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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Acupuncture: n. a jab well done.

...And here's today's factoid:
Baby sea lions have to be taught how to swim.
10/Jul/12 12:00 AM
10/Jul/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen
10/Jul/12 12:00 AM
Funny one Kayo.
10/Jul/12 12:01 AM
Thank you, HalT.
10/Jul/12 12:06 AM
not sure what today will be like, the weather people have been wrong so much lately. Guess it doesn't matter since I will be in the house packing most of the day.
10/Jul/12 12:09 AM
10/Jul/12 12:12 AM

Quick drop-in this morning. I am off to an early baseball game.

The answers to yesterday's poozle: All the words are synonyms of words that sound like numbers. won-one, too-two, fore-four, ate-eight, sics-six

10/Jul/12 12:13 AM
Good Maen, all! Still hot and muggy here, but it's not keeping me from my daily bike ride.
10/Jul/12 12:14 AM
HalT, Pam and Captain J all knew that PICTURE PUZZLE #13 is a sugar maple tap (the Captain even called it by its formal name: 'spile'.) The hint I gave about Pam being more likely to solve than others is that she lives in Connecticut, one of the country's major maple-syrup-producing states. More...
10/Jul/12 12:21 AM
PICTURE PUZZLE #14 has been posted in my gallery. Hint: I'm not so sure some of you will want to admit you know what this item is.
10/Jul/12 12:23 AM
I knew that one! I thought I sent you an answer! Maybe it ended up with Peter's answer to me yesterday!
10/Jul/12 12:25 AM
Battle of the puzzles!

Solve each combination to find the sounds of the name of a chemical element:

1. Male sibling + belongs to me = ?

2. Small notch + Twelfth letter = ?

3. Me + be in debt + eat = ?

4. Goofy + inmate = ?

Answers to the 'Goofy inmate is not Mickey' inbox, please.
10/Jul/12 12:27 AM
Sorry, I didn't get your message, Kathy.
10/Jul/12 12:27 AM
Goodmorning people of the world.
10/Jul/12 12:52 AM
International Town Crier Day
10/Jul/12 12:52 AM
Happy advancing in age, Grass-hopper.
And Carmel, a name from our past, and Lizbaby4.
10/Jul/12 12:54 AM
all. A beautiful day in WNC. After answering Jane's poozle du jour, it's now time to go out and enjoy life before the afternoon storms arrive. Tomatoes are almost ready for pickin'.
10/Jul/12 12:57 AM
Oh, the right time.
10/Jul/12 12:57 AM
Here we go.
10/Jul/12 12:58 AM
One more.
10/Jul/12 12:58 AM
10/Jul/12 12:58 AM
The to do list task, should start any moment now. I have hope.
10/Jul/12 1:01 AM
Good Maen, good people. Much to-do the past few days as Faun starts a job (up at 5 a.m.!) and Little Plum prepares to go to her first summer camp this week. Plus, now that it's finally pleasant summer weather, there's all the outdoor chores to do. I haven't done any since ... last summer!
10/Jul/12 1:02 AM
Looks like one of those portrait pictures that got stretched to fit into a square format before Gath set up rules for submitting photos.
10/Jul/12 1:07 AM
Lots of 'to do's ... almost as bad as a(n) FPA room. Grammatically tough decision: it requires 'a' if you say the word, but 'an' if you say the letters.
10/Jul/12 1:13 AM
'An' is actually correct since 'ef' is the grammatically correct word form of the letter 'f'.
10/Jul/12 1:22 AM
...at least that's what they taught me in school - back in the dark ages.
10/Jul/12 1:23 AM
Congrats on getting your 22, Keith!
10/Jul/12 1:24 AM
Still here and doing puzzles! Life is busy, so I don't get to comment much.
10/Jul/12 1:26 AM
I was taught, if the word afterwards starts with a constant, then you use a. If the word afterwards starts with a vowel, you use an.
Or something like that.
10/Jul/12 1:35 AM
Man called and said he will be home early. I am sure, that any moment now, I will get up and act like I am busy. I still have that hope thing.
10/Jul/12 1:36 AM
Has Jerry, returned?
10/Jul/12 1:37 AM
As some of you may know I shall be heading to Singapore in October, thanks to my generous son. I shall then be heading for Melbourne for about 5/6 days (dates to be confirmed). It would be lovely to meet up with as many of you as poss.
10/Jul/12 1:37 AM
Lizbaby4, hope you are enjoying your two day celebration.
10/Jul/12 1:38 AM
But FPA is not technically a word, Karen. It's an acronym, so each letter is pronounced: ef p a
10/Jul/12 1:42 AM
Again, GMo, I am SOOOOOOO envious! I know you're going to have a fabulous time!!
10/Jul/12 1:43 AM
10/Jul/12 1:44 AM
Grasshopper! Carmel.
10/Jul/12 1:46 AM
Not gonna hang down here.
10/Jul/12 1:46 AM
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