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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello fellow puzzle solvers!

I have chosen to blog today's puzzle. The first page to this blogged proof should be available under 'previous entries' in the right column, close to the top.

The second and final page should be available from within the blog.

Please forbear the typos, as I ran out of time to make final edits!

Bad Breath?
Good morning everyone. Rained last night but is getting sunny. Temps on the way up. Hooray.
2:17 Good evening everyone

What big teeth, you have, Grandma
Good morning to all! That's one big croc!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
The sun is shining here in South West France and the forcast is for more of the same for next five days so I can get walking again. Happy weekend everyone
Maen all! The temperature is finally getting back to normal. I've been bedridden all week with the flu. It's amazing how incapacitating it is. Have a good weekend and don't forget to change your clocks tonight those in the US.
Maen, do they have daylight savings time in Au?
What a brave fellow!
Hello Kevin from Utah, yes, most states do, but Queensland doesn't and West Aust didn't until a trial run this year and for the next two years.
Hey Anne Your photos are all over this site today. How are you doing? Hope the weather is good in Albany.
My son and family are coming to MR at the end of the month and bringing my sister for her first visit to WA.
Good Maen all!
WEDT - western european daylight time changes on March 25th so we have another two weeks then our clocks go forward an hour the same date as the UK
Thanks Anne, I was just looking it up in google and it seem's that daylight savings time happens at different times and places, with no set standards in all time zones.
Hello Mo, I see you posting on here again after your holiday in Spain. Our weather was very hot last week but then we've had a bit of rain and overcast weather the past few days. There is another cyclone heading towards my daughter's place but the other one the other day veered off away from them. More...
Looks like spring has come to MI!!!!!
2:16. I'm glad the weather is getting better in the South of France GannieMo - it's only 16 more sleeps until we are there!
It is so nice to have it above freezing!

To all the people in my part of the world - don't forget to move your clocks ahead an hour tonight!
Spring is here, and so is my spring break! Does anyone know why we are springing forward early? Drives me crazy!
Welcome back G from W! and congrats on being a grandpa.

Mo - I can't understand how you got a hangover then...for your glass to be always full means that you hardly consumed any alcohol at all, and supping must have only been mere sipping. In which case the hangover 'feeling' must have been More...
2:50 Hi to all. That would be some sandwich..

Thought for the Day:

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.
2:17, it's 50F here and sunny, but rain tomorrow. People are all in an uproar here that daylight savings time is changing on a different date. The news media has played it up as the end of the world. You just manually change the times on all your devices. OR, if it's something that doesn't matter just let the time be off an hour for a few weeks.
That guy must be either very brave or very stupid! I'm hoping brave.

In Canada, we're following the US with this early start to Daylight savings. I personally like it. I think it will help me to sleep in on the mornings I don't work, and the extra hour of light in the evenings is always welcome.
André - I think it would be disco dancing...
I posted this on Tough by mistake, so it's on the site twice today. My luck it's probably a repeat!

According to a news report, a certain school in Garden City, MI was recently faced with a unique problem. A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to More...
andrè, I already know what makes me come alive. But my wife would kill me if I... oh, never mind.
tricia, I read the government thinks adding the extra weeks of daylignt saving time will save energy. Other reports say only minimal savings, but who really knows. I welcome daylight savings time, since I tend to wake with the sun. With DST I am more in line with the majority.
We move to daylight saving time tomorrow. I'll ose an hours sleep tonight.
Crocodile - ead good leather, but rather oily meat with a texture somewhere between firm white fish and 'rare' chicken. Not really my thing, prafer a nice pair of shoes....
'ose' is lose and I didn't notice your post Elsa!
OOps - READ good leather, And I PREFER a nice pair of shoes!
tricia from nemo, congress decided we could save fuel, electricity, etc if we moved daylight savings up a few weeks. Nobody worried about how much of a scare and hassle it would be. Another episode of congress screwing things up.
No worries, Canuk Greg. I'm no longer your neighbour, btw. I came back home to Guelph a few weeks ago. How's the Eastern Ontario weather today? Are you guys getting this warm(ish) drizzle, too?
Billy I'm clearing the dance floor now.. Do you need talc or is your slide good?

Bill perhaps some sedative would help!!

Thank goodness we don't 'spring' for a few weeks I can't afford to lose another hours sleep, too many good dreams..
André - how about a toasted sandwich using chocolate pieces and sliced banana as the filling. Try it it is wonderful but take care it gets very hot.
Bill from TX, what makes early DST a 'scare and hassle'? What difference does it make if we do it now or two weeks from now?
'Oh poor Crocodile ,You have a bad tooth and we should do somthing to take it off'
Anne - my sister will be staying in MR as she is reliant on their transport. It is a pity as it is her first visit to WA
That is one job I wouldn't wanna do. That croc would see me as lunch!
Kids are home now for Spring Break.
OH Mo now I am having naughty chocolate thoughts in my mind and I am trying so hard to be good.. well not that hard.
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