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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello Page 4!
10/Mar/09 9:51 AM
My little guy had decided that tonight's soccer class should be a Daddy and Dudes class. So I get to stay home with my girls. That means in the next 90 minutes all I have to do is clean up after supper (phrased very carefully as not to offend Karen!), take out the garbage, bathe and jammer 2 kids.
10/Mar/09 9:55 AM
Has anyone done the 2 riddles I put in the first page?
10/Mar/09 9:55 AM
Yes Plum, I did get 333 yesterday.
10/Mar/09 9:56 AM
Jill, I usually never count the pages.. Math is not my cuppa.
10/Mar/09 9:56 AM
Oh joy! I just peaked out the window to check on my girls, and I spied little green shoots aspiring to be daffodils. Have faith North America, Spring is coming!
10/Mar/09 9:57 AM
For all those Qlders further north than I , wow the winds last night must have been ferocious.
We had gale forced winds during the early morning which woke us all up. Very strong.
So up north closer to the cyclone areas must have had a lot of damage.
Our hot and humid weather has finally broken and we can today live without the A/c working. YAY.
10/Mar/09 9:59 AM
I didn't "do" them Shar. I just sorta peaked at the answers on your page. Amazingly enough, I do not read the last chapter of a book first, but your temptating answers got the best of me.
10/Mar/09 10:00 AM
Autumn has just started here, and today it shows.

Where does the lost sock in the washer and dryer go?
10/Mar/09 10:00 AM
OK my first 15 minutes are gone. I guess I had better get busy with my chores. TTFN
10/Mar/09 10:01 AM
Maybe I shouldn't put the answers up until later.
10/Mar/09 10:01 AM
Just before someone gets nervous do they experience cocoons in their stomachs?
10/Mar/09 10:02 AM
10/Mar/09 10:02 AM
What is that which goes with a carriage, comes with a carriage, is of no use to a carriage, and yet the carriage cannot go without it?
10/Mar/09 10:04 AM
No wonder the winds were strong here. The cyclone weather pattern which has slowed down is just abover Brissie, near Rainbow Beach.

Now the rain has really started pelting down. Just in time for the kids to go to school.

Why does it always rain before 9am and around 3pm?..
10/Mar/09 10:07 AM
Thank you all for your peace and quiet while the girl and I snoozed away the afternoon. Wish hubby had that same consideration so I could still be snoozing but he snores.
I have made a grave parent error. It is now going on 5:30 and my girl is still asleep, this may cause difficulty since bedtime is 3 hours away.
10/Mar/09 10:15 AM
My dear Prego Buddy only has two offsprings to tend to tonight, what joy. The woman just wears me completely out with all her activity. If I were her I would yell, "Delivery," for dinner.
10/Mar/09 10:17 AM
Good morning all -
OMG Shar, I just looked at the weather map of the cyclone. I wouldn't want to be on Fraser Island. They say it's expected to weaken and move west and cross the coast. We might get some good rain. I haven't noticed really strong winds here (it's moderately windy) and I'm More...
10/Mar/09 10:20 AM
Uh-oh, seems I have done another no-no. I was enjoying an afternoon treat of milk and cookies. Then I read the nutrition facts on the back of the package. Did you know there is no nutritional value to cookies. Well, there is not. And according to this package, I have already had 3 days worth of servings and working on 4. Gee, it is a good thing there are no doctor appointments today.
10/Mar/09 10:30 AM
This is the lowest I have heard of a cyclone coming down... In my years anyway.

They expect it to dissipate today which is good. So it is not much of a threat anymore.
10/Mar/09 10:32 AM
Karen, If you break your cookies up before you eat them all the calories fall out.

10/Mar/09 10:33 AM
Good thinking Madby3.
10/Mar/09 10:36 AM
Good plan Madby. I do not have to watch the calories but the carbs, does the same process apply?
10/Mar/09 10:36 AM
You have to break them up smaller, is all.
10/Mar/09 10:42 AM
Thought of the day:

Never take a laxative and a sleeping tablet at the same time...
10/Mar/09 10:43 AM
What is Mother Goose's real first name?
10/Mar/09 10:45 AM
Good morning from me. 4T home sick again today. I'm not working. It's very quiet - might have to find some mischief to get into.
10/Mar/09 10:49 AM
Hello CP... poor little one. Choccie cookies always help.
10/Mar/09 10:50 AM
CP - if I was retired already I would volunteer to zip over and help you out. Sorry.
10/Mar/09 11:02 AM
Jamie, it has been so long, are you under 100 days yet?
10/Mar/09 11:05 AM
Hey are you enjoying Spring Break this week?
10/Mar/09 11:05 AM
Shar, I don't think 4T is a "little one". Over 6 foot the last I heard. A strapping young man!
10/Mar/09 11:06 AM
Oh - I thought 4 was age.
10/Mar/09 11:17 AM
Why is there only ONE monopolies commission?
10/Mar/09 11:24 AM
4t stands for Temperamental Testosterone-Toting Teenager. He's nearly 18 (May) and 182cm (6 foot 2)He can still fit on my lap - sort of - for a cuddle occasionally!
10/Mar/09 11:25 AM
Jamie - I think your experience would be an asset!
10/Mar/09 11:26 AM
Why are a goose and his wife called geese, but a moose and his wife aren't called meese
10/Mar/09 11:53 AM
Why do phone companies give you a number to call if your phone doesn't work?
10/Mar/09 12:28 PM
Its an amazing photo - Isn't it Shosho.

Very clear outline.
10/Mar/09 12:30 PM
How does the snow plow driver get to work?
10/Mar/09 12:36 PM
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