/08 1:40 AM
Seems we are beeing compensated for our loss this weekend by getting several days at once.
And a lovely poem (as usual) Rayray.
But I'd love to have your New Years Poem back. Not only a good poem, but a marvellous presentation. Pleeeaaase....
10/Jan/08 1:44 AM
And to all those who posted a birthday message on my page. Unfortunately I was trying to post a thank you message when the site went down on Saturday.
10/Jan/08 1:44 AM
Another masterpiece Bard of Sudokuland. Reading your verse made sense of it all.
10/Jan/08 1:48 AM
Ingrid: Ok - for you.
But I shall wait until the site has stabilized. I think Gath has work to do that may throw sudokuland awry again, so I shall wait until after that before replacing lost items. I was going to remove the Christmas and New Year poems, but after you nice comment I shall More...
10/Jan/08 1:51 AM
Very early for the new Dat Sudoku,I think it follows the State Time not Australia Time.
Good Morning everyone.
10/Jan/08 1:53 AM
2:24 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.
10/Jan/08 2:18 AM
10/Jan/08 2:30 AM
Good morning all. Tis the middle of the night here and we had a day change.
10/Jan/08 2:54 AM
Hey Denny, you cheated and beat me here.
10/Jan/08 3:00 AM
Ok kept refreshing the old page and after several hours of no posts realised the day had changed in sudokuland and I needed to go back and hit the page again in favourites .... oh and here you all are
Just had lovely cuddles with Ethan while the other chidlets had a swim in the pool.
10/Jan/08 3:09 AM
if I do the puzzles now I wont have any to do in the morning
10/Jan/08 3:12 AM
1:54. This must be what it's normally like for people in other parts of the world - accessing the new day's puzzle at an hour when I'm still semi awake. Love the prose Rayray. It's funny how we all seem to take it as somehow our fault when we can't access the site. I think it's More...
10/Jan/08 3:16 AM
I agree Rosemary. This time change is throwing me out of kilter. You will just have to cuddle Ethan some more.
10/Jan/08 3:17 AM
2.08 another cutie
had to do the puzzle, couldnt resist
10/Jan/08 3:17 AM
Angie, maybe we get to choose which horoscope we want for the next 6 hours. This could be a distinct advantage if one of them is not so good.
10/Jan/08 3:19 AM
just got up on Wednesday and it's already Thursday! Doesn't time fly!
10/Jan/08 3:43 AM
Why not have yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's horoscopes - all of them - after all life is full of contradictions.
10/Jan/08 4:23 AM
I have just realised just how virtual Soldukuland is. It is about 30 hours ahead of UTC. That is so REALLY virtual that it outside the limits of our known Universe. That site crash must have sent us on an extra-dimensional journey to somewhere that never is anytime or anywhere..
10/Jan/08 4:28 AM
10/Jan/08 4:29 AM
Just had a look at my horoscope - Aquarius. It sounds like my past, present and future is all mixed up at the moment anyway, so it probably doesn't matter which day it is!!
10/Jan/08 4:30 AM
Good Maen to everyone! What a cutie. I think we have seen her before, but I don't remember who she is.

Good Morning Fiona - it is 6:30 a.m. on the 9th here also. Time does fly!
10/Jan/08 4:31 AM
Rayray - Great poem!
10/Jan/08 4:46 AM
It's 10.48 pm on the 9th here and I wish it was the 10th. My middle child finds out tomorrow morning (along with everyone else who sat the HSC in NSW and hasn't received an early offer) whether he has a uni place. I am a little anxious...

10/Jan/08 4:51 AM
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