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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Over we go.
11/Apr/11 7:43 AM
The bottom post on page 2, should have been titled Mommy Tale.
11/Apr/11 7:44 AM

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150155961571390&set=a.114123006389.97740.500031389& amp;theater
11/Apr/11 8:09 AM
Eagle Watchers -- all babies are centerd in nest and enjoying dinner, 1 is sleeping though it, is getting ready for a storm in my neck of the woods.
11/Apr/11 8:37 AM
Another Mommy Tale--yes I am full of them.

Two girls came running in the house, one with a very worried look and the other one bawling. You know something is up. Both girls jump on the couch, you just know something is up. When asked what they were doing, one answers nothing, the other one, More...
11/Apr/11 9:57 AM
Got interrupted by the cake thief.

Seems my darlings ran into Daddy's truck with their Barbie jeep.
11/Apr/11 10:10 AM
Ah Karen, aren't they CUTE! :0
11/Apr/11 11:09 AM
Tee hee. Karen, I am going to share your mommy tale with the mother of my little darlings. They have a pink Mustang. They are also older. Is this the same Man that thought they were old enough for said Jeep?
11/Apr/11 12:15 PM
Yes, same man. One does pretty good, and is kind enough to let her sister drive sometimes. I believe that is what happened today. Thing II has a habit of messing with the radio and driving at top speed.
11/Apr/11 12:59 PM
I learned today, that one child has been learning how to drive the pick-up truck. Have I mentioned, that there is not enough valium handed out when you become a parent?
When Man, brought the little battery powered 4-wheeler home to a child that could barely walk, I thought that was bad. Then he More...
11/Apr/11 1:08 PM
11/Apr/11 1:44 PM
Hehehe, those are great and I will take the "out of my mind" one, but do I have to return?
11/Apr/11 1:50 PM
No Karen, you're welcome!
11/Apr/11 2:01 PM
Morning...oops..good AFTERNOON...
Have just posted a couple of photo's from lunch yesterday at the Observatory Cafe here in downtown Melbourne..
Catch you later.
11/Apr/11 2:07 PM
Good night people of world.
11/Apr/11 2:30 PM
Just in case my job interview is successful, I have to get used to getting out of bed in the morning. Good night.
11/Apr/11 2:32 PM
Fun to see the pictures, Bean. I saw a hamburger that looked mighty tasty.
11/Apr/11 4:24 PM
2:32 Good afternoon all.
11/Apr/11 5:48 PM
11/Apr/11 6:48 PM
11/Apr/11 6:48 PM
Great day with Grandson. Played games on the WII then he went to the bike park with Poppy. Quiet time now ( I hope )
11/Apr/11 6:50 PM
Great pic's Bean. And I see Gail remembered the camera.
11/Apr/11 6:51 PM
Good luck SB. And that should be a CP.
11/Apr/11 6:52 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – A Cloudhill bee by Keith. (They're the best kind).

Vibrant Vici – Starts the ball rolling today.

Karen/Chris – Were sitting waiting to pounce but were just too late. Stiff bickies!

Captain J – More...
11/Apr/11 9:34 PM
ouch Phanty :(
11/Apr/11 10:01 PM
Hello all
I have not forgotten you but...
'Tis the season to be gardening
Dig'n'dig 'n' plant the whole day long
All the insect eggs are hatching
Spray 'n' spray 'n' spray to keep them down
Then the 'Black spot' has arrivéd and
My roses are just beginning to bloom
All More...
11/Apr/11 11:02 PM
and happy new day to all. Bean, thank you for the pictures. It is great to put faces with names. I am sure you all enjoyed meeting one another. Should I come again I shall make arrangments to have a days layover in Melbourne. My dil suggested I do that last time. She is so smart!
11/Apr/11 11:09 PM
We are off to Paris, Tennessee, y'all. Dentist day for the gpa and gma. Major shopping to do too. I will miss the change over again. This 9 AM change over isn't working for me. GannieMo, we nearly have the first round of spring planting done. My flowers are looking very good this year. I love the spring flowers.. all I had to do was plant them. No weeds yet.
11/Apr/11 11:16 PM
Look what happens when you go to bed early! It wasn't really that much early, but I was awakened this morning by someone drawing patterns on my foot with a toe. TM claims innocence...No No Bad Gus? I am up, dressed, and eating breakfast.
11/Apr/11 11:19 PM
Great to see you both, GannieMo and GmaJackie.
Jackie, happy to organise another gathering in your honour :)
11/Apr/11 11:34 PM
11/May/11 9:02 AM
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