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Easy Sudoku for 10/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3:31 Reminds me of my children when they were little and lay in a bath of bubbles....seems so long ago now
And as a post script, it appears I can't spell worth a d--n!
B4 u judge a person, walk a mile in there shoes... after that, Who cares.. He's a mile away and the shoes are yours so RUN....
Canuck Greg - the chatroom is really only useful when people are online at the same time. It works completely differently than this site, so it would not be useful for occasional, drop-in commenting.
2 whales overturn a ship using their blowholes... can we eat the crew? Asked one whale... NO! said the other whale, i do blowjobs but i dont swallow SEAMEN...
Jamie/Judy: I stand corrected. Please, I hope no one loses any sleep over my comments.
Canuck Greg - certainly no sleep lost here - you are as welcome as anybody else!! Thanks for voicing your opinions.
One more comment before I go find some dinner - Jodi's four-year-old definitely is a keeper.
4:17- Good morning people of the world. May you have peace-especially if you are in Lebanon or Israel.
Wow Rickelly, How did that get through the censors! :-)
some of those jokes were handed down by god to moses......and some of them should not have left the schoolyard. There is a Joke School where jokes can go. It is near the Special School.
Hello all: Thanks for the suggestions, and I understand why they are made. Just to point out several things, some of which have been stated. To use the chat room...its real time so all must be present at the same time. Secondly, its very fast and difficult to type and read, at least for me, thus More...
I dont mind serial post aka conversation. I've just spent several minutes reading them all. This may indicate I dont have a life of my own but being of phlegmatic disposition I like to 'be there' while others chat with the occasional addition myself. I fully realise if I dont have time to read it all, I can skim over it. Chill out folks, this is community!
Hey guys!!! Sup??? 7:27 p.m. here!!!
10.00am here in South Australia
Happy Birthday to Mel (from Perth)
Hi everyone.
Maen all.
I enjoy reading all the comments when I get the chance. Posting comments is a conversation over a long period of time. The chatroom is fast and furious. If you miss the comment, the flow dies.
Mel or Em as we know her too
wishing you a very happy ?? birthday

Also if you don't post a comment regularly and frequently in the chatroom you get turfed out.
Happy Birfday, MEL! And many more!! XO
Land of the long white cloud RePreZent.... hahahaha god played no part in these jokes the cuzzies from King Country did hehehe Al gud... Hola
U know some people shouldn't use god as an excuse... Better pray and make up 4 that....
Happy Birthday Mel!
here's a quick stir (I'll read the results later) but what about the godess?
what about her?? i dont play wid the gods not a very good idea aye....
Mel/em - Happy Birthday!!!!
so rickelly, heaven is just a boys club, eh?
Hi. I miss all of you. I am up grading papers and I took a break to read today's posts.
KATHY: I looked at your web site, you look like a cross between my sister and my Mom. When I looked at your first picture it gave me goose bumps, you really look like them.

I had a friend die More...
Thanks to Kathy, Mamacita & Jamie for the comments about my son on the Parents Page. I hope everyone will get a chance to see him. (although that is an old photo as he is now 7)
Kim, Glad your year has started well. I had three of my four kids in my math classes - it is interesting!! Sorry to hear about losing your friend.
We got word this morning at school that two of our May graduates and two other students were in a wreck yesterday - three of them (a brother and More...
Hi. Your year is starting like ours ended. We had two sisters in a car wreck, one died. And a junior that died while putting air in his monster truck tire. All of that happened the last two weeks of school. Yes, it does make you see what is important in life. Hope you have a good school year.
Ok, I need to get to bed, will finish grading in the morning on the way to school ( my husband drives)
Canuk Greg, it's like floggin' a dead horse !!!
now uz are dissing the heavens omg... Sorry people but i aint the one messing with the heavens or the gods... Shame on you people
How can all of you solve this so fast? Am I missing something?
Yeah but it does give the usual suspects a great excuse to show how noice and understanding and generally delightful and special they all are and...................
oh yes I just saw the photo of kathy and its incredible - she looks exactly, the total spitting image, 100% per cent completely like my great uncle. Admittedly he was a bit weird but then again there is no accounting for taste. He also went to Special School and learned to do special things. kia ora
Mel, Happy Birthday.
Katie. Don't feel too bad. It takes me 2 minutes just to figure out where to start.
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