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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good one CG...Hello All, hope you are having a great day/night where ever you are.
Eve...glad you have regained enough voice to share your opinion vocally should you need to do so. It seems whenever I lose my voice, someone does or says something that I need to address and I become frustrated More...
11/Mar/08 7:55 AM
Can't resist, and I fast enough???? Here goes....
11/Mar/08 7:56 AM
Ohhhhh, I get to Wheeeeeee
11/Mar/08 7:56 AM
sorry Suzy (not really, since it was fun...but...)
11/Mar/08 7:58 AM
and heeeere's Greg!

Took me forever to find a snow shoveling guy!
11/Mar/08 8:00 AM
For gosh sakes Mamacita. Don't whee in public!
11/Mar/08 8:01 AM
Cool Kathy, but wipe that grin off my face when it comes to snow shoveling.
11/Mar/08 8:03 AM
Debby - Sheila, Have fun tomorrow, make sure you take pictures.
11/Mar/08 8:39 AM
EVE: We will leave for Mammoth once the snow melts enough to uncover our cabin, probably middle to late May! Can't wait!

DEBBY: No, I really do have a dandy sunburn! My back especially is crisped!
11/Mar/08 8:44 AM
JAMIE: I can't wait to count down with you the days until your retirement!

CGREG: Your rationalization of why it is better to shovel snow in Ottawa than to stroll the beach in California is the biggest load of crapola I have read in a LONG time!!
11/Mar/08 8:48 AM
Kathy...cool avatar of Greg
Judy...really feeling the burn huh......poor baby!!!
Sue, thanks for the reminder...yes Debbie and Sheila...pictures and lots of them....not throwing snowballs either. Have a great meet.
Jamie....you'll have many of us join you when the countdown begins.
11/Mar/08 9:10 AM
Hi all, I'm just on line for a few moments. What's happening in this world of ours - storms in UK, blizzards in North America/Canada, a heatwave in Australia? I think I'll move to the tropics where the weather is milder - except that it's raining in bucketfulls up there.

11/Mar/08 9:11 AM
Sue/OK - Thank you so much and thanks for reminding me to take out my camera!

Mamacita - Thank you! We will have to make a snowball just for you!

Judy - Sunburns are no fun. I hope you have something that you can put on it to take the "sting" away!

Hey! I found More...
11/Mar/08 10:03 AM
Jamie - when my husband was in the service & I joined him in Texas. I bought a roll of toilet tissue. Unrolled it and numbered it from 0 to 500 as I rerolled it. Put the roll next to the front door next to the light switch. Each day when he came home he would rip off a sheet for 1 day less of $hit he would have to put up with.
11/Mar/08 10:03 AM
Ian: Managed to get home from a break-away in London - despite trees on the rail-tracks and a storm-beaten coastline.
11/Mar/08 10:11 AM
Hey everybody stopping in quick before I go out to the store. Have been amazed by the news today of New York States Governor Spitzer. I always figured him to be a one term governor, little did I think he wouldn't even make it that long.

For those that haven't heard our law and order More...
11/Mar/08 10:20 AM
New York State Governor that is
11/Mar/08 10:21 AM
protitution = prostitution
11/Mar/08 10:24 AM
2:42 Good Morning all.

Sorry to weigh in on the weather bragging but we have a crisp clear morning here. Not a cloud in the sky and a forecast of 27 C! AND it is predicted to be the same for the rest of the week!
11/Mar/08 10:31 AM
Thats fine Rose... seethe, seethe Why would I ever want to swop the glorious weather we are having here, rain, gales, freezing cold.. why its positively great!!
11/Mar/08 10:48 AM
Eve/Judy/Mama - thanks! I really do think I will figure out when 400 days will hit and start counting. That is manageable.
Judy - I may be in Palo Alto for a week this summer doing math stuff.
Eve - the PT is going okay - done with the "paid" end of it, now it is just me doing it More...
11/Mar/08 10:51 AM
11/Mar/08 11:28 AM
everyone - surely all the Aussies haven't slept in this morning?
Perhaps there's something wrong with my computer.
11/Mar/08 11:28 AM
JUDY, you obviously don't read all the comments, as many people on this site post a LOT BETTER crapola then I do!
11/Mar/08 11:32 AM
Welcome NURN!!!
11/Mar/08 11:40 AM
Hi all, sorry, but I'm back (I know most of you are saying "who's back?" - fair enough, it's only me)...

Hope to have some ridiculous conversations with you all. It will be nice to see who's still around after about a year, give or take.
11/Mar/08 11:47 AM
Hi Canuk Greg, thanks for the welcome! Wow, some of yez are really on the ball...
11/Mar/08 11:48 AM
Nurn, I did not reply to some of your (?) comments as I wasn't sure if it was you or someone using your name (we had some copy cats). Glad you got things worked out with Gath and have joined up.
11/Mar/08 11:53 AM
Morning all from sunny and warm, well hot Perth. Greg how did you do that? Are you psychic? Hope all who are experiency awful weather stay safe and sound.
11/Mar/08 12:09 PM
Hot in Perth today..

11/Mar/08 12:11 PM
We got up to 68°F today - a true spring day (even though it is till officially winter).
11/Mar/08 12:22 PM
is still
11/Mar/08 12:23 PM
Warm here in Coffs Harbour too - blue sky, nice breeze......!!!
11/Mar/08 12:24 PM
I hear it's hot in Canberra too - even minus me and all my hot air. But still all the politicians are there so no shortage of hot air!!!
11/Mar/08 12:26 PM
Thanks Greg, think you may have been right there - something odd was happening for a while. Hopefully ok now and I'm back to bug you all!
11/Mar/08 12:29 PM
Welcome back, Nurn. We've missed you!
11/Mar/08 12:33 PM
Thanks CP, I've missed you all too.
11/Mar/08 12:34 PM

A man takes his wife to play her first game of golf. Of course, the wife promptly hacks her first shot right through the window of the biggest house adjacent to the course.

The husband cringes, "I warned you to be careful! Now we'll have to go up there, find the More...
11/Mar/08 12:36 PM
Hi everybody, I'm back from my type of work. Just had one client in therapy this evening. Jamie before you retire think of something else that you would like to do. After 3-4 years of doing nothing but enjoy nature it gets to the point where you need to do something rewarding. Like...whatever suits you!
11/Mar/08 12:43 PM
are we flipping over yet?
11/Mar/08 12:43 PM
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