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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
10/Nov/09 12:01 AM
John! And to everyone else who signs on as I write this!
10/Nov/09 12:07 AM
Good Maen, John
Good Maen, world
One early for me. Slow puzzle for me also, bumbled too much. Fun anyway!
Off to TOPS to weigh in this am. Can't really expect to lose when you don't eat right, so it will most likely be just a reminder to get back on track today.

Everyone have a good day! Enjoy!
10/Nov/09 12:10 AM
Good Luck, Hazel. That's a tough assignment for anyone!
10/Nov/09 12:18 AM
a wonderfull fall day - the windows are open and the open road calls me to ride my bike - chance of rain this afternoon, but for now it's time to roll. Plus, the local book store is having it's annual 40% off one item sale -- oh, be strong Mary -- I do enjoy "looking" enjoy your day.
10/Nov/09 1:00 AM
After the past two days I have just pinched myself to see if I am still alive. I am - I felt it! Alive but invisible is my conclusion. Perhaps I am a ghost
10/Nov/09 1:00 AM
Good afternoon - even if it is bitterly cold
10/Nov/09 1:01 AM
Good Morning. Sunshine and warm again today. It is NOT supposed to be 60F (15C) in November. Normal high is about 47F (8 or 9C I think) It needs to cool down before deer hunting in about 12 days. I'll be looking for daytime temps in the low 30's (around Zero) and overnights in the teens (Cold).
10/Nov/09 1:03 AM
10/Nov/09 1:03 AM
It is normal here right now, with daytime temperature hovering around 10F and appoaching zero at night.
10/Nov/09 1:04 AM
The sun is shning but it needs to warm up before I grace 'the outside' with my presence !!
10/Nov/09 1:06 AM
Why have you come to the conclusion that you are invisible, Rayray? Have I missed something?
10/Nov/09 1:08 AM
Good Maen, all! Thanks for all the comments/votes on my car dilemma! I have made my decision, but Jaime is off to Brunswick to talk to a couple of car "experts" to solicit their advice. If and when I make my purchase, y'all will be the first to know!!! Buying a new/used car is not More...
10/Nov/09 1:13 AM
Angie - we, too, are experiencing unusually warm temperatures. I don't remember swimming in the ocean this late in the fall before. But since I'm a summer person, I have no problem with it! I am, however, looking forward to being able to use the fireplace!
10/Nov/09 1:16 AM
It's sunny this morning. Warm for this time of year. We are to have temps in the mid 60's (18C) today!
Too bad we already have my bike stored for the winter or I would ride west and meet up with mymare at the book shop!
Hope you find a good book, Mary!!
10/Nov/09 1:17 AM
We bought a new car last week. Got a great deal (lots of rebates) on a new, but 2009 model. Hubby can't pass up a bargain!
We decided to pass off the old car to my son. I decided to give him the car with a full gas tank. Since he lives about 1 1/2 hours away, I went into the gas More...
10/Nov/09 1:30 AM
I have to say, Shiela, that that's even worse than stashing ones car keys in the fried chicken (as happened at FionaFest in July!
10/Nov/09 1:40 AM
Congrats on the new car, though! Jaime and I have only bought two brand-new cars in our lives: my '82 LeBaron and Jaime's '85 (or '86?) Isuzu Trooper.
10/Nov/09 1:43 AM
And now I'm off for my Monday morning tennis match. You can tell CG I won't be CPing my way to 22 today!!! Bye for now!
10/Nov/09 1:44 AM
I am STILL washing my hands!!!
Sanitized the keys, too!
(I vote for option two, but the way, Jane!)
10/Nov/09 1:44 AM
When we're so close, Jane???
10/Nov/09 1:44 AM
Who will do it?
10/Nov/09 1:44 AM
10/Nov/09 1:45 AM
Ian! You did it again! STOP lurking!
10/Nov/09 1:45 AM


for today....

10/Nov/09 1:46 AM
Congrats, Ian!
10/Nov/09 1:47 AM
all - freezing outside this morning.

Congrats Ian on 22.

Jane keep us posted on choice.

Shiela that was a big

Ray Ray - like your new Avatar.
10/Nov/09 1:57 AM
BTW - I see that my Cheetah was the reward on the 8th for the Medium Puzzle,
10/Nov/09 2:09 AM
Oh Thank-you Sheila and Eve. After all I am still alive and even visible. Eve; I've got a poem for you tomorrow if you look in. By the way someone sent me that avatar - I can't remember who it was. It was some time ago. I have recently learnt that it is derived from an American baseball club logo. More...
10/Nov/09 2:11 AM
If you missed my post yesterday please read:
For those who missed the FOX pre game show today. They announced a website where people can post a message to the troops in Afghanastan. State Farm will donate $1 to Fisher House for every Thank you sent.It only takes a minute.
10/Nov/09 2:11 AM
Had a great Toastmasters District 84 Fall Conference in Daytona Beach this weekend! Perfect weather with a cool sea breeze and a warm sun!
10/Nov/09 2:13 AM
Here’s a starter for CG!
"The scrum half got possession and skillfully threw the ball to the next player.
The crowd became excited. The home team was only a few yards away from scoring a try. There were shouts of “pass out”; “pass out”; but instead, the scrum half, believing he was following instructions, feinted and was carried off the field."
10/Nov/09 2:34 AM
Here is a picture from the Fall conference!
10/Nov/09 2:34 AM
Oh, Shiela! Next time dress appropriately!
10/Nov/09 2:55 AM
Hope you realized you were aboard a ship full of pirates, Glenn!
(Looks like you had fun!)
10/Nov/09 2:55 AM
NOW you tell me! Still washing, Kathy!
10/Nov/09 2:58 AM
HI all! It has actually stopped raining here today after 7 full days of downpours. The skies have cleared and have revealed the Pyrénées beautifully covered with fresh snow - the first of this season.
10/Nov/09 3:00 AM
Here's today's riddle for you. Answers to the powdery snow inbox please!
A spoonerism is a pair of words that can have their initial sounds switched to form new words. The pairs need only sound the same, not necessarily be spelled the same (power saw & sour paw, horse cart & coarse More...
10/Nov/09 3:02 AM
Ray, your avatar is a logo of a Florida Major League baseball team. They used to be called The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, but are now The Tampa Bay Rays. The logo has a baseball diamond in the background and 'Rays' across it. Someone did a great job of photo-shopping for you! Very clever!
10/Nov/09 3:08 AM
Happy Monday!
Lovely photo as my prize for finishing today's puzzle. Who's the photographer?
10/Nov/09 3:08 AM
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