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Easy Sudoku for 10/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, y'all and G'Day.
10/Sep/15 12:00 AM
10/Sep/15 12:00 AM
Jeanine, Hal, and all to follow!
10/Sep/15 12:11 AM
Good morning people of the world.
10/Sep/15 12:15 AM
Phantom must really be sick.
10/Sep/15 12:16 AM
Sarah, I was able to change my avatar this morning. So hopefully all the gremlins are taken care of. I did not notice any disturbance with my pictures, but I also did not go into Flicker.
10/Sep/15 12:18 AM
Poozle time!

A 'complete' word is a word in which every letter, in turn, can be replaced by another to form a new word.
For example, SEND is a complete word because:
Starting with SEND we can replace the S with an L to make LEND
Starting with SEND we can replace the E with an A to More...
10/Sep/15 12:18 AM
I have ensured us, at least an 85% chance of rain today and if I get any umph to clean the floors, we will have a 100%.
Shelby Lou is ignoring me because I gave her a surprise bath. I snatched her up from her early morning nap.
10/Sep/15 12:20 AM
Lots of snatching going around this morning. I was preparing bacon this morning for my salad at lunch and maybe for dinner too. Man came in and snatched my bacon for two BLTs. Had to dig in the freezer for another package of bacon.
10/Sep/15 12:22 AM
To our dear friend.
10/Sep/15 12:22 AM
Oh, it's bacon! I couldn't figure that out. What are the little moving dark dots? You're not serving moldy bacon, are you, Karen?
10/Sep/15 12:27 AM
Bacon does not have time to mold here, Kathy. I have not read up on the topic, just that headlines, but bacon is now supposed to help you live longer.
Those are blinking eyes on the bacon.
10/Sep/15 12:55 AM
What interesting little structures. I wonder their purpose. They appear ready for the flood.
10/Sep/15 1:43 AM
Yes, my Flickr picture is back and I can access Update Details.
10/Sep/15 1:44 AM
Good morning.
10/Sep/15 2:31 AM
Early get up this morning.
10/Sep/15 2:32 AM
Must be excited about the trip.
10/Sep/15 2:32 AM
More like stressing about what I've forgotten to pack.
10/Sep/15 2:33 AM
Will have to look up my packing list - stored in Notes on my phone - to check.
10/Sep/15 2:35 AM
I compiled the list after a trip where I forgot a couple of things.
10/Sep/15 2:35 AM
10/Sep/15 2:36 AM
Another gallump.
10/Sep/15 2:36 AM
We were there and I didn't count right - typical.
10/Sep/15 2:37 AM
Both Keith and Karen are missing.
10/Sep/15 2:38 AM
But ... but ...
10/Sep/15 2:54 AM
Interesting little buildings. Constructed for the weather of the area , I imagine.
10/Sep/15 3:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's a good thing those homes aren't in Toronto or Vancouver. They'd be going for a million price with the costs there.
10/Sep/15 6:09 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
10/Sep/15 6:35 AM
Interesting huts with thatched roofs! They certainly suit the tropical environment! But may not withstand any strong storm!
Nice photo!
10/Sep/15 6:44 AM
10/Sep/15 7:52 AM
But . . . aren't those huts awfully small?? If you compare them with the buildings behind them, they look playhouse size!
10/Sep/15 7:54 AM
I think Karen meant me for post #8. Soooo . . . . Thanks, Karen!
Here's flying your way!
10/Sep/15 7:55 AM
Hubby promised me that when he came home from his bike ride that we would be going out for dinner!!! I said it was way too hot to be in the kitchen!!!
10/Sep/15 7:57 AM
I guess I should be outside planting my new plumerias! One's white and yellow (the ones used for making Hawaiian leis), another is light pink, and the third is red!!!
10/Sep/15 7:58 AM
Morning all, I remember these huts from earlier this year.
10/Sep/15 7:59 AM
But I have three succulents, I want to get rid of. I don't want to trash them (they're living beings) and I've cared for them for years. The airplane plant is three feet tall and the two aloe veras are a foot and a half each. But I have limited space and something's got to go.
10/Sep/15 8:00 AM
Hey, Amelia! Want to race to the bottom???
10/Sep/15 8:01 AM
I'm running!
10/Sep/15 8:01 AM
Getting there, pressure's on!!!!
10/Sep/15 8:02 AM
10/Sep/15 8:02 AM
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