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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ha, but Jamie, I know!
Enjoy your visit with your Dad and I hope everything goes alright.
11/Jun/07 12:52 PM
Hi Anne, did you visit the Sammy statue?
11/Jun/07 12:53 PM
Hello Mary - no, I didn't visit it but I noticed a leaflet about it stuck to a power pole when I was walking up York Street on Friday.
As sad as it was that someone could do what they did, I really think the money spent on it could have been put to better use.
11/Jun/07 12:55 PM
Mary - I've actually got photos of all six of my grandchildren on the site today.
One of my daughter's three girls in Wickham and one of my son's two boys with my other daughter's son on the Parent's page.
It's sad but the six have never actually all been together at the same time because of the distances between them.
11/Jun/07 12:56 PM
Hey Anne, I thought that the money came from private donations?
What a pity about your grandkids...maybe they could ALL stay at Grandmas at the same time??????
11/Jun/07 1:09 PM
Anne and Mary, I guess I will have to check out the statue at Emu Point, when down in Albany on Holidays after Christmas. afterall will be camped within walking distance...
11/Jun/07 1:36 PM
Rola,did you ever see the seal?
11/Jun/07 1:38 PM
Saw lots of Seals Mary... probably !!!
Peter, boys and I went on the Kalgan Queen years ago not long after it started up, so probably Sammy was pointed out to us.
11/Jun/07 1:41 PM
Had a nice dinner with Mom,Kyle and Caleb but Mom's leg & ribs are still hurting her from the Sky episode and she was a bit tired so we made a early evening of it ...her hair looked nice!(previous post)
11/Jun/07 1:51 PM
I'm pleased your Mum is up and about, Nancy. There's nothing like getting your hair done to make you feel abit better!
11/Jun/07 1:53 PM
Just going to town to buy a webcam as have been seeing and hearing my daughter, Amanda, and grandson Johnathan, in NZ on messenger but they couldn't see me.
11/Jun/07 2:18 PM
that sounds like a great idea. was given one for mothers day and can be lots of fun.
11/Jun/07 2:27 PM
Our Spurs took game 2 of the NBA finals tonight. Are there any Basketbal fans on this site or jusr soccer and tennis?
11/Jun/07 3:18 PM
Anne, what a brill idea. Kids grow so quickly and when they are long distance, they can change so much before you get to see them again. You go girl, you technobabe you!
11/Jun/07 3:24 PM
Rugby League fan here, Cathy! Mostly only played in Australia though.
11/Jun/07 3:52 PM
I have taken earlier comments on my choice of dress for friday hights Bash and will tone it down 'a little'!!! I can't possibly wear pink or red as they may clash with Fionas flashing hot pants(shorts). I will stick with the tiara( actually it seems to be stuck to me as I can't get it out of my More...
11/Jun/07 4:03 PM
To celebrate the forthcoming Great British Bash I have changed my Youtube to Lionel Ritchie 'All night Long'
Maybe saturday we will all be More...
11/Jun/07 4:16 PM
speak for yourself Mo!!
11/Jun/07 4:35 PM
You girls are going to have an absolute ball. Get down, Green-eye!
11/Jun/07 4:38 PM
can we make 100.....
11/Jun/07 4:48 PM
Did you have the storm last night, Fiona? I went to bed when the power went. Beautiful electrical effects in sky. Bit wet on the ground.
11/Jun/07 4:51 PM
Thanks Gail ,yes she felt much better but it took a bit out of her,she was ready for a nap
11/Jun/07 4:52 PM
Thanks Rola. It's the Queen's birthday holiday today, so my son has his first exam on Thursday then M,W,Th next week. After that it's 5 weeks holiday. He isn't stressed at all, I swear that boy doesn't know what stress is. He got 102% for an assignment last week. Apparently there's bonus points which is new to me.
11/Jun/07 5:25 PM
Oops, forgot my manners. Rola, best wishes to your sons in their uni exams as well. I bet they're looking forward to Saturday 23rd as well.
11/Jun/07 5:28 PM
The missing one has returned from a well earned holiday. Back to work tomorrow and am relishing the day to arrive. Hope everyone here has been well and Rosemary that GOP or whatever his name is has not been causing anymore heated debates.
11/Jun/07 5:36 PM
No Andrewy, I think its a much nicer place to be these days. back.
11/Jun/07 5:43 PM
Susan, I have come across bonus points with Son #1.
#1 has all his exams this week, - today, Tues, Wed, Thurs
#2 - today, Fri, next week Mon and Wed.
then as you say Holidays
Semester 1 has gone by very quickly !!!
11/Jun/07 5:45 PM
Susan #1 has already told me PARTY on Friday.. dont know where yet...
it will NOT BE AT MY HOUSE !!!
11/Jun/07 5:47 PM
Maen all. Have a good day
11/Jun/07 5:52 PM
You too, Sue. Thanks.
11/Jun/07 5:53 PM
Hi, welcome back after your holiday. hope you had a great time. where did you go?
yes think they crawled back under their rock.
11/Jun/07 5:55 PM
I went to WA and spent a bit of time travelling before spending some time in Perth. It has become an expensive place to holiday now.
11/Jun/07 6:00 PM
Andrewy I find leaving WA expensive ,
so it is relatively cheap for me to holiday here in the West...
11/Jun/07 6:04 PM
Andrewy, where did you go on your holiday
11/Jun/07 6:05 PM
have heard it is expensive, once you are there it is a captive market and very little competition.
would love to visit and enjoy the area though as it appears to be a lot different to the east coast.
11/Jun/07 6:09 PM
Hello Rola. Albany and Bunbury and then Perth to see visit with some friends. Blew the budget in the first week lol. Back to work tomorrow though to earn it back.
11/Jun/07 6:12 PM
Next time you come west Andrewy, let us know, we could organise a sudoku meet !!!
Went to Bunbury over Easter. and will be holidaying in Albany in the Caravan, straight after Christmas for 2 1/2 weeks..
11/Jun/07 6:16 PM
Thanks for the invite Rola but it will be a long time before I can afford to visit there again lol.
11/Jun/07 6:25 PM
I was reading some of the earlier comments on this page. WA seems to be well represented tonight.
11/Jun/07 6:27 PM
11/Jun/07 6:31 PM
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