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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Stomping all over TOP page two
11/Dec/18 9:33 AM
I'm rather late here today but at least I've missed out on being stomped on by the rampaging Rage.
11/Dec/18 10:22 AM
He is like a bull in a china shop.
11/Dec/18 10:26 AM
Happy Birthday to Amelia and Arachnid, may you both have a very enjoyable day, or week, or month or........ You get the idea.
You still have a few hours to post your answers to this weeks poozle, but you might be too busy for that.
11/Dec/18 10:34 AM
I couldn't agree more Keith. It is probably something to do with all the VB he drinks
11/Dec/18 10:36 AM
Sarahs 'Can't surf on that surface' reminds me of an old joke that is of course is a parody of one of Churchill's famous speeches, 'They also surf who only stand and wade'.
11/Dec/18 10:41 AM
Wombat, I'm finally to the point where I need something interesting to keep me resting instead of overdoing. So I'm going to start work on my stash (backlog) of unsolved Wombat poozles. I am so grateful for the mental lift your poozles offer. I'm so tired of playing solitaire, but my brain hasn't More...
11/Dec/18 11:55 AM
Today I actually left the house for the first time since I came home from the hospital. I went to a library book club meeting AND I gave a short review on a book I read pre-surgery. Yes! I'm talking again (well chosen words, not at length yet). I'm also eating more regular (if still mostly soft) foods. And I'm not bothered anymore by mild acidity in food or drink.
11/Dec/18 12:03 PM
I've been awake almost 12 hours and it is about time to either take a nap or go to sleep early for the night. It's a wardrobe decision: do I change into loungewear now or later?
11/Dec/18 12:12 PM
1:29. Good afternoon everyone.
11/Dec/18 12:31 PM
At 50 (or it will soon be 51) posts we are within striking distance of Peter's 66. By the way if 33 is worth one beer surely 66 should be worth 2. We would have to be sure that Rage did not get it - two VBs might lead him on a rip roaring rampaging rage.
11/Dec/18 12:53 PM
I look forward to getting some of your poozle solutions Plum. All the indications are pointing in the right direction for your recovery.
11/Dec/18 12:56 PM
Amelia and Arachnid
11/Dec/18 1:22 PM
Maybe I was wrong when I said this week's puzzle was easier than last week's as there have been one or two items that have caused people problems, or more likely people are so busy at the moment that they don't have the time to spend on it. But in fact we had 8 response which were 100% correct or More...
11/Dec/18 3:22 PM
Just flying through
11/Dec/18 3:27 PM
Thanks for your challenging and enjoyable puzzles, Wombat. They are an integral part of my brain cell conservation effort!
11/Dec/18 3:29 PM
I'm always a bit uncertain as to whether I should post puzzles over the Christmas/New Year period, people are very busy, but others don't like missing their weekly puzzle. As a compromise I have decided, with Sarah's support, to have one more puzzle as usual and then for the next two weeks have a More...
11/Dec/18 3:31 PM
We only need another 8 posts to 66, so join in and help us get there.
And a very big thanks to Judy for her encouragement.
11/Dec/18 3:36 PM
Just the one, Judy?
11/Dec/18 5:41 PM
With Rage stompin' all over the place put this in my ear.......


Hard to believe we listened to that stuff.
11/Dec/18 5:45 PM
It is fun acting as the English teacher for such a clever student! I get out my red pen and circle typos, while Wombat does all the hard work. Those who have not yet tried to solve his puzzles should make resolutions for the new year, or better yet, start with the Christmas and New Year puzzles coming soon.
11/Dec/18 5:45 PM
We are getting close to 66 and Peter is lurking. Thanks to all those who have joined the party and have got Peter so close.
11/Dec/18 6:06 PM
Well I'll push up the count.
11/Dec/18 6:12 PM
Does Tara consume alcoholic beverages Peter? If you get to 66, maybe you could share you two beers with her. There are lots of stories about animals being regular drinkers or rescuers of imbibers. When thrown out of the pub the intoxicated one is put on his horse which obediently takes him home.
11/Dec/18 6:12 PM
Getting close
11/Dec/18 6:13 PM

A-oo-gah, A-oo-gah, A-oo-gah

On you, mate......

11/Dec/18 6:13 PM
Wombat pushed me!!!!!!!
11/Dec/18 6:14 PM
One story I like is of the guy who parked his truck in front of the horse trough outside his local pub. I young policemen came into the bar and asked who owned the red truck parked in front of the trough. What would happen if a horse needed to have a drink, to which the driver replied that he would take it in for a pint. All yours now Peter.
11/Dec/18 6:18 PM
Disappointing Peter, but at least someone got there.
11/Dec/18 6:20 PM
Wombat - Talking about 'horse which obediently takes him home.'

11/Dec/18 6:34 PM
Drats, hoist by my own petard!

Keith will enjoy that!
11/Dec/18 6:40 PM
Nice to see vdV commenting. Haven't seen him on here for a very looooooooong time.
11/Dec/18 6:51 PM
I love it DoA. I'm almost tempted to send for some of them. The dog is added assurance. Having gone this far we should be able to get to page 3. Is there anyone around?
11/Dec/18 8:11 PM
I might leave it until the morning and check to see if anyone turns the page. Possibly some early risers on the US east coast, or even some Aussie on the west coast of Oz, or just anybody.
11/Dec/18 8:16 PM
Thank you to everyone for their kind birthday wishes.
11/Dec/18 10:20 PM
Nothing much on TV except for re-runs of old movies or English comedy programs from years ago. No wonder it's 'free to air' - no one would pay for it
11/Dec/18 10:21 PM
Trying to do my bit to help over the page. If I were dyslexic my age would make me a teenager!!
11/Dec/18 10:23 PM
This evening I went outside to water the flowers and vegies and when I was doing so the clouds started to roll in. During my evening meal it poured own. What a way to waste water
11/Dec/18 10:25 PM
Well this is a CP and only one post for BOPP so now its up to someone else to do the deed
11/Dec/18 10:26 PM
91 is a good age, Arachnid.
11/Dec/18 10:26 PM
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