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Easy Sudoku for 10/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Did I hear the word chocolate?
10/Apr/09 1:39 AM
The birthday cake is in that thing that heats food. It is in the shape of a bunny.
The girl helped, it is really hard to tell how much batter made it into the pan or in or on her.
10/Apr/09 1:45 AM
Have a very nice day to all of you.

to Norene .
10/Apr/09 2:07 AM
A glorious day here! Almost time to put the top down on the Miata.
10/Apr/09 2:08 AM
Share, Kathy?
What kind of word is that to use about a chocolate bunny?
10/Apr/09 2:22 AM
Some neighbours (English)have invited us to lunch on sunday. I am to take cheese. I shall shop tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, the store will have a chocolate you-know-what left.
10/Apr/09 2:24 AM
Mo are you saying that you are rowing across the chanel for lunch sunday?
10/Apr/09 2:30 AM
There is a wonderful local company that produces fine chocolates here in Northern Ohio. Of course they have a wide selection of bunnies, chicks, eggs and the like. But the best part of it, the week after Easter, all their chocolates go on sale half-price! It is truly a glorious day in a chocoholic's life.
10/Apr/09 2:32 AM
Opps. Slight miss representation. All their Easter Chocolates go on sale.
10/Apr/09 2:33 AM
1:52 Happy Easter to all.

Thought for the Day:

"There was an Old Man of Thermopylae,
Who never did anything properly;
But they said, 'If you choose
to boil eggs in your shoes,
You shall never remain in Thermopylae.'"

well it was a long thought courtesy of EL of course.
10/Apr/09 2:50 AM
Hi all! it's Easter so a special Easter egg riddle for you to do this weekend: answers to the Lindt inbox please!
It is Easter in Easter village and all the Easter bunnies are joyful. The annual Easter egg hunt has just finished. The Easter egg hunt is where four Easter bunnies search for any of More...
10/Apr/09 5:54 AM
BTW - where's the wicked witch of the west these days? Swinging upside down from the rafters again? Come down Judy, you'll get dizzy!
10/Apr/09 6:05 AM
Well, gee, I check in just in time to field an insult from the Scottish wench! We are camped on the ocean, entertaining our grandchildren, surf fishing, romping in the waves (yes, I still romp ... but it's not a pretty sight!), building sand castles, taking long walks, eating junk food, and imbibing adult beverages. Life is very good! Uh ... thanks for asking, Fiona!
10/Apr/09 6:20 AM
Girls, girls ... do I have to referee from the other side of the globe?

So eager to get to the BBQ.
10/Apr/09 6:39 AM
Morning all!
Me too Keith! We'll have to leave in about 3 hours to (hopefully) make it here on time.
10/Apr/09 6:43 AM
here = there of course!
Unfortunately no one is packed or dressed, the animals haven't been prepared, and I'm the only one awake!

I think it's light enough to get a start on the animals - feeding the horses some hay....
10/Apr/09 6:44 AM
Now that I've finally done the puzzle I see what the discussion about watermelons was about. Of course he doesn't look to happy about being just a head. Maybe he'd feel better with a little behind!
10/Apr/09 7:02 AM
Now Suzy if you believe that the laws of physic must be wrong, I can't imagine what holding you down! Maybe a little reaction on your part!
10/Apr/09 7:03 AM
Oh mighty Keith, the need for your judicial skills are great today! Now I've heard of the long arm of the law but yours is ridiculous!
10/Apr/09 7:04 AM
Ooooh someone stop me before I become totally obnoxious! A little pun-ishment is forth coming!
10/Apr/09 7:05 AM
Horses fed! At least they are happy and organised...
10/Apr/09 7:05 AM
Ok one more for a truly irritating cp and off I go!
10/Apr/09 7:05 AM
didn't quite make it! Hello Suzy, oh nonbeliever of physics!
10/Apr/09 7:06 AM
Shosho, the laws of physics must be wrong or the easter bunny could not deliver eggs to everyone!
10/Apr/09 7:07 AM
Shall we float the idea of the gravity of the situation?
10/Apr/09 7:08 AM
Hmmmm, must be the same principal of Santa!
10/Apr/09 7:08 AM
principle. Yikees, out of class my English goes!
10/Apr/09 7:09 AM
Well, must go off to get paperwork together for a trustship! Bother!
10/Apr/09 7:10 AM
I get to pull out my "Fiona drives me nuts" pad of paper and start working out
which bunny did what and how fast! We are talking egg collecting here, right?
In order to concentrate, I must get rid of the mental picture of Judy romping....
10/Apr/09 7:32 AM
Boing ... boing ... boing ...
10/Apr/09 7:37 AM
Nice sunny morning,food preparation all under way.! See you in just over an hour Keith. You can enjoy your morning with the wombats, koalas and kangaroos!
10/Apr/09 7:52 AM
Good morning all.
Keith - enjoy the BBQ - you too June, Suzy and anyone else who's going. I'll try to Skype later.
Kathy - I have a 'Fiona drives me nuts' pad, as well. (Er, hi Fiona)
Judy - romp away! Enjoy yourself.
10/Apr/09 8:05 AM
Gee, first it was the bunny who laid Easter eggs, now CynB has chicks with bunny ears. Who was playing around? My cousin sent me a hilarious series of pictures of Easter bunny identify theft! Kittens with the same coloration as the bunny family, dogs posing with bunnies again with the same color fur!
10/Apr/09 8:13 AM
2:06, everyone.
10/Apr/09 8:25 AM
Shosho - they're really Playboy chicks!
10/Apr/09 8:40 AM
Ahh Karen! A few years ago hubby and I started reciting the movie 'Cars' taking turns regardless of the character ... it is truly amazing how far we got, accents and all! Tragic in fact.
10/Apr/09 9:01 AM
10/Apr/09 9:18 AM
Kate, I am greatful, I had friends that had two children during the Barney phase.
10/Apr/09 10:07 AM
More chocolate anybody?
10/Apr/09 10:13 AM
Okay, if we're talking chocolate here, let's forget that "assorted" stuff and wimpy little choco eggs.
Bring a mug and dip in!!
10/Apr/09 10:45 AM
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